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Elections Staff 2021

The Council is recruiting Poll Clerks and Count Staff

Cornwall Council is recruiting temporary staff to work during the May 2021 elections.

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On May 6 we will be holding the following elections:

  • Cornwall Council
  • Numerous Town and Parish Councils
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner's Office
  • Various Neighbourhood Plan referendum

You can find out more about the elections on our elections pages.

Poll clerks assist the Presiding Officer with the running of the polling station and issuing of ballot papers. They are required to arrive at the polling station for 6.30am and leave shortly after 10pm on polling day. Poll clerks are paid £175 for the day.

Count staff verify the contents of the ballot boxes and count ballot papers. They start working late in the evening and continue into the early hours of the morning. Count staff must be prepared to stay as long as it takes for the votes to be counted and verified. They are paid £10 an hour for a daytime count and £15 an hour for an overnight count.

Due to Covid-19 additional measures have been put in place to protect staff and voters. All staff members will be provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment. Additional training will also be given.

This year the council anticipates that there will be an increase in the number of people voting by post. We are therefore recruiting additional count staff.

Applicants, who must be aged 18 or over, can apply for both roles. If you have worked on a previous election, your details will already be within our database and there is no need to reapply.

You can register your interest by selecting the link below where there will be a short form to complete.

Register your interest

The next scheduled elections to take place in Cornwall will be:

  • the Police and Crime Commissioner Election
  • local Elections

These will be held on 6 May 2021.

We will hold your details on the database until you ask us to remove them or we do not get a response from you. 

The completion of the application form does not guarantee an offer of an Election post.  We are often over-subscribed with available staff as many people have already worked for us in the past. This is particularly true of Polling Staff in the Truro/Camborne area.

Being prepared to accept an offer of employment at the last minute will increase your chances of being offered post.

We need to have a copy of your proof of Eligibility to Work in the UK even if you work for Cornwall Council. (This is because your employment for Elections is with The Returning Officer and not the Council)."

 The most commonly presented documents are:

  • UK, EU or Swiss passport (even if it has expired and not been renewed); or
  • Full birth certificate AND an official document, issued by a government agency or previous employer, giving your NI number and name.

Guidance on acceptable documents can be found here (Please note that your Driving Licence or Work ID are not acceptable documents for this purpose.)

It is necessary for you to confirm that you have

  • a valid driving licence
  • business use on your insurance policy

This is in order for the Council to meet its statutory duties with regard to the:

  • Health & Safety Executive and
  • the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act

Business insurance can be added to an insurance policy usually at no extra cost (especially if you make it clear that the cover is for one day only).

Applicants are advised that it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that any vehicle used is adequately insured for the purpose for which it is being used. Please clarify with your insurer if you have any concerns.

If you are appointed to an Election post you will be asked to sign a declaration confirming that you have:

  • a valid driving licence
  • the relevant insurance in place

Election staff are required to remain impartial during an Election. You will be asked to confirm whether you are employed by, or provide any form of assistance whatsoever, to any:

  • candidates
  • agents
  • political parties

involved with the election.

The hours of work are often outside the working hours set by the European Working Time and Young Workers directives. (These are The Working Time Regulations 1998).

If appointed to a post you will be asked to confirm that you are prepared to waive your rights under these directives for the purposes of your employment on the election.