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Testimonials from clients who use our services

Here you can read parent feedback received in 2018 in respect of Health Visiting and School Nursing 

Health Visiting

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  • Fantastic staff
  • Wonderful service and couldn't have had a better 2 year check. Very helpful and informative.
  • Very helpful and informative
  • Great source of information
  • Good communication and great support when needed
  • Helped me to realise I was being a good mum and I was doing a fab job.
  • Great advice and staff are always very approachable and happy to listen
  • Reassurance over issues or concerns and can openly discuss any issues or worries without feeling silly. 
  • Friendly and helpful, listens to what we say and helpfully finds out any information we need.
  • I was really nervous as I didn't know what to expect but the nurse helped me relax
  • Helpful and knows the frustration that you go through.
  • We mainly dealt with (Named), she was truly amazing. My daughter was in the early stages of what could have been a deadly journey. The nurses' team encouraged my daughter away from harming herself to a more 'healthy' way of dealing with pressure. Early intervention works! Thank you!