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Career Development

We strongly believe that developing and supporting our employees puts us in a great position to deliver better services to the people of Cornwall.  Cornwall Council places great emphasis on developing an individual’s skills and career.  We have a strong track record in investing in our people and the Council has Investors in People (IiP) status.

Development available

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Your development begins with an induction into the council where you will find out about working for a local authority, where you fit within the council, how you can help achieve its objectives and specific training needs that you require to enable you to fulfil your role.  Along with your offer letter, you will receive an employee induction booklet and a new employee checklist. The booklet and checklist will be an initial guide to help you integrate into your role and become an effective member of your team.

The length and nature of any induction process depends on the complexity of the job and your previous skills and knowledge. One size does not fit all – and there are different aspects to the induction process in Cornwall Council, namely; Corporate Induction, Directorate/Service Induction and Team Individual Induction. 

Our personal development planning, which is part of our appraisal system, allows you to work with your line manager to identify the development required to enable you to undertake your role, achieve your personal objectives and support your future career aspirations. 

If you are joining the council as a new manager we have a Cornwall Manager portal which will help you undertake your management responsibilities.  The portal provides information; guidance and support to help you and your team achieve its results.

We have a wide range of options to support your career which are; role specific, skills and talent based, mandatory training and management and leadership programmes which include accredited and non-accredited options.  In turn this will help the council to create a high performing organisation.