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How will I know if the water quality is good on a beach?

If you are interested in knowing when a Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) is discharging this information is provided by BeachLive. If you just want to know when rainfall could be impacting on bathing water quality please refer to Pollution Risk Forecasting list provided by the Environment Agency. Information on both CSO's and PRF's can also be found on Surfers Against Sewage Safer Seas Service webpage.

If a notification is issued by either SWW or the EA the Council will work with local champions at the beach who will put a warning poster in bespoke Bathing Water Quality signage. This sign will be found on the main access onto each bathing water beach.

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When you are on the beach please be aware that the quality of streams and rivers flowing onto a beach may not be the same as the sea water. Streams and rivers can sometimes contain a range of bacteria and viruses, especially during and following heavy rain, some of which may cause illness. It is not possible to tell by looking at a river or stream whether the water contains anything that could be harmful to human health. Therefore when visiting the beach and playing in the water you are advised to follow some simple steps.

  • Do not drink from rivers or streams that flow onto the beach even if they look clean.
  • Avoid splashing stream water into your mouth.
  • Wash hands carefully in clean water or wipe with antiseptic wipes/fluid before eating.
  • Observe local beach safety and water quality information.