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The law protects copyright owners against theft or abuse of their work.  Copyright owners include:

  • authors
  • producers
  • publishers
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It is against the law to use or copy someones work without their permission. The only exception is if you are using it for research or private study (for a non-commercial purpose).

The guidelines below show the amount of information you can copy from each piece of work. As a general rule you are not allowed to make more than one copy. You should only copy a reasonable proportion of the whole work.

  • Books/Pamphlets/Reports
    No more than 5% of the whole work
  • Periodicals/Magazines
    Maximum of one article from any one issue
  • Ordnance Survey Maps
    Four copies of one extract, not exceeding A4 size. No copies are allowed for planning applications
  • Sheet Music
    No copies may be made in this library for any purpose. There are specific exemptions for visually-impaired persons, please ask staff for details.

It is against the law under the EU Copyright Directive to copy and make money from someones work.  If you wish to use a piece of work you will need to get permission from the copyright owner or pay a copyright fee.

Library users are no longer able to make copies of information if it is for a commercial purpose. This also includes research or study for a commercial purpose. This was previously allowed under the "fair dealing" or "library privileges" exceptions.

Find out more on the Copyright Licensing Agency website.

Keep the copyright law - it is your responsibility!