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New Titles Available

Discover new titles that are available for the month listed below.

New titles for January 2021

Aaron, Jason      Avengers. Volume 7 9781302924867
Adams, Ellery     Ink and Shadows: A Witty and Page-Turning Southern Cozy Mystery 9781496726414
Aldred, Sophie     At childhood's end 9781785945014
Ashenden,Jackie The Italian's final redemption 9780263278422
Audrain, Ashley     The push 9780241434550
Avery, Fiona      Here comes the Spider-Girl 9781302926465
Bauer, Belinda    Exit 9781787630956
Bec, Christophe Sunlight 9781951038274
Bell, Gary       Post mortem 9781526612403
Blake, Fanny      The long way home 9781471193590
Blake,Maya The commanding Italian's challenge 9780263282276
Block, Simon      A woman's courage 9781785765674
Blunt, Giles      Forty words for sorrow 9780007115778
Brackston, Paula      The garden of promises and lies 9781250072450
Braffet, Kelly      The unwilling 9780233006475
Brett, Simon      Blotto, Twinks and the Maharajah's jewel 9781472133908
Breukelaar, J.S.       Collision: stories 9781946154170
Buchanan, Tracy      Circle of doubt 9781542017527
Butler, Octavia E. Clay's ark 9781472281029
Butler, Octavia E. Mind of my mind 9781472281005
Butler, Octavia E. Patternmaster 9781472281043
Butler, Octavia E. Wild seed 9781472280992
Carey, Louise     Inscape 9781473232747
Carrick, M.A.       The mask of mirrors 9780356515175
Cashore, Kristin    Bitterblue 9781473233270
Cashore, Kristin    Graceling 9781473233256
Cashore, Kristin    Winterkeep 9781473232778
Cates, Donny      Reactor. Vol. 1 9781939424365
Cates, Donny      The devourer king 9781846533969
Claremont, Chris      Wanda & Vision 9781302927349
Clements, Rory       A prince and a spy 9781838773335
Colfer, Eoin       High fire 9781529402032
Cornwell, Patricia D Spin 9781542044783
Court, Dilly      The reluctant heiress 9780008287900
Dalcher, Christina  Q 9780008440602
Daniel,Tim (Comic book creator Spiritus 9781939424303
Dean, Abigail    Girl A 9780008389055
Dean, Will       The last thing to burn 9781529307054
Doe, Juan       Bad reception 9781949028379
Engberg, Katrine    The Butterfly House 9781529344653
Everest, Elaine     A mother forever 9781529015997
Ewing, Al         Empyre 9781846532719
Ewing, Al         The fictional man 9781781088180
Fabbri, Robert     The three paradises 9781786498007
Fagan, Jenni      Luckenbooth 9780434023318
Flanagan, Richard    The living sea of waking dreams 9781784744182
Flynn, Katie      Over the rainbow 9781529123890
Ford, R.S.       The spear of malice 9781785653124
Gaiman, Neil       Eternals 9781302925185
Gardner, Lisa       Before she disappeared 9781529124415
Gibson, Jasper     The octopus man 9781474616072
Gibson, William    Agency 9780241974575
Gillen, Kieron     Once & future. Volume 2 9781684156375
Godden, Salena Sal Mrs Death misses Death 9781838851194
Grace, Sina       Ghosted in L.A.. Volume 3 9781684156047
Gratton, Tessa      Lady Hotspur 9780008281977
Gregory, Philippa   Bread and chocolate 9780007145898
Grushin, Olga       The charmed wife 9781529346374
Hammer, Chris      Trust 9781472272904
Harper, Jane       The survivors 9781408711989
Haun, Jeremy     The red mother. Volume 2 9781684156221
Hepburn, Holly      Coming home to Brightwater Bay 9781471170331
Hickman, Jonathan   Dawn of X. Vol. 6 9781302927684
Hickman, Jonathan   Giant-size X-Men. Volume 1 9781302925833
Highsmith, Patricia   Under a dark angel's eye: the selected stories of Patricia Highsmith 9780349014760
Howard, Tini       Strikeforce. Vol. 2 9781302920104
Hurley, Graham     Last flight to Stalingrad 9781788547543
Johnson, Phillip Ke Resurrection 9781302924409
Jones, Cherie     How the one-armed sister sweeps her house 9781472268778
Jones, Gwyneth A. Castles made of sand 9781473230200
Jones, Robert JR. The prophets 9781529405705
Jordan, Zack       The last human 9781473650879
Jurgens, Dan        Burning rage 9781779502995
Kaufmann, Georgia    The dressmaker of Paris 9781529336023
Kendrick,Sharon Cinderella's Christmas secret 9780263278415
Kent, Nick       The Unstable Boys: a novel 9781472132901
Kirby, Jack       Cosmic origins 9781302926656
Kirby, Jack       The eternals. Vo. 2 9781846533877
Kirby, Jack       The eternals. Vol. 1 9781846533815
Lees, John       Mountainhead 9781684056330
Leilani, Raven      Luster 9781529035988
Liu, Cixin      Of ants and dinosaurs 9781789546125
Lloyd, Ellery     People like her 9781529039382
MacAire, Jennifer   A remedy in time 9781786157904
MacBride, Stuart     The coffinmaker's garden 9780008208318
MacKay, Jed        Black Cat. Volume 3 9781302922924
Madson, Devin      We lie with death 9780356514093
Maine, Sarah      Alchemy and Rose 9781529384987
Manning, Sarra      Rescue me 9781529336542
Mannion, Una        A crooked tree 9780571357956
Mansell, Jill       And now you're back 9781472248541
Martin, Andrew     Powder smoke 9781472154835
McConaghy, Charlotte  The last migration 9781784743178
McDonnell, C.K.       The stranger times 9781787633353
McGuire, Seanan     Ghost-spider. Volume 2 9781302924706
McInerney, Monica     The godmothers 9781787395244
McKeever, Sean       Hawkeye - Kate Bishop 9781846532863
McKeever, Sean       Highschool drama 9781846532856
McPherson, Catriona   The mirror dance 9781529337921
Meier,Susan Stolen kiss with her billionaire boss 9780263279061
Miller, Derek B.   Radio life 9781529408584
Morrison,Grant  Best of Heavy Metal. Volume 2 9780998919058
Mosse, Kate       The city of tears 9781509806874
Nell, Joanna     The great escape from Woodlands Nursing Home 9781529349337
Noon, Jeff       House with no doors 9780857525635
Oates, Joyce Caro Cardiff, by the sea 9781800241398
Oates, Joyce Caro Drawing Lines: An Anthology Of Women Cartoonists 9781506716886
O'Callaghan, Billy      Life sentences 9781787332447
O'Connor, Deborah    The captive 9781838772659
Pacheco, Karla      Bad blood 9781302921866
Parsons, Tony       Your neighbour's wife 9781529124736
Patrick, Tony       X'ed 9781628751154
Pembroke,Sophie Awakening his shy Cinderella:A temporary Christmas arrangement 9780263279078
Petrie, Nick       Breaker 9780525535478
Pevel, Pierre     The Cardinal's blades omnibus 9781473228337
Porter, Max        The death of Francis Bacon 9780571366514
Poyer, David      Violent peace: aftermath of Armageddon 9781250220585
Pratt, Tim        The fractured void 9781839080463
Preston, Douglas J. The scorpion's tail 9781838931230
Prince, W.Maxwell  King of nowhere 9781684156139
Purcell, Laura      The shape of darkness 9781526602589
Quinn, Frances    The smallest man 9781471193408
Reilly, Matthew    The two lost mountains 9781409194392
Reynolds, Allie      Shiver 9781472270245
Richardson, Mike       47 Ronin 9781506717999
Roanhorse, Rebecca    Black sun 9781781089477
Robotham,Mandy  The Berlin girl 9780008419820
Rosenberg, Matthew    Freefall 9781302921118
Routley, Jane       Shadow in the empire of light 9781781088340
Sable, Mark       Godkillers 9781949028461
Sanderson, Brandon    The way of kings 9781398703629
Selby, Adrian     Brother red 9780356508443
Shannon, Samantha   The mask falling 9781408865569
Soule, Charles    Light of the Jedi 9781529124644
Steel, Danielle   Neighbours 9781529021394
Stivers, Carole     The mother code 9781529378191
Tan, Amy        Memory of Desire 9780007585502
Taylor, Brad       American traitor 9781838937751
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     Bear head 9781800241541
Thorogood, Robert     The Marlow Murder Club 9780008238247
Tieri, Frank      Ravencroft 9781302922603
Toyne, Simon      Dark Objects 9780007551675
Tudor, C.J.       The burning girls 9780241371305
Tynion, James I.V  Something is killing the children. Vol. 2 9781684156498
Updike, John       Rabbit is rich 9780141188553
Vigan, Delphine D Gratitude 9781526618856
Wagers, K.B.       Down among the dead 9780356512389
Wagner, John       Essential Judge Dredd: the Apocalypse War 9781781088906
Waid, Mark       Dr. Strange, surgeon supreme. Vol. 1 9781302921057
Washington, Bryan      Memorial 9781838950088
West,Annie The king's bride by arrangement 9780263282283
Wilson, Christophe Hurdy gurdy 9780571361946
Wilson, G.Willow   Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan 9781846532870
Winch, Tara June  The yield 9780008437077
Wong, Alyssa     Doctor Aphra. Vol. 1 9781302923044
Zayyan, Hafsa      We are all birds of Uganda 9781529118643
  The definitive Eternals 9781846533853
Adekoya, Remi       Biracial Britain: a different way of looking at race 9781472133458
Beck, Koa        White feminism 9781398501966
Beckman, Milo       Math without numbers 9780241507575
Bergin, Tom        Free lunch thinking: how economics ruins the economy 9781847942739
Bradford, Richard    Devils, lusts and strange desires: the life of Patricia Highsmith 9781448217908
Brusseau, Peggy      The contented vegan: recipes and philosophy from a family kitchen 9781838934682
Buckley, Anna       Virus Hunters 9781474607469
Burks, Ruth Coker All the young men: a memoir of love, AIDS, and chosen family in the American South 9781409189107
Clarke, Rachel     Breathtaking: life and death in a time of contagion 9781408713785
Claypole, Jonty      Words fail us: in defence of disfluency 9781788161718
Comey, James B.JR Saving justice: truth, transparency and trust 9781529062816
Cotton, Fearne     Speak your truth: connecting with your inner truth and learning to find your voice 9781409183174
Coulthard, Sally      The book of the earthworm 9781789544756
Dillon, Paddy      The South West Coast Path: from Minehead to South Haven Point 9781852847579
Edwards, Mark       The tao of Bowie: 10 lessons from David Bowie's life to help you live yours 9781911630869
Flyn, Cal        Islands of abandonment: life in the post-human landscape 9780008329761
Francis, Gavin      Intensive care: a GP, a community & COVID-19 9781788167321
Galeotti, Mark       A short history of Russia 9781529106381
Geoghegan, Peter      Democracy for sale: dark money and dirty politics 9781789546040
Geve, Thomas     The boy who drew Auschwitz 9780008406387
Glaude, Eddie S.JR Begin again 9781784744335
Gooch, Millie     The sober girl society handbook: an empowering guide to living hangover free 9781787634121
Gordon, Bryony     No such thing as normal 9781472279354
Gray, Tanis      Knitting the galaxy: the official Star Wars knitting pattern book 9781911663577
Hamer, Marc       Seed to dust: a gardener's story 9781787302068
Hart, Peter      At close range: life and death in an artillery regiment, 1939-45 9781788161657
Heminsley, Alexandra  Some body to love: a family story 9781784743079
Holzman, Michael    Kim and Jim: friends and enemies in the Cold War 9781474617802
James, Michael    Feel better, no matter what: a 4-week course to love the life you have right now 9781786784179
Knight, Erika      Texture 9781787131750
Kross, Ethan      Chatter: the voice in our head, why it matters - and how to harness it 9781785041945
Morain, Dan        Kamala's way 9781398504851
Okri, Ben        A fire in my head 9781800243002
Olima, Paul       Fit: smash your goals and stay strong for life 9781471197505
Pinnock, Dale       The medicinal chef: eat your way to better health 9781787136540
Pollock, Lucy       The book about getting older (for people who don't want to talk about it) 9780241423394
Pourriol, Ollivier   The French art of not trying too hard 9781788163279
Sanghera, Sathnam    Empireland: how imperialism has shaped modern Britain 9780241445297
Saunders, George     A swim in a pond in the rain 9781526624284
Sopel, Jon        UnPresidented: politics, pandemics and the race that Trumped all others 9781785944406
Swan, Annalyn    Francis Bacon: revelations 9780007298419
Tomlinson, Graeme     The Fitness Chef: 100 lower-calorie versions of your favourite meals 9781529108354
Tremain, Derek      How to solve a murder 9780008404888
Wilczek, Frank      Fundamentals: ten keys to reality 9780241302460
Winchester, Simon      Land: the ownership of everywhere 9780008359119
Wood, Levison    Explorers mindset 9781529343021
Wynne, Frank      Queer: a collection of LGBTQ writing from ancient times to yesterday 9781789542349
  Digital photography complete course: everything you need to know in 20 weeks 9780241446614
  Eggs all day: 100 recipes to take you from dawn to dusk 9781788793469
  Totally tofu: 60 delicious protein packed vegetarian and vegan recipes 9781788793476
Agard, John       Books make good pets 9781408359884
Albertalli, Becky      Love, Creekwood: a novella 9780241492222
Andreae, Giles      Love: giraffes can't dance 9781408364833
Arrhenius, Ingela P.  Where's Mrs Tiger? 9781788007504
Baron, Adam       This wonderful thing 9780008267087
Bedford, David      Banned! 9781789980905
Bedford, David      Masters of soccer 9781789980912
Bedford, David      Superteam 9781789980899
Bell, P.G.       Delivery to the Lost City 9781474948630
Blade, Adam       Mallix, the silent stalker 9781408362174
Blade, Adam       Teknos, the ocean crawler 9781408362143
Bond, Michael    Love Day 9780008409173
Booth, Anne       A shelter for sadness 9781787417212
Bracken, Alexandra  Lore 9781786541529
Bright, Rachel     Slug in love 9781471188602
Burge, Rachel     The crooked mask 9781471409202
Burningham, John       Avocado baby 9780857552150
Butchart, Pamela     The broken leg of doom 9781788007870
Carle, Eric       The very hungry caterpillar's first 100 words 9780241456811
Carroll, Emma       The ghost garden 9781781129005
Chapman, Linda      The midnight realm 9781788951975
Cleverly, Sophie     A case of grave danger 9780008297350
Cobb, Amelia     The rowdy red panda 9781788009331
Copeland, Sam        Uma and the answer to absolutely everything 9780241439210
Cousins, Lucy       Happy Birthday, Maisy 9781406397604
Cousins, Lucy       Let's play monsters! 9781406384802
Cousins, Lucy       Maisy's Chinese New Year 9781406395341
Dale, Elizabeth  Samir's best sports day 9781445169415
Dodd, Emma       How big is love? 9781787417113
Donaldson, Julia      Let's find Stick Man 9780702305849
Donaldson, Julia      Let's find Zog 9780702305832
Driver, Sarah      Once we were witches 9781405295543
Duffy, Malcolm    Sofa surfer 9781786697684
Earle, Phil       Edgar & Adolf 9780198494911
Edge, Christophe Space oddity 9781912626861
Elphinstone, Abi        Everdark 9781471194702
Ferrada, Maria Jose Tweet!: a slide-and-see book! 9781646860920
Fletcher, Tom        There's a dragon in your book 9780141376141
Forde, Patricia   Fidget the wonder dog 9780241373163
Foster, Stewart    The perfect parent project 9781471191268
Gimenez De Ory, Beatriz    Crack!: a slide-and-see book! 9781646860937
Gimenez De Ory, Beatriz    Poop!: a slide-and-see book! 9781646860913
Gliori, Debi       Little Owl's bathtime 9781526613868
Hart, Caryl      Can I be the best? 9781471182693
Kemmerer, Brigid     A vow so bold and deadly 9781526613820
Kessler, Liz        When the world was ours 9781471196805
Lacey, Josh       Hope Jones will not eat meat 9781783449392
Larwood, Kieran     Uki and the swamp spirit 9780571342822
Lawrence, Patrice    Rat 9780198494935
Lodge, Jo         Let's play, cheetah 9781529026764
Lodge, Jo         Time for bed, panda 9781529026740
McGowan, Anthony    I am the minotaur 9780198494874
McKee, David      Two can toucan 9781839130212
McLaughlin, Tom        The day I got zapped with super powers 9781406389654
McMillan, Dawn       My bum is so noisy! 9780702305948
Meadows, Daisy      Fairtail and the perfect puzzle 9781408361948
Meadows, Daisy      Maryam the nurse fairy 9781408364666
Meadows, Daisy      Spiritmane and the hidden magic 9781408361962
Milbourne, Anna       Snowy places 9781474983808
Muchamore, Robert     Piracy, paintballs & zebras 9781471409479
Nadin, Joanna     The worst class in the world gets worse 9781526611888
Patrick, S.A.       A vanishing of Griffins 9781474945684
Pilkey, Dav        Captain Underpants: two turbo-charged novels in one 9780702306778
Rowland, Lucy       The three little pigs and the big bad book 9781529003666
Rowland, Lucy       There's no such thing as unicorns 9780702300684
Scarry, Richard    Richard Scarry's best busy year ever 9780571361205
Scarry, Richard    Richard Scarry's The adventures of Lowly Worm 9780571361243
Shepherd, Andy       The boy who sang with dragons 9781848129429
Sparkes, Amy        The house at the edge of magic 9781406395310
Sperring, Mark       The Don't Panic Gang! 9781408893067
ST. John, Lauren     Kat Wolfe on thin ice 9781509874279
Taylor, C.L.       The island 9780008240592
Thomas, Angie      Concrete rose 9781406384444
Thompson, Lisa       The graveyard riddle 9780702301582
Vulliamy, Clara      Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar in Hollywood 9780008355913
Walden, Libby      Feelings 9781838911751
Webb, Holly      The kitten next door 9781788953023
Welford, Ross       When we got lost in dreamland 9780008447182
Williamson, Lisa       First day of my life 9781788451536
Morgan, Nicola     The awesome power of sleep: how sleep super-charges your teenage brain 9781406395402
Sirdeshpande, Rashmi     How to change the world 9780241410349
  100 things to know about the oceans 9781474953160

New titles for December 2020

Abnett, Dan        Lone wolves 9781789993158
Ahmed, Saladin    Battle for the serpent crown 9781302924461
Andolfo, Mirka      The fair lady, the frost and the fiend 9781534316584
Andrews, Lyn        The girls from Mersey View 9781472269676
Andrews, V.C.       Whispering hearts 9781501162626
Berthon, Simon      A time to lie 9780008214463
Bolter,Andrea Wedding date with the billionaire 9780263298956
Callender, Kacen      King of the rising 9780316454940
Clinch, Jon        Marley: a novel 9781982129712
Crews,Caitlin Chosen for his desert throne 9780263282269
Dembski-Bowden, Aaron      Helsreach 9781789993127
Doherty, Gordon     Sons of Rome 9781800242005
Duggan, Gerry      Cable. Vol. 1 9781302921781
Englehart,Steve Vision and the Scarlet Witch 9781302925413
Ewing, Al         Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 1 9781846532689
Fletcher,Jenni  Unexpectedly wed to the officer 9780263283709
Gattis, Ryan       The system 9781509843831
Howard, Tini       Rick and Morty presents. Volume two 9781787734944
Hurley, Liz        A new life for Ariana Byrne 9781788639842
Ings, Simon      We, robots 9781789540918
Islington, James      The light of all that falls 9780356507859
Jacka, Benedict   Forged 9780356511146
Lee, Stan       Sharon Carter 9781302927325
Lindsay, Jeffry P.  Fool me twice 9781409186663
Lloyd, Sam        The Memory Wood 9780552176583
McCabe,Amanda His unlikely duchess 9780263283723
McCormack, Una        All flesh is grass 9781785946332
McDonald, Ian        Desolation Road 9781473230996
Merrill,Christine Lady Margaret's mystery gentleman 9780263283686
Morden, S.J.       Gallowglass 9781473228542
Nixon, Terri      A Cornish promise 9780349423999
Parks, Adele      Just my luck 9780008284695
Pembroke,Sophie A midnight kiss to seal the deal 9780263298932
Powell, Eric       The lords of misery 9781949889819
Quick, Amanda     Close up 9780349424477
Quinn, Julia      The Duke and I 9780349429212
Robinson,Lauri A family for the Titanic survivor 9780263283730
Robson, Justina    The tales of Catt & Fisher 9781781088036
Scott,Bronwyn Portrait of a forbidden love 9780263283693
Shackle, Mike       A fool's hope 9781473225244
Shaw, M.B.       Murder at the castle 9781409189398
Slott, Dan        Fantastic Four. Vol. 6 9781302920470
Smart,Michelle The cost of claiming his heir 9780263282252
Stewart,Rachael Tempted by the tycoon's proposal 9780263298949
Swanson, Peter      Rules for perfect murders 9780571342372
Taylor, Laini      Days of blood & starlight 9781529353976
Temple,Lara The return of the disappearing duke 9780263277173
Thompson, Kelly      Captain Marvel. Vol. 4 9781302925628
Thompson, Kelly      Hail to the king 9781846533938
Tinley,Catherine A waltz with the outspoken governess 9780263283716
Vilas, Manuel     Ordesa 9781786897312
Wagers, K.B.       There before the chaos 9780356512372
Ward, J.R.       A warm heart in winter 9780349427812
Whitesides, Tyler      The last lies of Ardor Benn 9780356511030
Williams, Rob        Control 9781781087770
Winters,Rebecca The Greek's secret heir 9780263298963
  Paris 2119 9781942367628
  Winterkill 9781913193461
Allinson, Kate       Pinch of Nom quick and easy: 100 delicious, slimming recipes 9781529034981
Barbour, Julian B.  The Janus Point: a new theory of time 9781847924728
Brennan, John O.    Undaunted: my fight against America's enemies, at home and abroad 9781250241771
Campbell-Smith, Duncan     Jet man: the making and breaking of Frank Whittle, the genius behind the jet revolution 9781788544696
Cooper, Becky      We keep the dead close: a murder at Harvard and a half century of silence 9781785151989
Davies, Megan      How to be sugar-free and keep your friends 9781787136267
Devonshire, Jane       Vegetarian hassle free, gluten free 9781472974426
Ennart, Henrik     Happy food for life: health, food & happiness 9781472974723
Farrimond, Stuart     The science of living: 162 reasons to rethink your daily routine 9780241387375
Greger, Michael    The how not to diet cookbook 9781509893119
Lehrer, Riva       Golem girl: a memoir 9780349014814
Mayer, Catherine  Good grief: embracing life at a time of death 9780008436100
Patterson, James      The last days of John Lennon 9781529125191
Steele, Andrew     Ageless: the new science of getting older without getting old 9781526608260
Thupten, Jinpa      Science and Philosophy in the Indian Buddhist Classics: The Mind, Volume 2 9781614294740
Turner, Tina       Happiness becomes you 9780008398637
Tweedy, Jeff       How to write one song 9780571367207
Waters, Chris      The men who raised the bar: the evolution of the highest individual score in Test cricket 9781472977533
Barlow, Steve      The hateful horrors of the Queen of Hearts 9781445170152
Barlow, Steve      The malign mischief of MegaBite 9781445170121
Beard, George     Cat Kid Comic Club 9781338712766
Ciraolo, Simona     If winter comes, tell it I'm not here 9781406388183
Dahl, Michael    Seven doors to death 9781474793223
Dahl, Michael    Terror woods 9781474793230
Dale, Katie      The mystery of the haunted house 9781445172514
De La Cruz, Melissa    The thirteenth fairy 9781529022759
Dolan, Penny      Boots in the mud 9781445171722
Ernshaw, Shea       Winterwood 9781534439429
Hunter, Erin       Warriors: The Broken Code #4: Darkness Within 9780062823724
Lambert, Jonny      Jonny Lambert's farm 9780241420607
McManus, Karen M.   The cousins 9780241376942
Russell, Rachel Ren Double dork diaries. 6 9781471196911
Davies, Bryony     Trucks!: (and other things with wheels) 9781783125685

New title in November 2020

Aaron, Jason From the journals of Obi-Wan Kenobi 9781302925284
Alam, Rumaan Leave the world behind 9781526633088
Allen,Louise A marquis in want of a wife 9780263277340
Anderson,Natalie The queen's impossible boss 9780263278446
Anholt, Laurence Festival of death 9781472130013
Ashcroft, Jenny Under a golden sun 9780751573237
Ashdown, Isabel 33 women 9781409178958
Ashenden,Jackie The Italian's final redemption 9780263278422
Asher, Neal L. The human 9781509862467
Ashford,Lucy The widow's scandalous affair 9780263277364
Ashley, Phillipa A surprise Christmas wedding 9780008371609
Baldacci, David Daylight 9781509874576
Barker, R.J. Call of the bone ships 9780356511849
Barrett, Kerry The smuggler's daughter 9780008389741
Beacon,Elizabeth The governess's secret longing 9780263277371
Bell, Lenora Love Is a Rogue: Wallflowers vs. Rogues 9780062993458
Belsham, Alison The embalmer 9781409182696
Benjamin, Tom The hunting season 9781472131591
Borman, Tracy The fallen angel 9781473662537
Bouchet, Amanda Starbreaker 9780349420912
Bray, Carys When the lights go out 9781786332349
Bryndza, Robert Shadow sands 9780751572742
Burrowes, Grace The truth about dukes 9780349425078
Cameron, Marc Tom Clancy's Shadow of the dragon 9780241481653
Cates, Donny Thor by Donny Cates. Vol. 1 9781302920869
Clark, Mary Higgi Piece of my heart 9781471197291
Cleeves, Ann Hidden depths 9781529049947
Cleeves, Ann Silent voices 9781529049954
Cleeves, Ann Telling tales 9781529049909
Cleeves, Ann The crow trap 9781529049893
Cline, Ernest Ready player two 9781780897431
Coe, Jonathan Mr Wilder and me 9780241454664
Cogman, Genevieve The dark archive 9781529000603
Collins, Bridget The betrayals 9780008272166
Connelly, Michael The law of innocence 9781409186106
Courtney, Joanna Iron queen 9780349419541
Cussler, Clive Marauder 9780241424636
Danton, Kitty A wartime wish 9781409178521
De Bernieres, Louis The autumn of the ace 9781787301337
Dennison, Hannah Death of a diva at Honeychurch Hall 9781472133793
Dinsdale, Robert Paris by starlight 9781529100457
Douglas, Ian Stargods 9780008136239
Duggan, Gerry Marauders. Vol. 2 9781302921477
Ellis, Bella The diabolical bones 9781529389043
Ellis, Kate The house of the hanged woman 9780349418360
England, Caroline Truth games 9780349422817
Ennis, Garth The Punisher presents Barracuda 9781302926434
Evanovich, Janet Fortune and glory 9781472246189
Ewing, Eve L. Meant to fly 9781302923525
Faye,Jennifer Fairytale Christmas with the millionaire 9780263279092
Feehan, Christine Leopard's rage 9780349426815
Fellowes, Jessica The Mitford trial 9780751573954
Fields, D.K. The stitcher and the mute 9781789542523
Fleming, Leah A wedding in the olive garden 9781788548724
Franklin, Sarah How to belong 9781785764868
French, Tana The searcher 9780241459409
Gaiman, Neil The ocean at the end of the lane 9781472260222
Gaitskill, Mary Because they wanted to: stories 9780241464144
Gill, Elizabeth The pit girl 9781787474673
Gillen, Kieron No time to breathe 9781302927431
Gilmore,Jessica Mediterranean fling to wedding ring 9780263279085
Goodkind, Terry Heart of black ice 9781838931803
Green,Abby The innocent behind the scandal 9780263278439
Gregory, Philippa Dark tides 9781471172854
Grist, Paul The Union 9781302924416
Groves, Annie A gift for the district nurses 9780008402334
Hansen, Essa Nophek gloss 9780356515588
Haratischwili, Nino The eighth life 9781913348298
Harris, Rosie Love or duty 9781800322066
Harris, Rosie Stolen moments 9781800322073
Hawke, Sam Hollow empire 9781787631038
Hawkswood, Sarah River of sins 9780749026196
Hebden, Alan Death squad 9781781087688
Hickman, Jonathan X-Men. Vol. 2 9781302919825
Holt, Anne A necessary death 9781786498670
Horst, Jorn Lier The inner darkness 9780241389577
Hussain, Sairish The family tree 9780008297480
Isaac,Catherine The world at my feet 9781471178085
Jacobs, Anna A woman's promise 9781473677869
Jardine, Quintin The roots of evil 9781472255914
Jones, Gwyneth A. Bold as love: a near future fantasy 9781473230194
Jordan, Justin The grim after 9781534317055
Kendrick,Sharon Cinderella's Christmas secret 9780263278415
Kernick, Simon Kill a stranger 9781472270955
Kewin, Simon The eye collectors: a story of Her Majesty's Office of the Witchfinder General, protecting the public from the unnatural since 1645 9781911409649
Kirby, Matthew J. Assassin's creed valhalla: official novel 9781405946803
Koontz, Dean R. Elsewhere 9780008291280
Kowal, Mary Robin The relentless moon 9781781088814
Krauss, Nicole To be a man 9781408871829
Kray, Roberta Betrayed 9780751576979
Kuang, R.F. The burning god 9780008339142
La Plante, Lynda Cold shoulder 9781471198618
Ladd, Sarah E. The light at Wyndcliff 9780785223276
Lethem, Jonathan The arrest 9781838952167
Lewis, Susan Forgive me 9780008286880
Linfoot, Jane Love at the Little Wedding Shop by the Sea 9780008408091
Locke,Nicole The maiden and the mercenary 9780263277395
Lovesey, Peter A case of spirits 9780751581126
Lovesey, Peter Invitation to a dynamite party 9780751581119
Lovesey, Peter Mad Hatter's holiday 9780751581096
Mallory,Sarah Forbidden to the Highland laird 9780263277357
Marcus, Tom Defend or die 9781509863624
Mariani, Scott The Demon Club 9780008365516
Mascarenhas, Kate The thief on the winged horse 9781789543810
McCall Smith, Alexander A promise of ankles 9781846975561
McCormack, Una The autobiography of Kathryn Janeway 9781789094794
McDermid, Val Christmas Is Murder: A Chilling Short Story Collection 9780751581775
McLaughlin, Cressida The Cornish cream tea Christmas 9780008408718
Meier,Susan Stolen kiss with her billionaire boss 9780263279061
Mingarelli, Hubert The invisible land 9781783786022
Moorcroft, Sue Christmas wishes 9780008392994
Mosley, Walter Trouble is what I do 9781474616546
Nadler, Lonnie Undone by blood or the shadow of a wanted man 9781949028447
Newberry, Sheila The mother and baby home 9781838771454
Nicolai, Kathryn Nothing much happens: calming stories to soothe your mind and help you sleep 9781911630715
Oates, Joyce Caro Cutting edge: noir stories by women 9781782276517
Osajyefo, Kwanza Widows & orphans 9781628752229
Pak, Greg Dark heart of the Sith 9781302920814
Parris, S.J. The dead of winter 9780008411817
Patterson, James Deadly Cross 9781780899480
Pembroke,Sophie Awakening his shy Cinderella:A temporary Christmas arrangement 9780263279078
Pryce, Nicola A Cornish betrothal 9781838950903
Quinn, Anthony Turncoat 9781843447214
Rai,Shanti Sennen 9781910395462
Reeve, Alex The butcher of Berner Street 9781526612717
Roberts, Nora The awakening 9780349426372
Ross, L.J. Borderlands 9781912310142
Ross, L.J. The shrine 9781912310166
Rowson, Pauline Death in the Harbour: An Inspector Ryga Mystery 9781916091580
Ryan, Chris Zero 22 9781473667952
Ryn, Jessica The extraordinary hope of Dawn Brightside 9780008364618
Sacks, Ethan Galaxy's deadliest 9781302920838
Sanderson, Brandon Rhythm of war 9780575093386
Sandrel, Julien The life I was meant to live 9781529406467
Scarrow, Simon The emperor's exile 9781472258441
Schlink, Bernhard Olga 9781474611138
Sebald, W.G. The rings of Saturn 9781784876753
Shepherd,Eva How to avoid the marriage mart 9780263277388
Slott, Dan Robot revolution 9781302920852
Soule, Charles The destiny path 9781302920784
Spencer, Nick Sins rising 9781302920241
Steel, Danielle All that glitters 9781509878277
Stephens, Anna The stone knife 9780008404000
Strahan, Jonathan The year's best science fiction. Vol. 1,;The Saga anthology of science fiction 2020 9781534449596
Taylor, Lulu The snow angel 9781529064841
Upson, Nicola The dead of winter 9780571353248
Ward, Matthew Legacy of steel 9780356513386
Ware, Ruth One by one 9781787300415
Whitesides, Tyler The shattered realm of Ardor Benn 9780356511016
Winter, Evan The fires of vengeance 9780356512983
Wood, Valerie The lonely wife 9781787632622
Young, Glenda The paper mill girl 9781472268556
Youngson, Anne Three women and a boat 9780857527097
Zamiatin, Evgenii Iv We 9781838850586
Zub, Jim The invasion of Wakanda 9781302925703
  From a certain point of view: 40 stories celebrating 40 years of Star Wars, the empire strikes back 9781529124620
  One Lost Soul 9781800807754
Abell, Stig Things I learned on the 6.28: a commuter's guide to reading 9781529337211
Acho, Emmanuel Uncomfortable conversations with a black man 9781529064063
Allen, Tom No shame 9781529348903
Atwood, Margaret Dearly: poems 9781784743895
Barber, Lionel The powerful and the damned: private diaries in turbulent times 9780753558188
Barker, Stuart Valentino Rossi: the definitive biography 9781789462951
Bellos, Alex Language Lover's Puzzle Book: Lexical perplexities and cracking conundrums from across the globe 9781783352180
Bloom, Rachel I want to be where the normal people are 9781529354638
Bodanis, David The art of fairness: the power of decency in a world turned mean 9780349128214
Bryant, Christophe The glamour boys: the secret story of the rebels who fought for Britain to defeat Hitler 9781526601711
Butter, Nick Running the world: my world-record breaking adventure to run a marathon in every country on earth 9781787631724
Byrne, Rhonda The greatest secret 9780008447373
Bythell, Shaun Seven kinds of people you find in bookshops 9781788166584
Caesar, Ed The moth and the mountain: a true story of love, war and Everest 9780241262313
Callil, Carmen Oh happy day: those times and these times 9780224090308
Campbell, Nancy Fifty words for snow 9781783964987
Carlin, Kasey The miraculous life of Maggie the wunderdog 9781913406349
Carragher, Jamie The greatest games 9781787634084
Clark-Coates, Zoe Pregnancy after loss: a day by day plan to reassure and comfort you 9781409195948
Cognetti, Paolo Without ever reaching the summit: a Himalayan journey 9781787302273
Cole, Andy Fast forward: the hard road to football success 9781529304954
Cordey, Huw A perfect planet: our one in a billion world revealed 9781785945298
Crahan,M.Shawn It's all clown's fault 9781471137525
Crawley, Michael Out of thin air: running wisdom and magic from above the clouds in Ethiopia 9781472975324
Croft, Tom Portraits for NHS heroes 9781448218004
Dale, Iain The prime ministers: three hundred years of political leadership 9781529312140
Davidson,Lucy Punch needle embroidery for beginners 9781782218647
Dixon, Michael Time to Heal: Tales of a Country Doctor 9781913491161
Earnshaw, Laura My happy mind: help your child build life-long confidence, self-esteem and resilience 9781785043376
Edwards, Betty Drawing on the dominant eye: decoding the way we perceive, create and learn 9781788167932
Erskine, Gizzi Restore: a modern guide to sustainable eating 9780008375690
Farrington, Karen RS stories 9781785946523
Fellows, Adrian A straightforward guide to individual and family finances 9781913342562
Femi, Caleb Poor 9780141992150
Floud, Roderick An economic history of the English garden 9780141981703
Forty, Simon British infantryman: 1939-1945 9781785217203
Fox, Michael J. No time like the future: an optimist considers mortality 9781472278463
Francis-Cheung, Theresa The element encyclopedia of birthdays: know your birthday, discover your true personality, reveal your destiny 9780008393519
Fung, Jason The cancer code: a revolutionary new understanding of a medical mystery 9780008436209
Fury, Tyson The furious method: transform your body, mind & goals 9781529125917
Galloway, Scott Post Corona: from crisis to opportunity 9781787634800
Gater, Will Stargazing for beginners: explore the wonders of the night sky 9780241440599
Gold, Nick Speaking with confidence 9780241468173
Gribbin, John On the origin of evolution: tracing 'Darwin's dangerous idea' from Aristotle to DNA 9780008333362
Harris, Kamala The truths we hold: an American journey 9781529114461
Harrison, Melissa The stubborn light of things: a nature diary 9780571363506
Hayes, Bill How we live now: scenes from the pandemic 9781635576887
Herring, Richard The problem with men: when is it international men's day? (and why it matters) 9780751581454
Heughan, Sam Clanlands: whisky, warfare, and a Scottish adventure like no other 9781529342000
Hewitt, Catherine Art is a tyrant: the unconventional life of Rosa Bonheur 9781785786594
Hicks, Dan The Brutish Museums: The Benin Bronzes, Colonial Violence and Cultural Restitution 9780745341767
Hollmann, Eckhard Kahlo 9783791386577
Hume, Rob RSPB birds of Britain and Europe 9780241414538
Hunt, Kenya Girl: essays on womanhood and belonging in the age of black girl magic 9780008371975
Hutchinson, Patrick Everyone versus racism: a letter to my children 9780008443993
Jaku, Eddie The happiest man on earth 9781529066333
Jones, Jonathan Tracey Emin 9781786277084
Kaur, Rupi Home body 9781471196720
Kerridge, Tom The Hand & Flowers cookbook 9781472935397
Khounnoraj, Arounna Visible mending: repair, renew, reuse the clothes you love 9781787136106
Kirsten, Max How to sleep 9780241371817
Lafarge, Daisy Life without air 9781783786336
Lee, Stewart March of the lemmings: Brexit in print & performance 2016-2019 9780571357031
Lilly, Sue Crystals and other practical healing energies: chakra, feng shui, colour 9780754834779
London, Pete Ancient Cornwall: A Guide to the Best Sites 9780850254655
Martin, James James Martin's complete home comforts: over 150 delicious comfort-food classics 9781787136519
Matzen, Robert Dutch girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II 9781913406202
Mortimer, Ian The time traveller's guide to Regency Britain 9781847924568
Obama, Barack A promised land 9780241491515
Packham, Chris Back to nature: how to love life - and save it 9781529350395
Parkinson, Michael Like father, like son: a family story 9781529362466
Parris, Matthew Fracture: trauma, success and the origins of greatness 9781781257234
Patterson, James Murder of innocence 9781787465480
Purja, Nimsdai Beyond possible: my life in the death zone 9781529312249
Quinn, Anthony Klopp: a Liverpool romance 9780571364961
Reddy, Melissa Believe us: how Jurgen Klopp transformed Liverpool into title winners 9780008441951
Reid, Christophe The late sun 9780571360246
Robshaw, Chris Memoir 9780718180119
Rovelli, Carlo There are places in the world where rules are less important than kindness 9780241454688
Rusbridger, Alan News and how to use it 9781838851613
Sedaris, David The best of me 9781408713891
Smith, Caroline Sewing for the absolute beginner 9781782217794
Smith, Holly Holly Smith's money saving book: simple savings hacks for a happy life 9781529108187
Smith, James Not a life coach: push your boundaries, unlock your potential, redefine your life 9780008404840
Smith, Sean Meghan misunderstood 9780008359577
Southgate, Gareth Anything is possible: be brave, be kind and follow your dreams 9781529135329
Tanzer, Eliska The girl from nowhere 9781912624942
Taylor, Jenniffer Your skirt, your way: draft your block, choose your shape, customize your own design! 9781782215936
Uwagba, Otegha Whites 9780008440428
Vance, J.D. Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis 9780008410964
Vandome, Nick iPhone for seniors in easy steps 9781840789089
Watts, Alan The weather handbook: the essential guide to how weather is formed and develops 9781472978592
Weir, Alison Queens of the crusades: Eleanor of Aquitaine and her successors 9781910702093
Wicks, Joe 30 day kick start plan 9781509856183
  Letters from lockdown: a selection of Covid Chronicles from BBC Radio 4's PM programme 9781784744342
  Lonely planet's guide to life 9781838690441
  The diabetes handbook: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment 9780241393260
  The perfect shot 9781838690434
Almond, David Brand new boy 9781406358087
Ardagh, Philip What's in the truck? 9780571331178
Barlow, Steve The dreadful deeds of DinaSaw 9781445170084
Barlow, Steve The terrible tricks of Miss Take 9781445170091
Barnett, Mac A polar bear in the snow 9781406395075
Black, Holly How the King of Elfhame learned to hate stories 9781471409981
Blade, Adam Arkano, the stone crawler 9781408361351
Bond, Michael The adventures of Parsley the lion 9780007982974
Bright, Rachel Free-Range Freddy 9781408350096
Bruton, Catherine Another Twist in the tale 9781788005999
Cabrera, Jane The bear went over the mountain 9780823446537
Chapman, Linda A forever home for Luna 9781788009454
Cohn, Rachel Mind the gap, Dash and Lily 9781405299893
Cohn, Rachel The twelve days of Dash and Lily 9780755500062
Curtis, Richard Snow day 9780241492451
Curtis, Richard That Christmas 9780241393604
Dahl, Michael Diamonds of doom 9781474793216
Dahl, Michael The canyon of giants 9781474793209
Dale, Elizabeth Find Fergus 9781445171609
Dale, Katie Birthday riddles 9781445172361
Dale, Katie Kind Kitty 9781445171685
Davies, Stephen Hilda and the ghost ship 9781838740283
Davies, Stephen Hilda and the time worm 9781912497102
Davies, Stephen Hilda and the white woff 9781838740290
Fleming, Lucy Ella's night lights 9781406387452
Goodman, Sarah Eventide 9781250224736
Grabenstein, Chris The smartest kid in the universe 9780525647782
Gray, Caroline Big sister Baabara 9781444929485
Green,Alison Kind 9780702303470
Hughes, Ted The Iron Man: a story in five nights 9780571348879
Jameson, Jason The robin & the fir tree 9781787414815
Jinks, Jenny The house with golden windows 9781445171630
Landman, Tanya The song of the nightingale 9781406349399
Lipscombe, Helen Trouble in a tutu 9781912626960
McKinlay, Megan How to make a bird 9781406397451
Meadows, Daisy Konnie the Christmas cracker fairy 9781408356296
Miller, Ben The night I met Father Christmas 9781471196607
Miller, Sharee Don't touch my hair! 9780316562607
Montgomery, Ross The midnight guardians 9781406391183
Morpurgo, Michael The puffin keeper 9780241454480
Nicholls, Sally The silent stars go by 9781783449903
O'Farrell, Maggie Where snow angels go 9781406391992
Orton, Katharine Glassheart 9781406385236
Pullman, Philip Northern lights: the illustrated edition 9780702305085
Ritchie, Alison The twelve cats of Christmas 9781471191183
Rowling, J.K. The Ickabog 9781510202252
Sharratt, Nick Ness the nurse 9780702306839
Simon,Francesca Miaow Miaow Bow Wow:Four Favourite Stories 9781444013054
Sykes, Julie Zara and Moonbeam 9781788009270
Talley, Robin The love curse of Melody McIntyre 9780008217242
Walliams, David Code Name Bananas 9780008305833
Yoon, David Super fake love song 9780241373453
Young, Damaris The creature keeper 9781407195056
Zephaniah, Benjamin Windrush child 9780702302725
Berkowitz, Eliza Infographic guide to the globe 9781838692254
Berne, Emma Carls The world of adventure sports 9781788687546
Casey, Dawn Winter tales 9781787416871
Donaldson, Julia Counting creatures 9781529040517
Dougherty, Kerrie Star Wars complete vehicles 9780241440612
Ganeri, Anita All kinds of families 9781445161075
Heneghan, Judith All kinds of feelings 9781445160450
Hubbard, Ben First men to conquer Everest 9781526313522
Hughes, Shirley Time for tea: a first book of cookery 9781406395273
Long, David The world's most magnificent machines 9780571347186
Mills, Andrea Countries: cultures, people & places 9780241343371
Morland, Charlie Music and how it works: the complete guide for kids 9780241411605
Newland, Sonya Working with materials 9781526312648
Rosen, Michael Why do we need art?: what do we gain by being creative? and other big questions 9781526312587
Spilsbury, Louise Surviving your weird family 9781398201057
Stewart-Sharpe, Leisa Blue planet II 9781405946582
Wainewright, Max Sound and video 9781526313621
Wainewright, Max The Internet 9781526313584
Ward, Alexa Amazing world atlas: bringing the world to life 9781788683050
  Birds and beasts: a retelling 9780241471944
  Fantastic beasts: the wonder of nature 9781526624031
  Where's Shaun? 9781782265887

New Titles for October 2020

AuthorTitle LinkISBN
Aaron, Jason Valkyrie. Volume 2 9781302920302
Allen,Louise The Earl's marriage bargain 9780263276992
Alward,Donna The billionaire's island bride 9780263278835
Arens,Carol The making of Baron Haversmere 9780263277036
Asher, Neal L. Jupiter war 9781509868568
Asher, Neal L. The departure 9781509868544
Asher, Neal L. Zero point 9781509868551
Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker's Angel eyes 9780857303868
Austin, Stephanie From Devon with death 9780749025045
Baggot, Mandy A perfect Paris Christmas 9781838933456
Banville, John Snow 9780571362677
Barry, Kevin That old country music 9781782116219
Bartlett, Claire Eli The winter duke 9781789095364
Bartlett, Lilly The wedding favour 9780008319687
Bear, Elizabeth Machine: a white space novel 9781473208773
Beaton, M.C. Hot to trot 9781472127013
Bedford, Paul The Sitka killings 9780719831386
Beharrie,Therese Marrying his runaway heiress 9780263278842
Boyd, William Trio: a novel 9780241295953
Britain, Kristen The dream gatherer: a Green Rider novella and other stories 9781473226456
Bruce, Alison The moment before impact 9781472123879
Butcher, Jim Battle ground 9780356515717
Callan, Frank Six-gun avengers 9780719831393
Camilleri, Andrea The Sicilian method 9781529035605
Cates, Donny Venom Island 9781846533730
Child, Lee The sentinel 9781787633612
Clinton, Lee Divine wind 9780719831379
Colgan, Jenny Christmas at the island hotel 9780751580303
Cornwell, Bernard War lord 9780008183950
Court, Dilly Rag-and-bone Christmas 9780008287870
Cox, Helen Death awaits in Durham 9781529410341
Cudmore,Katrina Christmas encounter with a prince 9780263279009
Cumming, Charles Box 88 9780008200367
Dahl, Alex Playdate 9781789544077
Davis, Alan Tarot 9781302915254
Doctorow, Cory Attack surface 9781838939977
Douglas,Michelle Redemption of the maverick millionaire 9780263278798
Douglas,Michelle Singapore fling with the millionaire 9780263279016
Doyle, Roddy Love 9781787332270
Dunn, Suzannah The testimony of Alys Twist 9781408707203
Edwards, Martin A surprise for Christmas: and other seasonal mysteries 9780712353373
Elliott, Kate Unconquerable sun 9781800243200
Ewing, Al Immortal Hulk. Vol. 7 9781302920517
Ewing, Al It's on us 9781302920753
Ewing, Eve L. Champions 9781302922900
Feret-Fleury, Christine The girl who reads on the metro 9781509868353
Ford, John M. The dragon waiting 9781473205468
French, Dawn Because of you 9780718159313
Fuller,Meriel Protected by the knight's proposal 9780263277265
Gaiman, Neil The Neil Gaiman reader: selected fiction 9781472282309
Goodwin, Rosie The winter promise 9781838772215
Graham,Lynne Christmas babies for the Italian 9780263278378
Graham,Lynne The Italian in need of an heir 9780263278217
Green,Abby The greek's unknown bride 9780263278156
Griffiths, Elly The postscript murders 9781787477636
Grisham, John A time for mercy 9781529342321
Gwynne, John A time of courage 9781509813018
Hair, David Map's edge 9781529401936
Harffy, Matthew Fortress of fury 9781786696342
Harrow, Alix E. The once and future witches 9780356512471
Hensher, Philip The golden age of British short stories, 1890-1914 9780141992204
Hilderbrand, Elin Troubles in paradise 9781473677487
Hoffman, Alice Magic lessons 9781471197161
Hoffman,Alice Magic Lessons:A Prequel to Practical Magic 9781471198946
Horwood, Craig Reve Dances and dreams on Diamond Street 9781789292381
Jackson, Lisa You betrayed me 9781529304305
James, Peter I follow you 9781509816279
Jess-Cooke, Carolyn The nesting 9780008341862
Johnson, Daisy Hag: forgotten folktales retold 9780349013596
Johnson, Jane The tenth gift 9781789545258
Johnson,Joanna A mistletoe vow to Lord Lovell 9780263277258
Kearsley, Susanna The deadly hours 9781492664444
Keneally, Meg The wreck 9781838771393
Khan, Ausma Zeha The bladebone 9780008171728
Lake, Alex The choice 9780008373542
Lanchester, John Reality, and other stories 9780571363001
Lee, Yoon H.A Phoenix Extravagant 9781781087947
Levene, Rebecca The sun's devices 9781444753790
Llewelyn-Wells, Charlotte Tales from the Crucible 9781839080234
Lloyd, Tom God of night 9781473224643
Lovegrove, James Sherlock Holmes & the Christmas demon 9781785658044
Lovegrove, James Sherlock Holmes and the beast of the Stapletons 9781789094695
Lucas,Jennie Penniless and secretly pregnant 9780263278347
MacKay, Jed Black Cat. Volume 2 9781302919214
MacOmber, Debbie Jingle all the way 9780751581140
Makumbi, Jennifer N The first woman 9781786077882
Masterton, Graham The house of a hundred whispers 9781789544244
Meyrick, Denzil A large measure of snow: a tale from Kinloch 9781846975578
Montefiore, Santa The butterfly box 9781471196454
Murata, Sayaka Earthlings 9781783785674
Nesser, Hakan The secret life of Mr Roos 9781509892235
Norton, Graham Home stretch 9781473665187
Nunez, Sigrid What are you going through 9780349013664
Pammi,Tara Claiming his Bollywood Cinderella 9780263278385
Patterson, James The coast-to-coast murders 9781529125177
Perry, Anne A Christmas resolution 9781472275097
Picoult, Jodi The book of two ways 9781473692404
Priest, Christophe The evidence 9781473231375
Purcell, Deirdre Grace in winter 9781473699922
Rankin, Ian A song for the dark times 9781409176978
Redgold,Eliza The master's new governess 9780263276961
Revell, Nancy A Christmas wish for the shipyard girls 9781787464278
Rhodes, Kate Pulpit Rock 9781471189869
Riddle, A.G. The lost colony 9781800241510
Roberts, Nora The rise of Magicks 9780349415031
Robinson, Kim Stanle The ministry for the future 9780356508832
Roscoe,Pippa Taming the big bad billionaire 9780263278200
Rosenberg, Matthew Dark Temple 9781302919955
Ross, L.J. The infirmary 9781912310111
Sanderson, Brandon Starsight: reach the stars 9781473217911
Sandford, John Masked prey 9781471197024
Sands, Lynsay Immortal angel 9781473230521
Sapkowski, Andrzej The tower of fools 9781473226128
Schott, Ben Jeeves & the leap of faith 9781786331939
Schwab, Victoria The invisible life of Addie LaRue 9781785652509
Scott,Bronwyn The temptations of Lord Tintagel 9780263276930
Shaw,Chantelle Housekeeper in the headlines 9780263278361
Shepherd,Kandy Their royal baby gift 9780263279023
Sidebottom, Harry The return 9781785769634
Sims, Gill Why Mummy's sloshed: because the bigger the kids, the bigger the DRINK! 9780008358556
Singh,Nina Her inconvenient Christmas reunion 9780263279030
Sittenfeld, Curtis Help yourself 9780857527479
Stockwin, Julian Balkan glory 9781473698765
Swain, Heidi The winter garden 9781471185724
Taylor, C.L. Strangers 9780008221058
Taylor, Jodi Doing time 9781472266774
Talor, Jodi Hard time 9781472273147
Taylor, Marsali Death on a Shetland cliff 9781472275936
Thompson, Kelly Hail to the king 9781302921033
Tolkien, J.R.R. Unfinished tales 9780008387952
Toon, Francine Pine 9781784164829
Turton, Stuart The devil and the dark water 9781408889640
Tutton, Chris Failing of Angels 9781874392040
Wagner, John The complete case files. 35 9781781087602
Walls, Jasmine Edmonia Lewis 9781684156344
Wexler, Django Ashes of the sun 9781788543149
Whitesides, Tyler The thousand deaths of Ardor Benn 9780356515366
Williams,Cathy Expecting his billion-dollar scandal 9780263278194
Winters,Rebecca Falling for his unlikely Cinderella 9780263278781
Wolfman, Marv Spider-women 9781302925222
Yomtov, Nelson Venom 9781302925352
AuthorTitle with linkISBN
Akeroyd, Simon Royal Horticultural Society complete gardener's manual: the one-stop guide to plan, sow, plant, and grow your garden 9780241432433
Amiel, Barbara Friends and enemies: a memoir 9781472134219
Astley, Neil Staying human: new poems for Staying alive 9781780373904
Attenborough, David A life on our planet: my witness statement and a vision for the future 9781529108279
Bailey, Bill Bill Bailey's remarkable guide to happiness 9781529412451
Balding, Clare Heroic animals: 100 creatures who made the difference, from the geese that saved Rome to the Tamworth Two, from Red Rum to Bobby the Wonderdog 9781529343823
Ballas, Shirley Behind the sequins 9781785945113
Bauer, Susanna Susanna Bauer 9788874399475
Bell, Martin War and peacekeeping: personal reflections on conflict and lasting peace 9781786077639
Bennett, Alan Two besides: a pair of talking heads 9780571365852
Bower, Tom Boris Johnson: the gambler 9780753554906
Brooke-Hitching, Edward The madman's library: the strangest books, manuscripts and other literary curiosities from history 9781471166914
Brown, Derren A little happier: notes for reassurance 9781787634473
Clark, Heather L. Red comet: the short life and blazing art of Sylvia Plath 9781787332539
Clarke, John Coope I wanna be yours 9781509896103
Cousins, Mark The story of film 9781911641827
Crook, Alex Arsenal match of my life: Gunners legends relive their greatest games 9781785313110
Curtis, Louise A nurse's story: my life in A&E in the Covid crisis 9781529058932
Day, Elizabeth Failosophy: a handbook for when things go wrong 9780008420383
Dent, Susie Word perfect: etymological entertainment for every day of the year 9781529311518
Erikson, Thomas Surrounded by psychopaths, or, How to stop being exploited by others 9781785043321
Evans, Richard J. The Hitler conspiracies: the Third Reich and the paranoid imagination 9780241413463
Farley, Paul Places of poetry: mapping the nation in verse 9781786078797
Ferris, John Rober Behind the enigma: the authorised history of GCHQ, Britain's secret cyber-intelligence agency 9781526605467
Flintoff, Andrew Right, said Fred 9781788701983
Fogle, Ben Inspire: life lessons from nature 9780008374037
Forde, Matt Politically homeless 9781529412772
Fox, Jason Life under fire: how to build inner strength and thrive under pressure 9781787633193
Francis, Gavin Island dreams: mapping an obsession 9781786898180
Fraser, Jim Murder under the microscope: a personal history of homicide 9781786495945
Gannon, Paul Before Bletchley Park: the codebreakers of the First World War 9780750992466
Garza, Alicia The purpose of power: how to build movements for the 21st century 9780857527677
Gong, Tina Tarot: connect with yourself, develop your intuition, live mindfully 9780241433232
Gregg, Emma The flightless traveller: 50 modern adventures by land, river and sea 9781529410723
Haskell, James What a flanker 9780008403683
Haynes, Natalie Pandora's jar: women in the Greek myths 9781509873111
Hazeley, Jason What not to say to your husband 9781529411492
Hazeley, Jason What not to say to your wife 9781529411515
Herbert, Johnny Lights out, full throttle: the good, the bad and the Bernie of Formula One 9781529039993
Hibberd, James Fire cannot kill a dragon: Game of Thrones and the official untold story of the epic series 9781787633285
Howard, Alathea Fi The Windsor diaries: 1940-45 9781529328080
Jackson, John Exploring Devon and Cornwall's branch lines 9781398102392
James, Clive The fire of joy: roughly 80 poems to get by heart and say aloud 9781529042085
Jonas, Joe Blood: a memoir by the Jonas Brothers 9781529031782
Jones, Dylan Sweet dreams: from club culture to style culture 9780571353439
Kakutani, Michiko Ex libris 9780008421953
Kelly, Anne Textile travels 9781849945646
Kravitz, Lenny Let love rule 9780751582123
Lacey, Robert Battle of brothers: william and Harry - the friendship and the feuds 9780008408510
Landreth, Jenny Break a leg: a memoir, manifesto and celebration of amateur theatre 9781784742751
Lee, Daniel The SS officer's armchair: in search of a hidden life 9781911214960
Lee, Hermione Tom stoppard: a life 9780571314430
Lewis, Adrian A guide to handling bereavement: the easyway 9781913342555
Lewis-Stempel, John The wild life of the fox 9780857526427
Lloyd, John Ever wondered why? 9780571363377
Lord, Kerry A partridge in a pear tree: crochet the 12 birds of Christmas 9781911663263
Mantel, Hilary Mantel pieces: royal bodies and other writing from the London Review of Books 9780008429973
Marler, Joe Loose head: confessions of an (un)professional rugby player 9781529107517
Marr, Andrew Elizabethans: how modern Britain was forged 9780008298401
Mathews, Meg The new hot: navigating the menopause with attitude and style 9781785042539
McCall Smith, Alexander In a time of distance: and other poems 9781846975622
McCarthy, Michael The consolation of nature: spring in the time of coronavirus 9781529349153
McConaughey, Matthew Greenlights 9781472280831
Morgan, Piers Wake up: why the 'liberal' war on free speech is even more dangerous than COVID-19 9780008392598
Motion, Andrew Randomly moving particles 9780571352081
Mullan, John The artful Dickens: the tricks and ploys of the great novelist 9781408866818
Murphy, Paul Very British weather: over 365 hidden wonders from the world's greatest forecasters 9781529107616
Newman, Cathy It takes two: a history of the couples who dared to be different 9780008363338
Numan, Gary (R)evolution: the autobiography 9781472134622
O'Brien, James How not to be wrong: the art of changing your mind 9780753557709
O'Porter, Dawn Life in pieces 9780008431877
Pattullo, Mandy Textiles transformed: thread and thrift with reclaimed textiles 9781849945806
Payne, Les The dead are arising: the life of Malcolm X 9780241503034
Peake, Tim Limitless: the autobiography 9781529125573
Perry, Sarah Essex girls: for profane and opinionated women everywhere 9781788167451
Portillo, Michael Greatest British railway journeys: celebrating the greatest journeys from the BBC's beloved railway travel series 9781472279279
Ranganathan, Romesh As good as it gets: life lessons from a reluctant adult 9781787633599
Redknapp, Jamie Me, family and the making of a footballer 9781472271938
Rees, Jasper Let's do it: the authorised biography of Victoria Wood 9781409184096
Rouse, Dan How to attract birds to your garden 9780241439449
Schofield, Phillip Life's what you make it 9780241501177
Seinfeld, Jerry Is this anything? 9781471195587
Seward, Ingrid Prince Philip revealed: a man of his century 9781471183522
Smith, Tom How to cope successfully with thyroid problems 9781903784013
Starling, Boris The official history of Britain: our story in numbers as told by the Office for National Statistics 9780008412197
Sterry, Paul The Collins garden birdwatcher's bible: a practical guide to identifying and understanding garden birds 9780008405595
Stothard, Peter The last assassin: the hunt for the killers of Julius Caesar 9781474613156
Summerscale, Kate The haunting of Alma Fielding: a true ghost story 9781408895450
Tremlett, Giles The international brigades: fascism, freedom and the Spanish Civil War 9781408853986
Uviebinene, Elizabeth Loud black girls: 20 black women writers ask: what's next? 9780008342616
Wenger, Arsene My life in red and white: my autobiography 9781474618243
Weverka, Peter Windows 10 for seniors for dummies 9781119680543
White, Rowland Harrier 809: Britain's legendary jump jet and the untold story of the Falklands War 9781787631588
Wilkinson, Toby A.H. A world beneath the sands: adventurers and archaeologists in the golden age of Egyptology 9781509858705
Williamson, Shaun A matter of facts 9781788402071
Winkleman, Claudia Quite 9780008421656
Womack, Kenneth John Lennon, 1980: The Final Days 9781787601369
  Cats vs dogs: misbehaving mammals, intellectual insects, flatulent fish and the great pet showndown - amazing animal instincts from New Scientist 9781529339208
  Christmas with Kim-Joy: a festive collection of edible cuteness 9781787135826
  Lonely Planet's ultimate travel list 2: the best places on the planet - ranked 9781788689137
  This is me 9780241454305
  Unforgettable journeys: slow down and see the world 9780241426166
  What to watch when: 1,000 TV shows for every mood and moment 9780241460528
AuthorTitle with linkISBN
Adams, Emma Who pooed in my loo? 9780702303838
Anderson, Laura Elle Amelia Fang and the trouble with toads 9781405297691
Anderson, Sophie The castle of tangled magic 9781474978491
Andreae, Giles Monster Christmas 9781408357620
Baddiel, David Future friend 9780008334208
Bass, Guy The legend of gap-tooth Jack 9781788952460
Bedford, David Banned! 9781789980905
Bedford, David Masters of soccer 9781789980912
Bedford, David Soccer camp 9781789980882
Bedford, David Superteam 9781789980899
Bedford, David The football machine 9781789980868
Bedford, David Top of the league 9781789980875
Bird, Pip The naughtiest unicorn and the spooky surprise 9781405297202
Blackman, Malorie Blueblood 9781784876418
Blade, Adam The ultimate battle 9781408361849
Bradman, Tony Daisy and the Unknown Warrior 9781781129609
Carle, Eric Happy Christmas from the very hungry caterpillar 9780241456835
Chatterton, Chris Merry Christmas, Gus 9781509854363
Cole, Stephen World burn down 9781781129463
Colfer, Chris A tale of witchcraft 9781510202191
Colfer, Eoin Deny all charges 9780008324865
Collins, Ross There's a mouse in my house 9781788008259
Davidson, Zanna Monsters at Halloween 9781474978422
Davies, Benji The snowflake 9780008212810
Donaldson, Julia The hospital dog 9781509868315
Donnelly, Jennifer Poisoned 9781471408144
Doyle, Catherine The miracle on Ebenezer Street 9780241434277
Elphinstone, Abi Jungle drop 9781471173684
Fan, Terry The Barnabus project 9780711249448
Fisher, Catherine The midnight swan 9781913102371
Fletcher, Tom The Danger Gang 9780241407332
French, Vivian Lottie Luna and the fang fairy 9780008343040
Gaiman, Neil Pirate stew 9781526614728
Gray, Kes Daisy and the trouble with Christmas 9781782959762
Gray, Kes Daisy and the trouble with giants 9781782959755
Gray, Kes The night after Christmas 9781444954661
Gregg, Stacy The forever horse 9780008332358
Griffiths, Andy Just stupid! 9781529022933
Griffiths, Andy The 130-storey treehouse 9781529045949
Hardy, Vashti Griffin Gate 9781781129432
Hargrave, Kiran Mill A secret of birds & bone 9781911077947
Harrison, Michelle Midnight magic 9781788951487
Hegarty, Patricia Home 9781788817141
Hegarty, Patricia Yawn 9781838910358
Hitchcock, Fleur The Frost Castle adventure 9781788008051
Hunter, Erin Warriors Super Edition: Graystripe's Vow 9780062963024
Hussain, Nadiya Today I'm strong 9781444946468
Jeffers, Oliver What we'll build: plans for our together future 9780008382209
Jones, Cath Guinea pigs on the loose 9781445172347
Jones, Pip On with the show 9780571350360
Kelly, John Revolting rescue 9781529021332
Kelly, John The monster doctor 9781529021356
Kinney, Jeff The deep end 9780241396643
Lean, Sarah The good bear 9781471194672
Littler, Jamie Escape from Aurora 9780241355299
Love, Jessica Julian at the wedding 9781406397482
Lynch, Patrick Ja The haunted lake 9781406395563
McKee, David Snow woman 9781783449811
Meadows, Daisy Brightblaze makes a splash 9781408361924
Meadows, Daisy Quickhoof and the golden cup 9781408361436
Meggitt-Phillips, Jack The beast and the Bethany 9781405298889
Melling, David Hugless Douglas and the nature walk 9781444928723
Muncaster, Harriet Isadora Moon goes to a wedding 9780192772411
Nicholls, Sally A chase in time 9781788008662
Nicholls, Sally Who makes a forest? 9781783449194
Pichon, Liz Shoe wars 9781407191096
Pilkey, Dav Captain Underpants: two wedgie-powered novels in one 9780702305818
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti Rain before rainbows 9781406382358
Pullman, Philip Serpentine 9780241475249
Rauf, Onjali Q. The night bus hero 9781510106772
Riordan, Jane The story of Thomas the Tank Engine 9781405297448
Riordan, Rick The tower of Nero 9780141364070
Rowling, J.K. Quidditch through the ages 9781526608123
Sharratt, Nick Ketchup on your reindeer 9780702304385
Smith, Alex T. Claude at the palace 9781444932003
Smith, Alex T. The twelve days of Christmas, or Grandma is overly generous 9781529043372
Sperring, Mark Santa jaws 9781408897829
Strange, Lucy The ghost of Gosswater 9781911077848
Thomas, Aiden Cemetery Boys 9781250250469
Townsend, Jessica Hollowpox: the hunt for Morrigan Crow 9781510105300
Unsworth, Tania The time traveller and the tiger 9781788541701
Walliams, David Little monsters 9780008305741
Wilson, Amy Owl and the lost boy 9781529037845
AuthorTitle with linkISBN
Accatino, Marzia Gods, goddesses and heroes: mythology from around the world 9781838690601
Benjamin, Floella Coming to England 9781529009415
Brown, Carron I like the outdoors ... what jobs are there? 9780711255906
Callery, Sean The human race 9780711256675
Cella, Clara How many kittens could ride a shark?: creative ways to look at length 9781474795340
Cella, Clara How many llamas does a car weigh?: creative ways to look at weight 9781474795357
Claybourne, Anna Hot planet: how climate change is harming our world (and what you can do to help) 9781445169880
Claybourne, Anna The brilliant book of animal bones 9781526312464
Colson, Rob Classic cars 9781526313126
Colson, Rob Sports cars 9781526313102
Doherty, Anna Emma Watson: the fantastically feminist (and totally true) story of the astounding actor and activist 9781526361127
Dyu, Lily Earth heroes: 20 inspiring stories of people saving our world 9781839940163
Goldsmith, Mike A short, illustrated history of space exploration 9781445169118
Harbo, Christophe Make circuits that glow or go 9781474786560
Hartley, Ned Marvel heroes & villains: a journal by Nick Fury 9781787417045
Head, Honor Anxiety and self-esteem 9781445172163
Head, Honor Unexpected challenges 9781445172132
Hooke, Dan Climate emergency atlas 9780241446430
Hoopmann, Kathy All cats are on the autism spectrum 9781787754713
Jenner, Caryn Cats and kittens 9780241439913
Kay, Adam Kay's anatomy: a complete (and completely disgusting) guide to the human body 9780241452912
Lowery, Mike Everything awesome about sharks and other underwater creatures! 9781338359732
MacFarlane, Robert The lost spells 9780241444641
Manning, Mick The story of music: a history of music for children 9781445163666
Moore, Tom One hundred steps 9780241486764
Murray, Helen 100 ways to rebuild the world 9780241458211
O Briain, Dara Is there anybody out there? 9780702303944
Pang, Hannah Seasons: a year in nature 9781912756520
Rosen, Michael On the move: poems about migration 9781406393705
Rundell, Katherine The book of hopes 9781526629883
Vardell, Sylvia M. A world full of poems 9780241413906
Whitehill, Simcha Pokemon encyclopedia 9781408358542
Williams, Brenda Queen Elizabeth II 9780241413838
  Picturepedia: an encyclopedia on every page 9780241426371
  The secret lives of mermaids 9781911171874
  Timelines from Black history: leaders, legends, legacies 9780241503614
  Timelines of everyone: from Cleopatra and Confucius to Mozart and Malala 9780241413005

New titles for September 2020

AuthorTitle LinkISBN
Abercrombie, Joe The trouble with peace 9780575095915
Addison, Katherine The angel of the crows 9781781088500
Allen,Louise The Earl's marriage bargain 9780263276992
Alward,Donna Scandal and the runaway bride 9780263278996
Alward,Donna The billionaire's island bride 9780263278835
Amis, Martin Inside story: a novel 9781787332751
Arens,Carol The making of Baron Haversmere 9780263277036
Atwood, Margaret The testaments 9781784708214
Beharrie,Therese Marrying his runaway heiress 9780263278842
Beukes, Lauren Afterland 9780718182809
Black, Rory The talons of Iron Eyes 9780719831348
Bolter,Andrea Captivated by her Parisian billionaire 9780263278859
Bradshaw, Rita The storm child 9781509898114
Broadfoot, Neil The point of no return 9781472127655
Brun, Theodore A burning sea 9781786496157
Burrows,Annie From Cinderella to Countess 9780263276985
Carter, A.F. All of us 9781838933784
Cavanagh, Steve Fifty fifty 9781409185864
Chambers, Rosie Katie's Cornish kitchen 9780008364786
Chen, Qiufan Waste tide 9781786691293
Clarke, Susanna Piranesi 9781526622426
Clay, E.Jefferso Fools' frontier 9780719831324
Cleeves, Ann The darkest evening 9781509889518
Cline, Emma Daddy 9781784743710
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Legend of Steve 9781846533556
Cole, Sheldon B. Outcast County 9780719831317
Colgan, Jenny Lessons: third year at Downey House 9780751570960
Collins,Dani Beauty and her one-night baby 9780263278187
Cooper, Emma If I could say goodbye 9781472265043
Corcoran, Caroline The baby group 9780008335120
Cotrina, Jose Anton The harvest of Samhein 9781506716800
Courtney, Joanna Fire queen 9780349419534
Crews,Caitlin Christmas in the king's bed 9780263278354
Crowley, Nate Notes from small planets 9780008306861
Curtis, Emma Keep her quiet 9781784165253
Dickinson, Miranda Our story 9780008323240
Dickson,Helen Wedded for his secret child 9780263277241
Douglas,Michelle Redemption of the maverick millionaire 9780263278798
Everest, Elaine Christmas with the teashop girls 9781529015959
Faber, Michel D: (a tale of two worlds) 9780857525109
Feehan, Christine Dark song 9780349426761
Felton, Jennie A mother's sacrifice 9781472256478
Ferrante, Elena The lying life of adults 9781787702363
Fielding,Liz Christmas reunion in Paris 9780263278989
Finnigan, Judy Roseland 9780751559514
Flynn, Gillian Untitled Flynn 2 of 2 9780297870029
Follett, Ken The evening and the morning: the prequel to The pillars of the Earth 9781447278788
Fox, Candice Gathering dark 9781787462069
Frazier, Jean Kyoun Pizza girl 9780008356415
Freeman, Kathryn Up close and personal 9780008365844
French, Nicci House of correction 9781471179273
Galbraith, Robert Troubled blood 9780751579932
Gallagher, P.J. Race against time 9780719831355
Gifford,Blythe Tudor Christmas tidings 9780263277227
Graham,Lynne A baby on the Greek's doorstep 9780263278330
Graham,Lynne Cinderella's royal secret 9780263278170
Graham,Lynne The Italian in need of an heir 9780263278217
Green, Michael Blade Runner 2019. Off world 9781787731929
Green,Abby The greek's unknown bride 9780263278156
Gurnah, Abdulrazak Afterlives 9781526615855
Hamilton, Andy Longhand 9781783529414
Hardy,Kate A will, a wish, a wedding 9780263278972
Harris, Joanne Orfeia 9781473229952
Harris, Robert V2 9781786331403
Henry, Christina The ghost tree 9781785659799
Hiaasen, Carl Squeeze me 9780751581850
Hill, Bryan Edwa Fallen angels. Volume 1 9781302919900
Hocking,John Conan and the living plague 9781789092851
Hore, Rachel A gathering storm 9781471195693
Hornby, Nick Just like you 9780241338551
Hourican, Emily The glorious Guinness Girls: a novel 9781472274595
Hunter, Megan The harpy 9781529010213
Johnson, Jane The sea gate 9781789545166
Jones, Ruth Us three 9781787632257
Kasasian, M.R.C. The ghost tree 9781788546430
Kawaguchi, Toshikazu Before the coffee gets cold: tales from the cafe 9781529050868
Keneally, Thomas The Dickens boy 9781529345070
Krauze, Gabriel Who they was 9780008374990
Kunzru, Hari Red pill 9781471194474
Labatut, Benjamin When we cease to understand the world 9781782276128
Lackey, Mercedes Spy, spy again 9781785653483
Laurain, Antoine The readers' room 9781910477960
Leinster, Murray Sidewise in time 9781473227392
Ley, Rebecca For when I'm gone 9781409195375
Locke,Nicole Captured by her enemy knight 9780263277029
Lucas,Jennie Penniless and secretly pregnant 9780263278347
Lustbader,Eric Robert Ludlum's The Bourne nemesis 9781788541343
Lyons, Jenn The memory of souls 9781509879588
Mallory,Sarah The mysterious Miss Fairchild 9780263276954
Marrs, John The minders 9781529100655
Marston, Edward Slaughter in the Sapperton Tunnel 9780749026714
Martin,Laura Her best friend, the Duke 9780263277005
McCall Smith, Alexander How to raise an elephant 9781408712825
McKay, Laura Jean The animals in that country 9781912854523
Medina, K.T. The watcher 9780008214050
Miller, Sue Monogamy 9781526618900
Mills, Kyle Total power 9781471170768
Mills, Pat Concrete surfer 9781781087633
Nesbo, Jo The kingdom 9781787300798
Nicholls, David Us 9781529328165
Nix, Garth The left-handed booksellers of London 9781473227767
North, Lauren One step behind 9780552176095
O'Brien, Anne The queen's rival 9780008225544
O'Hagan, Andrew Mayflies 9780571273683
O'Neill, Louise After the silence 9781784298890
Osman, Richard The Thursday Murder Club 9780241425442
Palahniuk, Chuck The invention of sound 9781472155498
Paolini, Christophe To sleep in a sea of stars 9781529046502
Patterson, James Private Moscow 9781529124446
Penny, Louise All the devils are here 9780751579284
Perry, Anne Death with a double edge 9781472275158
Powell, James Lawr The 2084 report: a history of global warming from the future 9781529311860
Proehl, Bob The nobody people 9781789094619
Redgold,Eliza The master's new governess 9780263276961
Rees, Lynette The cobbler's wife 9781529403886
Riordan, Kate The heatwave 9781405922623
Robb, J.D. Shadows in death 9780349422114
Robson, Amanda My darling 9780008291907
Roscoe,Pippa Taming the big bad billionaire 9780263278200
Rowley, Emma You can trust me 9781409175803
Sauma, Luiza Everything you ever wanted 9780241363560
Saviano, Roberto Savage kiss 9781509879175
Scanlan, Patricia City Girl 9781471194894
Scott,Bronwyn The confessions of the Duke of Newlyn 9780263277234
Shand, Pat Breathless 9781628752205
Sheffield, Jack Back to school: a teacher series novel 1969-70 9781787632974
Singh,Nina Spanish tycoon's convenient bride 9780263278934
Slott, Dan Point of origin 9781302920326
Smith, Wilbur A. Call of the raven 9781785767944
Spencer, Nick Full circle 9781846533921
Spencer, Nick Last remains 9781302920234
Sperling, Matthew Viral 9781529401950
ST. George,Harper Falling for her Viking captive 9780263276947
Stage, Zoje Wonderland 9780316458498
Steel, Danielle Royal 9781509878178
Steel, Danielle The ghost 9780552145046
Steinmetz, Ferrett Automatic reload 9781250168214
Stewart, Andrea The bone shard daughter 9780356514949
Stroud, Allen Fearless 9781787585423
Tillison, Andy Not as good as the book: a midlife crisis in minor 9781789520217
Tomasi, Peter Arkham Knight 9781779502513
Tremain, Rose Islands of mercy 9781784743314
Trevor, Steve Steve Trevor 9781779501981
Tyler, L.C. Death of a shipbuilder 9781472128546
Tyner,Liz The governess's guide to marriage 9780263277210
Ullmann, Linn Unquiet 9780241464618
Upchurch, Roc Redemption 9781534316164
Vasquez, Juan Gabri Songs for the flames 9781529405446
Vine, Jeremy The diver and the lover 9781529308433
Walker, Wendy Don't look for me 9781409190066
West,Annie Contracted to her Greek enemy 9780263278163
White, Frank Innocence: two novellas 9781529327861
Wiggs, Susan The lost and found bookshop: a novel 9780008358754
Williams, Beatriz Her last flight 9780008380175
Williams,Cathy Expecting his billion-dollar scandal 9780263278194
Williams,Cathy His secretary's nine-month notice 9780263278132
Williams,Cathy The forbidden Cabrera brother 9780263278316
Winslow, Don Michael Mann Project 1 9780008222758
Winters,Rebecca Falling for his unlikely Cinderella 9780263278781
Zahn, Timothy Chaos rising 9781529124583
  Storm birds 9780857059420
AuthorTitle LinkISBN
Aitken, Ben The gran tour: travels with my elders  9781785786488
Aslet, Clive The crown jewels of England: 100 places that make Britain great  9781472133755
Baig, Edward C.  iPad and iPad Pro  9781119607977
Bainbridge, David How zoologists organize things: the art of classification  9780711252264
Barnes, Trevor Dead doubles: the extraordinary worldwide hunt for one of the Cold War's most notorious spy rings  9781474609104
Beaumont, Pauline Bread therapy: the mindful art of baking bread  9781529359596
Berry, Mary Simple comforts  9781785945076
Berry, Oliver Low-carbon Europe: 80 inspiring and sustainable no-fly travel itineraries  9781838691080
Berry-Dee, Christophe Talking with serial killers: the world's most sinister sexual psychopaths - in their own words  9781789462678
Bird, Sara Home for the soul: sustainable and thoughtful decorating and design  9781788792417
Black, Sue M. Written in bone: hidden stories in what we leave behind  9780857526908
Booth, Grahame Watercolour techniques for artists and illustrators  9780241413319
Bray, Gemma The organised time technique: how to get your life running like clockwork  9780349426976
Bretton-Gordon, Hamish D.E Chemical warrior: Syria, Salisbury and saving lives at war  9781472274540
Brooks, Ben Things they don't want you to know: eleven lessons for raising a 21st-century teenager  9781529403947
Buxton, Adam Ramble book  9780008293345
Buxton, Rebecca The philosopher queens: the lives and legacies of philosophy's unsung women  9781783528011
Campbell, Alastair Living better: how I learned to survive depression  9781529331820
Chinn, Carl Peaky Blinders: the real story of Britain's most notorious 1920's gangs  9781789462937
Chopra, Deepak Total meditation: stress free living starts here  9781846046841
Clark, Michelle Poppy the street dog: how an extraordinary dog helped bring hope to the homeless  9781409195436
Clarkson, Wensley The real top boys: the true history of London's deadliest street gangs  9781787395350
Clay, Catrine The good Germans  9781474607872
Cleese, John Creativity: a short and cheerful guide  9781786332257
Cruickshank, Dan Soho: a street guide to Soho's history, architecture and people   9780297869320
Darroch, Kim Collateral damage: Britain, America and Europe in the age of Trump  9780008411572
Davies, Alan Just ignore him  9781408713310
De Thample, Rachel The River Cottage fermentation handbook  9781408873540
Defoe, Gideon An atlas of extinct countries: the remarkable (and occasionally ridiculous) stories of 48 nations that fell off the map  9780008393854
Demick, Barbara Eat the Buddha: the story of modern Tibet through the people of one town  9781783785704
Don, Monty My garden world: the natural year  9781473666559
Drew, Ben Plan B: my story  9781409129851
Eastwood, Kate Crocheted home: 35 beautiful designs for throws, cushions, blankets and more  9781782498940
Eccleston, Christophe I love the bones of you: my father and the making of me  9781471176340
Edwards, Dean Cook slow. Light & healthy  9780600636557
Edwards, Martin Howdunit: a masterclass in crime writing by members of the Detention Club  9780008380137
Eger, Edith Eva The gift: 12 lessons to save your life  9781846046278
Evans, Sian Maiden voyages: women and the golden age of transatlantic travel  9781473699021
Firth, Henry Speedy BOSH!: quick, easy, all plants  9780008332938
Fonda, Jane What can I do?: my path from climate despair to action  9780008404581
Franklin, Calum The pie room  9781472973610
Fry, Helen P. MI9: a history of the Secret Service for escape and evasion in World War Two  9780300233209
Gelder, Claire Robyn Octopus & friends: 17 loveable animals to knit using chunky yarn  9781782218692
Glass, Cathy A terrible secret  9780008398743
Gourevitch, Philip You hide that you hate me and I hide that I know: living with it in Rwanda  9780141047348
Greene, Richard Russian roulette: the life and times of Graham Greene  9781408703977
Hagen, Rose-Marie Francisco de Goya, 1746-1828: on the threshold of modernity  9783836532686
Hands, Beccy The little book of self-care for mums-to-be  9781785042959
Harford, Tim How to make the world add up: ten rules for thinking differently about numbers  9781408712245
Harrison, Ellie Countryfile - countryside year  9780008254988
Hartley, Dylan The hurt  9780241348956
Hazareesingh, Sudhir Black Spartacus: the epic life of Toussaint Louverture  9780241293812
Hemmings, Mark iPhone photography for dummies  9781119687795
Henrich, Joseph Pat The weirdest people in the world: how the West became psychologically peculiar and particularly prosperous  9781846147968
Hepworth, David Overpaid, oversexed and over there: how a few skinny Brits with bad teeth rocked America  9781787632769
Herriot, James All creatures great and small  9781529042061
Herriot, James All things bright and beautiful  9781529043280
Hodge, Susie The short story of women artists: a pocket guide to movements, works, breakthroughs and themes  9781786276551
Holland, James Sicily '43: the first assault on Fortress Europe  9781787632936
Humble, Kate A year of living simply: the joys of a life less complicated  9781783253425
Hussain, Nadiya Nadiya bakes  9780241396612
Jacob, Aglaee Digestive Health with REAL Food   9780988717206
Jones, Owen This land: the story of a movement  9780241470947
Jones, Vinnie Lost without you: loving and losing Tanya  9781841884172
Kanneh-Mason, Kadiatu House of music: raising the Kanneh-Masons  9781786078445
Latham, Martin The bookseller's tale  9780241408810
Law, Alex A beginner's guide to upholstery: revamp your furniture with this step-by-step guide  9781782498889
Lawrence, Lee The louder I will sing  9780751581041
Lloyd, David Simply the best: the great characters of cricket from the Don to the Ben  9781471190025
Logevall, Fredrik JFK. Volume I,;1917-1956  9780241185896
Lord, Kerry How to crochet animals. Ocean: 25 mini menagerie patterns  9781911641797
Lord, Kerry How to crochet animals. Wild: 25 mini menagerie patterns  9781911641773
MacIntyre, Ben Agent Sonya: lover, mother, soldier, spy  9780241408506
Masters, Brian Killing for company  9781787466258
McCrum, Robert Shakespearean: on life and language in times of disruption  9781509896974
McPartlin, Anthony Da Once upon a Tyne: our story celebrating 30 years together on telly  9780751580976
Micklethwait, John The wake up call: why the pandemic has exposed the weakness of the West - and how to fix it  9781780724829
Middleton, Anthony Zero negativity: the power of positive thinking  9780008336516
Mlodinow, Leonard Stephen Hawking: a memoir of friendship and physics  9780241411131
Mohamed, Hashi People like us: what it takes to make it in modern Britain  9781788161138
Moore, Tom Tomorrow will be a good day  9780241486108
Moran, Caitlin More than a woman  9781529102758
Moran, Joe If you should fail: a book of solace  9780241422793
Morris, Heather Stories of hope: finding inspiration in everyday lives  9781786580474
Nightingale, Anne Hey hi hello: five decades of pop culture from Britain's first female DJ  9781474616683
Oliver, Neil Wisdom of the ancients: life lessons from our distant past  9781787633094
Ottolenghi, Yotam Ottolenghi flavour  9781785038938
Patterson, James Murder thy neighbour  9781787465466
Perre, Selma Van My name is Selma: the remarkable memoir of a Jewish resistance fighter and Ravensbruck survivor  9781787633988
Pimenta, Dominic Duty of care  9781787395596
Pogrund, Gabriel Left out: the inside story of Labour under Corbyn  9781847926456
Pollard, Jim Men's health: all you need to know in one concise manual  9781785216947
Ramsey, Chris Sh**ged. Married. Annoyed  9780241447123
Rankine, Claudia Just us: an American conversation  9780241467107
Rebanks, James English pastoral: an inheritance  9780241245729
Reid, Rebecca The power of rude: a woman's guide to asserting herself  9781409195306
Rentzenbrink, Cathy Dear reader: the comfort and joy of books  9781509891528
Rhodes, James How to play the piano  9781529410518
Ross, Peter A tomb with a view: the stories and glories of graveyards  9781472267795
Roy, Arundhati Azadi: freedom, fascism, fiction  9780241470022
Saunders, Susan The age-well plan: the 6-week programme to kickstart a longer, healthier, happier life  9780349425535
Sawalha, Nadia Honey, I homeschooled the kids  9781529350593
Schmidt, Joe Ordinary Joe  9780241981092
Sheldrake, Merlin Entangled life: how fungi make our worlds, change our minds and shape our futures  9781847925190
Shetty, Jay Think like a monk: train your mind for peace and purpose every day   9780008386429
Skinner, Frank How to enjoy poetry  9781529412963
Smith, Patti Year of the monkey  9781526614766
Sparrow, Giles The history of the universe in 21 stars (and 3 imposters)  9781787394650
Starkey, David Henry: model of a tyrant  9780007288700
Stelling, Jeff I've got mail: the Soccer Saturday letters  9781472279774
Sullivan, Kevin WWE encyclopedia of sports entertainment  9780241422717
Sykes, Rosie Roasting pan suppers  9781911358855
Taylor, Richard Craft beer for the geeks  9781784726515
Thomas, Robert How to live: the groundbreaking lifestyle guide to keep you healthy, fit and free of illness  9781780724188
Toombs, Dan The Curry Guy bible: recreate over 200 Indian restaurant and takeaway classics at home  9781787134638
Varoufakis, Yanis Another now: dispatches from an alternative present  9781847925633
Veliz, Carissa Privacy is power: why and how you should take back control of your data  9781787634046
Watson, Christie The courage to care: a call for compassion  9781784742980
Wax, Ruby And now for the good news..: to the future with love  9780241400647
Whipple, Chris The spymasters: how the CIA directors shape history and the future  9781471183713
Whipple, Tom A little light: 20 ways the coronavirus response could make the world better  9780751581737
Winn, Raynor The wild silence  9780241401460
Young, Will To be a gay man  9780753554241
  Civilization: a history of the world in 1000 objects  9780241440575
  Fake law: the truth about justice in an age of lies  9781529009941
  Great diaries: the world's most remarkable diaries, journals, notebooks, and letters  9780241412947
  Guinness world records 2021  9781913484019
  Lonely Planet's where to go when Europe  9781838690403
  Mythopedia: an encyclopedia of mythical beasts and their magical tales  9781786276902
  The Forward book of poetry 2021  9780571362486
  The science of the ocean: the secrets of the seas revealed  9780241415252
  Twisted: bold, unserious delicious food for every occasion  9781529394849
AuthorTitle LinkISBN
Agard, John Books make good pets 9781408359877
Alexander, Kwame He Said, She Said 9780062118981
Ardagh, Philip The pirate captain's cat 9781471184017
Ardagh, Philip The railway cat 9781471184031
Balen, Katya October, October 9781526601902
Barrett, Hayley The tiny baker 9781646860708
Bedford, David Banned! 9781789980905
Bedford, David Masters of soccer 9781789980912
Bedford, David Soccer camp 9781789980882
Bedford, David Superteam 9781789980899
Bedford, David The football machine 9781789980868
Bedford, David Top of the league 9781789980875
Bee, William Stanley's fire engine 9780857551177
Bell, Jennifer Operation Icebeak 9781406388466
Bently, Peter Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 9781444948202
Benton, Lynne The giant and the shoemaker: based on a Maltese folk tale 9781445172187
Bilan, Jasbinder Tamarind and the star of Ishta 9781913322175
Blabey, Aaron The bad guys. Episode 9, episode 10 9780702304026
Blade, Adam Diprox the buzzing terror 9781408361900
Blade, Adam Glaki, spear of the depths 9781408361887
Brallier, Max The last kids on Earth and the skeleton road 9780755500017
Bright, Rachel The way home for wolf 9781408359501
Browne, Anthony Our girl 9780857535771
Butchart, Pamela Jeremy worried about the wind 9781788007740
Butler, Steven Fiend of the seven sewers 9781471178757
Chapman, Linda A forever home for Pip 9781788008204
Chapman, Linda The ice giant 9781788951968
Child, Lauren The goody 9781408347584
Clare, Cassandra The lost book of the white 9781471162091
Coelho, Joseph Zombierella 9781406389661
Corderoy, Tracey It's only one! 9781788816816
Cousins, Lucy Maisy's building site 9781406390278
Cowell, Cressida Never and forever 9781444956405
Dale, Elizabeth Billy and the balloons 9781913337162
Dale, Elizabeth Pet show disaster! 9781848866942
Dale, Katie Monster mayhem 9781848866812
Dale, Katie The barnyard bake off 9781848866911
Dale, Katie The perfect place for a picnic 9781445171005
Dale, Katie Whoosh! 9781848866874
Davidson, Zanna Monsters go Swimming 9781474978361
Davidson, Zanna Monsters Move House 9781474978392
Davies, Nicola Last: the story of a white rhino 9781910328484
Daynes, Katie Lift the Flap Questions and Answers about Recycling and Rubbish 9781474950664
Daynes, Katie Why Do Things Die? 9781474979887
Deutsch, Georgiana Along came a fox 9781788816892
Dockrill, Laura Butterfly brain 9781848128682
Donaldson, Julia Cave baby 9781529027778
Eliopulos, Nick Dungeon crawl 9781405296298
Farrant, Natasha Voyage of the Sparrowhawk 9780571348763
Fielding, Rhiannon Little monster 9780241436677
Fletcher, Tom There's a witch in your book 9780241357392
Fogle, Ben Mr Dog and a deer friend 9780008408268
Forde, Patricia To the island 9781912417513
Gimenez De Ory, Beatriz Poop! 9781646860913
Goodhart, Pippa All sorts 9781912497218
Goodhart, Pippa You choose fairy tales 9780141378978
Gray, Kes Oi aardvark! 9781444955910
Green, Simon Jame The life of Riley: beginner's luck 9780702303623
Greening, Rosie Never feed a troll a casserole 9781789472738
Greening, Rosie The very hungry worry monsters 9781789477429
Hale, Shannon Kind of a big deal 9781250206237
Hare, John Field Trip to the Ocean Deep 9780823446308
Harvey, Damian The king with horse's ears 9781445172217
Hegarty, Patricia Owl always love you: a bedtime book of love! 9781848579798
Hemming, Alice The cursed unicorn 9780702303197
Hemming, Alice The leaf thief 9780702303203
James, Anna Tilly and the map of stories 9780008229948
James, Lauren The reckless afterlife of Harriet Stoker 9781406391121
Kenny, Padraig The monsters of Rookhaven 9781529050509
Kerr, Judith Mog's birthday 9780008399405
Kerr, Judith The Mog treasury 9780008407759
Kinnear, Nicola Shhh! Quiet! 9781407188850
Leonard, M.G. Kidnap on the California Comet 9781529013085
Litchfield, David The bear, the piano, and Little Bear's concert 9780711247246
MacKenzie, Ross The Otherwhere Emporium 9781782506638
McIntyre, Sarah Don't call me grumpycorn 9780702302787
McKee, David Elmer and the lost treasure 9781783449484
McKenzie, Sophie The hostage 9781471189777
McLaughlin, Tom The accidental prime minister returns 9780192773678
McMillan, Dawn I need a new bum! 9780702305825
Meadows, Daisy Brianna the bee fairy 9781408363188
Meres, Jonathan Noodle the doodle 9781781129531
Morpurgo, Michael Owl or pussycat? 9781788450720
Muncaster, Harriet Victoria Stitch, bad and glittering 9780192773579
Murphy, Jill Just one of those days 9781529021370
Newson, Karl I really really need a wee 9781788817851
Nix, Garth Abhorsen 9781471409677
O'Leary, Dermot Toto the ninja cat and the mystery jewel thief. Book 4 9781444952049
Patel, Serena School's Cancelled 9781474959537
Patricelli, Leslie Doggie gets scared 9781406393514
Patricelli, Leslie Mad, mad, mad 9781406393521
Patterson, James Max Einstein saves the future 9781529119640
Pilkey, Dav Grime and punishment 9781338535624
Pratchett, Terry The time-travelling caveman 9780857536020
Punter, Russell Adventures of Robin Hood Graphic Novel 9781474974493
Punter, Russell Toad Makes a Road 9781474970174
Rees, Gwyneth Super Cats v Dr Specs 9781408894255
Reeve, Philip Kevin and the biscuit bandit 9780192766144
Robinson, Michelle The world made a rainbow 9781526629814
Rowland, Lucy Wanda's words got stuck 9781788006811
Ryan, Chris Hijack 9781471407888
Shelton, Dave The pencil case 9781788451031
Smith, Craig The dinky donkey 9780702305245
Smith, James Attack of the haunted lunchbox 9781405297516
Sorosiak, Carlie My life as a cat 9781788006088
Taplin, Sam Are You There Little Bat?: Are You There Little Bat? 9781474981163
Teckentrup, Britta School: Come In and Take a Closer Look: Come in and Take a Closer Look 9783791374420
Thomas, Valerie Around the world 9780192772329
Thompson, Lisa The house of clouds 9781781129067
Tsang, Katie Dragon mountain 9781471193071
Webb, Holly Luna 9781788952156
Webb, Holly The pharaoh's curse 9781788951883
Wilson, Jacqueline Love Frankie 9780857535894
Woodward, Kay How to avoid witches 9780241461792
Woollard, Elli Little goose's autumn 9781509807963
AuthorTitle LinkISBN
Adams, Tom YouthQuake: 50 children and young people who shook the world  9781788007634
Amson-Bradshaw, Georgia The energy we use  9781526307910
Barnham, Kay A wonderful world of weather   9781526305411
Barnham, Kay The awesome night sky  9781526305954
Chandler, Matt The tech behind electric cars  9781474788281
Cookson, Paul Fire burn, cauldron bubble: magical poems  9781472958150
Crossley-Holland, Kevin Norse tales: stories from across the rainbow bridge  9781406391763
Dahl, Roald Roald Dahl rotsome & repulsant words  9780192777461
Dahl, Roald Roald Dahl words of magical mischief  9780192777478
Gater, Will The mysteries of the universe  9780241412473
Gifford, Clive A short, illustrated history of inventions  9781445169095
Gifford, Clive A short, illustrated history of scientific discoveries  9781445169071
Gill, Nikita SLAM! You're gonna wanna hear this  9781529028300
Harman, Alice Build resilience  9781445169309
Harvey, Derek The ocean book: explore the hidden depths of our blue planet  9781788682367
Hubbard, Ben The story of Mars  9781445172811
Hunt, Chris Match! Football stars!  9781529026641
Hunt, Jilly The European Union  9781474762410
Kahn, Rebecca Mountains  9781445161952
Lennon, Liz I care about...animals  9781445171050
Lennon, Liz I care family  9781445171852
Levenson, Ellie World politics in 100 words  9780711250246
Litton, Jonathan The environment  9780711250505
Marx, Jonny The humans: ancient civilisations and astonishing things they taught us  9781848579934
Mason, Paul The Vikings are coming!  9781445156934
Newland, Sonya Working with machines  9781526312945
Newland, Sonya Working with transport  9781526312983
Parker, Steve The body atlas: a pictorial guide to the human body  9780241412770
Raum, Elizabeth Fighting to survive being lost at sea  9781474789479
Regan, Lisa Garden  9781526311047
Roberts, Alice M. Human journey  9781405291453
Rooney, Anne Our extreme Earth: explore amazing habitats around the world  9781838690847
Stynes, Yumi Welcome to your period!  9781788952941
Teckentrup, Britta Tiger, tiger, burning bright!  9781788005678
Wainewright, Max Computer graphics  9781526313607
Wainewright, Max Smartphones  9781526313317
Woodward, John Life through time: the 700-million-year stor of life on Earth   9780241426395
  Anne Frank  9781787080607
  Martin Luther King, Jr  9781787080560
  My encyclopedia of very important adventures  9780241427811
  Stephen Hawking  9781787080645
  The science of goo!  9780241432303
  Weird but true! 2021: wild and wacky facts and photos!  9780008395803

New titles for August 2020

Aaron, Jason Avengers by Jason Aaron. Volume 6 9781302920944
Adams,Millie Claimed for the Highlander's revenge 9780263277081
Ahmed, Saladin Miles Morales, Spider-man. Volume 3 9781302920166
Ahnhem, Stefan X ways to die 9781786694645
Allen, Diane The girl from the tanner's yard 9781509895243
Allen,Louise The Earl's marriage bargain 9780263276992
Allott, Susan The silence 9780008361303
Alward,Donna The billionaire's island bride 9780263278835
Anderson, Lin The innocent dead: ...are always the first victims 9781529033649
Arens,Carol The making of Baron Haversmere 9780263277036
Armentrout, Jennifer L Rage and ruin 9781335018250
Armentrout, Jennifer L Storm and fury 9781335015303
Ashley, Michael Born of the Sun: adventures in our solar system 9780712353564
Askew, Claire Cover your tracks 9781529327359
Ayala, Vita Morbius 9781302920999
Backman, Fredrik Anxious people 9780718186616
Balogh, Mary Someone to romance 9780349423654
Baxter, Stephen Creator 9781473223226
Beacon,Elizabeth Unsuitable bride for a viscount 9780263277012
Beharrie,Therese Marrying his runaway heiress 9780263278842
Berg, Ali While you were reading 9781471178009
Blackmore, Neil The intoxicating Mr Lavelle 9781786332028
Blake,Ally Brooding rebel to baby daddy 9780263278880
Blake,Ally Dream vacation, surprise baby 9780263278941
Blake,Maya The Sicilian's banished bride 9780263278323
Bolter,Andrea Captivated by her Parisian billionaire 9780263278859
Bowen, Rhys The last Mrs. Summers 9780451492876
Boyd, Hilary The lie 9781405934831
Boyd, William Nat Tate: an American artist, 1928-1960 9780241988879
Brabazon, James Arkhangel 9780241349250
Brellend, Kay A workhouse Christmas 9780349425139
Bridges, Jeffrey Killswitch. Volume 1 9781632295422
Brooks, Elizabeth The whispering house 9780857525598
Burke, James Lee A private cathedral 9781409199465
Burrows,Annie From Cinderella to Countess 9780263276985
Cabot, Meg No offense 9780349424187
Camilleri, Andrea The shape of water 9781529042023
Camilleri, Andrea The snack thief 9781529042436
Camilleri, Andrea The terracotta dog 9781529042047
Camilleri, Andrea The voice of the violin 9781529042443
Cates, Donny Venom Island 9781302920203
Chadwick, Elizabeth The coming of the wolf 9780751577662
Chapman, Clay Mcleo Scream. Volume 1: curse of carnage 9781302921002
Coates, Ta-Nehisi Legend of Steve 9781846533556
Coates, Ta-Nehisi The intergalactic empire of Wakanda. Part 4 9781302921101
Collard, Paul Frase Fugitive 9781472263438
Collins,Dani Beauty and her one-night baby 9780263278187
Colter,Cara Cinderella's New York fling 9780263278866
Colter,Cara One night with her brooding bodyguard 9780263278965
Connolly, John The dirty south 9781529398298
Cook, Diane The new wilderness 9781786078216
Costeloe, Diney The French wife 9781789543292
Cullen, Helen The truth must dazzle gradually 9780718189204
David, Peter Alien reality 9781302921453
Davies, Carys The mission house 9781783784301
De Muriel, Oscar The dance of the serpents 9781409187660
Deconnick, Kelly Sue Amnesty 9781779502506
Delaney, Jp Playing nice 9781529400847
Dionne, Karen The wicked sister 9780751567427
Douglas, Claire Just like the other girls 9781405943383
Douglas,Michelle Redemption of the maverick millionaire 9780263278798
Duggan, Gerry Savage Avengers. Vol. 2 9781302916664
Edwards, Martin Vintage crime: from the Crime Writers' Association 9781787585478
Edwards, Martin Vintage crime: from the Crime Writers' Association 9781787585485
Eldridge, Jim Murder at the Natural History Museum 9780749025977
Ellis, Kate The armada boy 9780349424781
Ellis, Kate The merchant's house 9780349424774
Emezi, Akwaeke The death of Vivek Oji 9780571350988
Ennis, Garth Punisher: Soviet 9781302913410
Eschbach, Andreas The hair carpet weavers 9780241454718
Evans, Lissa V for victory 9780857523617
Evans, Pamela Bessie's war 9781472256836
Faye,Jennifer The CEO, the puppy and me 9780263278828
Faye,Jennifer The Italian's unexpected heir 9780263278958
Finch, Paul One eye open 9781409184010
Fisher, Kerry Another Woman's Child: An utterly heartbreaking and emotional page-turner 9781838888473
Fitzgerald, Helen Ash Mountain 9781913193287
Fleming, Leah A wedding in the olive garden 9781788548700
Fletcher,Jenni Redeeming her viking warrior 9780263277180
Flynn, Katie Under the mistletoe 9781529123883
Fremantle, Elizabeth The honey and the sting 9780718180508
Gaynor, Hazel The bird in the bamboo cage 9780008393632
Gibney, Patricia Tell nobody 9780751577525
Gill, Elizabeth The runaway children: a Foundling School for Girls novel 9781787473416
Gilmore,Jessica Bound by the prince's baby 9780263278873
Giordano, Mario Auntie Poldi and the handsome Antonio 9781473680609
Godwin, Gail Old lovegood girls 9781632868220
Goff, Jonathan Crackdown 9781524113100
Grace, Evie The golden maid 9781787464414
Graham,Lynne Cinderella's royal secret 9780263278170
Graham,Lynne The Italian in need of an heir 9780263278217
Green,Abby The greek's unknown bride 9780263278156
Green,Abby The maid's best kept secret 9780263278262
Gregory, Susanna The Clerkenwell affair 9780751562736
Grenville, Kate A room made of leaves 9781838851231
Griffiths, Elly The lantern men 9781787477551
Grimwood, Ken Replay 9781473225602
Guo, Xiaolu A lover's discourse 9781784743499
Haig, Matt The Midnight Library 9781786892706
Hall, Araminta Imperfect women 9781409196082
Hall, Lisa The perfect couple 9780008356453
Hamilton, Laurell K. Sucker punch 9781472241825
Hannah, Sophie The killings at Kingfisher Hill: the new Hercule Poirot mystery 9780008264529
Hardy,Kate A will, a wish, a wedding 9780263278972
Heaberlin, Julia We are all the same in the dark 9780241385494
Heath,Virginia The scoundrel's bartered bride 9780263277043
Heller, Mandasue Witness 9781529024265
Herron, Mick Down Cemetery Road 9781473646971
Herron, Mick Smoke and whispers 9781473647060
Herron, Mick The last voice you hear 9781473647008
Herron, Mick Why we die 9781473647022
Hickman, Jonathan X-Men. Dawn of X 9781846533785
Hobbes,Elisabeth The silk merchant's convenient wife 9780263277197
Hodgson, Antonia The silver collar 9781473615137
Hogan, Edward The electric 9781473669550
Holden, Wendy The governess: she came from nothing and raised a queen 9781787394667
Horowitz, Anthony Moonflower murders 9781529124347
Howard, Catherine The Nothing Man 9781838951061
Iggulden, Conn The gates of Athens 9780241351239
James,Julia The Greek's penniless Cinderella 9780263278293
James,Sophia Their marriage of inconvenience 9780263276923
Jewell, Lisa Invisible girl 9781780899220
Jimenez, Simon The vanished birds 9781789093926
Johnson, Daisy Sisters 9781787331624
Johnson, Mike Countdown 9781684056941
Johnson,Joanna His runaway lady 9780263276978
Justiss,Julia The enticing of Miss Standish 9780263277128
Kawakami, Hiromi People from my neighbourhood 9781846276989
Kaye,Marguerite A forbidden liaison with Miss Grant 9780263277166
Kendrick,Sharon The sheikh's royal announcement 9780263278255
Kent, Christobel The viper 9780857893345
Kerr, Philip The shot 9781529404166
Khan, Vaseem Midnight at Malabar House 9781473685468
Kinsley, Erin Innocent 9781472274281
La Plante, Lynda Blunt force 9781785769856
Latour, Jason Amazing powers 9781302923723
Lawrence,Kim Claiming his unknown son 9780263278224
Le Carre, John Single & single 9780241337318
Lee, Stan Captain America 9781302925130
Lelic, Simon The search party 9780241422687
Lem, Stanislaw The cyberiad: fables for the cybernetic age 9780241467992
Lewis, Linden A. The first sister 9781529386905
Locke,Nicole Captured by her enemy knight 9780263277029
Lorac, E.C.R. Checkmate to Murder: A Second World War Mystery 9780712353526
Lovecraft, H.P. The colour out of space 9780241443934
Lovegrove, James The magnificent nine 9781785658310
Lucas,Jennie Claiming the virgin's baby 9780263278149
Lustbader, Eric The nemesis manifesto 9781838937676
MacKay, Jed Spider-zero 9781302920265
MacKintosh, Sophie Blue ticket 9780241404454
MacOmber, Debbie A walk along the beach 9781784758776
Maden, Mike Tom Clancy's firing point 9780241478189
Mallinson, Allan The tigress of Mysore 9781787632950
Mallory,Sarah The mysterious Miss Fairchild 9780263276954
Mandel, Emily ST.J The glass hotel 9781509882809
Marinelli,Carol Italy's most scandalous virgin 9780263278279
Martin, George R.R Fire & blood 9780008402785
Martin, Holly The cottage on Sunshine Beach 9780751577815
Martin,Laura Her best friend, the Duke 9780263277005
Martin,Madeline How to start a scandal 9780263277159
Mayo, Simon Knife edge 9780857526595
McCall Smith, Alexander Tiny tales 9781846975370
McDermid, Val Still life 9781408712283
McPherson, Ben The island 9780007569649
Meier,Susan Hired by the unexpected billionaire 9780263278910
Mercer, Matthew Critical role. Volume 2: Vox Machina origins 9781506714493
Merrill,Christine Vows to save her reputation 9780263277111
Miller, John Jacks Die standing 9781982136291
Milne,Nina Baby on the tycoon's doorstep 9780263278811
Mina, Denise The less dead 9781787301726
Money-Coutts, Sophia The wish list 9780008370565
Moshfegh, Ottessa Death in her hands 9781787332201
Moss, Sarah Summerwater 9781529035438
Muir, Tamsyn Harrow the Ninth 9781250313225
Myers, Justin The magnificent sons 9780349425511
Naslund, Brian Sorcery of a queen 9781529016178
Nicholls, David Sweet sorrow 9781444715422
Nour, Eva The stray cats of Homs 9780857526755
O'Donoghue, Caroline Scenes of a graphic nature 9780349009940
Okoh, Elizabeth The returnees 9781529380545
Oliver,Melissa The rebel heiress and the knight 9780263277098
Palmer, Dexter Cla Mary Toft, or, The rabbit queen 9781472155290
Parry, H.G. A declaration of the rights of magicians 9780356514703
Patchett, Ann Taft 9781841150499
Patchett, Ann The magician's assistant 9781857028157
Patchett, Ann The patron saint of liars 9781841150505
Patterson, James Midwife Murders 9781780899589
Patterson, James The midwife murders 9781787461994
Pembroke,Sophie Italian escape with her fake fiance 9780263278903
Pembroke,Sophie Second chance for the single mom 9780263278804
Percy, Benjamin X-Force. Vol. 1 9781302919887
Pheby, Alex Mordew 9781913111021
Pinborough, Sarah Dead to her 9780008289072
Pobi, Robert Under pressure 9781529353167
Porter,Jane The price of a dangerous passion 9780263278286
Preston,Janice The earl with the secret past 9780263277050
Rankin, Ian Doors Open 9781409189954
Redgold,Eliza The master's new governess 9780263276961
Rice,Heidi A forbidden night with the housekeeper 9780263278248
Riches, Anthony River of gold 9781473628847
Roanhorse, Rebecca Resistance reborn 9781787462427
Robinson,Lauri The flapper's scandalous elopement 9780263277203
Robotham, Michael Good girl, bad girl 9780751573435
Rogers, Jane Body tourists 9781529392975
Roscoe,Pippa Taming the big bad billionaire 9780263278200
Rose, Jacqui Rival 9780008366988
Rose, Karen Say no more 9781472265708
Ruocchio, Christophe Demon in white 9781473218321
Ryan, Donal Strange flowers 9780857525222
Scott,Bronwyn The temptations of Lord Tintagel 9780263276930
Sheckley, Robert Dimension of miracles 9780241472491
Silverberg, Robert A time of changes 9781473229235
Singh,Nina Spanish tycoon's convenient bride 9780263278934
Smart,Michelle A baby to bind his innocent 9780263278231
Smith, Ali Summer 9780241207062
Soule, Charles Anyone 9781529346732
Soule, Charles The rise of Kylo Ren 9781302924188
ST. George,Harper Falling for her Viking captive 9780263276947
Steiger, Isabelle The rightful queen 9781250088505
Stivers, Carole The mother code 9781529378153
Strugatsky, Arkady One billion years to the end of the world 9780241472477
Stuart, Douglas Shuggie Bain 9781529019278
Styles, Daisy Home fires and spitfires 9781405945196
Styles,Michelle Conveniently wed to the viking 9780263277067
Swallow, James The buried dagger 9781789991789
Tchaikovsky, Adrian The doors of Eden 9781509865888
Temple,Lara The return of the disappearing duke 9780263277173
Thomas, Jo Escape to the French farmhouse 9780552176842
Thompson, Kelly The last Avenger 9781302923082
Thor, Brad Near dark: a thriller 9781982104061
Tieri, Frank Ruins of Ravencroft 9781302924973
Tiptree, James Ten thousand light-years from home 9780241469231
Toon, Paige The minute I saw you 9781471179488
Toro, Guillermo The hollow ones 9781529100945
Townend,Carol The warrior's princess prize 9780263277135
Trevor, Steve Steve Trevor 9781779501981
Tuti, Ilaria Painted in blood 9781474609616
Tyce, Harriet The lies you told 9781472252784
Tyner,Liz The governess's guide to marriage 9780263277210
Wallace,Barbara A year with the millionaire next door 9780263278927
Ward, J.R. The jackal 9780349427027
Weir, Alison Katheryn Howard: the tainted queen 9781472227775
Wells, Zeb Spider-Ham. Vol. 1 9781302921620
West,Annie Contracted to her Greek enemy 9780263278163
Wiebe, Kurtis J. Hivebusters 9781684054176
Williams, Drew The firmament of flame 9781471171192
Williams,Cathy Expecting his billion-dollar scandal 9780263278194
Williams,Cathy His secretary's nine-month notice 9780263278132
Williams,Cathy The forbidden Cabrera brother 9780263278316
Willingham,Michelle The Highlander and the Wallflower 9780263277104
Wilson, Andrew I saw him die 9781471173516
Wilson, G.Willow Ms. Marvel meets the Marvel Universe 9781302923624
Winters,Rebecca Falling for his unlikely Cinderella 9780263278781
Yates,Maisey Crowned for my royal baby 9780263278309
Zamiatin, Evgenii Iv We 9780241458747
Zub, Jim Serpent war 9781302923075
  The many lives of Maxwell Lord 9781779506092
Andersen, Kurt Evil geniuses: how big money took over America - a recent history 9781529108088
Arney, Kat Rebel cell: cancer, evolution and the new science of life 9781474609302
Aspinall, Sarah Diamonds at the lost and found: a memoir in search of my mother 9780008375164
Ball, James The system: who owns the Internet, and how it owns us 9781526607249
Bamford, Carole A love for food: recipes from the fields and kitchens of Daylesford Farm 9781529110296
Belbin, Laura Knee deep in life: wife, mother, realist ... and why we're already enough 9781529107043
Birkin, Jane Munkey diaries 9781474617703
Blaize, Bert Which wine when: what to drink with the food you love 9781529104851
Blaskey, Sarah The grifters' club: Trump, Mar-a-Lago, and the selling of the presidency 9781529362695
Brearley, Mike The spirit of cricket 9781472133984
Broom, Sarah M. The yellow house 9781472155573
Cooper, Simon Frankel: the greatest racehorse of all time and the sport that made him 9780008307035
Cowlam, Rory The secret life of a vet: a heartwarming glimpse into the real world of veterinary from TV vet Rory Cowlam 9781529327816
Dale, Iain Why can't we all just get along ..: shout less, listen more 9780008379124
Dickie, John The craft: how the Freemasons made the modern world 9781473658196
Eagleman, David Livewired: the inside story of the ever-changing brain 9781838850968
Edstrom, Erik Un-American: a soldier's reckoning of our longest war 9781635573749
Emmanuel, Jeremiah Dreaming in a nightmare: finding a way forward in a world that's holding you back 9781529118612
Fabes, Stephen Signs of life: to the ends of the earth with a doctor 9781788161213
Fassett, Kaffe Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Burano: Designs inspired by a Venetian island 9781641551199
Ghayour, Sabrina Simply: easy everyday dishes from the bestselling author of Persiana 9781784725167
Goldin, Ian Terra incognita: 100 maps to survive the next 100 years 9781529124194
Gordon, Bryony Glorious rock bottom 9781472253750
Gregory, Tim Meteorite: the stones from outer space that made our world 9781529327649
Hamblin, James Clean: the new science of skin and the beauty of doing less 9781847925558
Hayes, Nick The book of trespass: crossing the lines that divide us 9781526604699
Kalinik, Eve Happy gut, happy mind 9780349423777
Khan, Amir The doctor will see you now: the highs and lows of my life as an NHS GP 9781529107401
Kingsolver, Barbara How to fly: (in ten thousand easy lessons) 9780571359899
Knott, Paul The official Tour de France road cycling training guide: everything you need to know to ride like the professionals 9781787394605
Kynaston, David Shots in the dark: a diary of Saturday dreams and strange times 9781526623027
Lebus, Ben Mob Kitchen 9781911624011
MacDonald, Helen Vesper flights: new and collected essays 9780224097017
MacK, Katie The end of everything: (astrophysically speaking) 9780241372333
Marchant, Danielle Sleep meditations: to help tired mimds unwind and drift off... 9781783253579
Norman, Philip Wild thing: the short, spellbinding life of Jimi Hendrix 9781474611480
O'Donnell, Svenja Inge's war: a story of family, secrets and survival under Hitler 9781529105452
Oliver, Jamie 7 ways: easy ideas for every day of the week 9780241431153
Paul, Grace The ultimate guide to working from home: how to stay sane, healthy and be more productive than ever 9780751581508
Scobie, Omid Finding freedom: Harry and Meghan and the making of a modern royal family 9780008424107
Sillitoe, Hanna Skin healing expert: your 5 pillar plan for calm, clear skin 9780857838438
Slaght, Jonathan C Owls of the eastern ice: the quest to find and save the world's largest owl 9780241333938
Sothen, John Von Paris match: falling in (love) with the French 9781788164597
Temple, Rob Born to be mild: adventures for the anxious 9780751574746
Tophill, Frances Rewild your garden: create a haven for birds, bees and butterflies 9781529410259
Truran, Christine Short Cornish Dictionary 9780850254464
Willis, David Bob Willis: a cricketer and a gentleman 9781529341348
Zaidi, Mohsin A dutiful boy: a memoir of a gay Muslim's journey to acceptance 9781529110142
  A history of magic, witchcraft & the occult 9780241386118
  Beginner's step-by-step guitar: the complete guide 9780241389522
  F**k flying: 101 eco-friendly ways to travel 9781409199663
  The crochet book 9780241435847
Almond, David Annie Lumsden, the girl from the sea 9781406377590
Altes, Marta New in town 9781509866045
Ayto, Russell Mouse in the house 9781783448760
Bedford, David Soccer camp 9781789980882
Bedford, David The football machine 9781789980868
Bedford, David Top of the league 9781789980875
Beedie, Duncan Oof makes an ouch! 9781787416819
Bennett, M.A. F.O.X.E.S. 9781471408595
Bond, Michael The ups and downs of the castle mice 9781782957591
Bradman, Tony Football crazy 9781781129296
Brahmachari, Sita When secrets set sail 9781510105430
Browne, Eileen Handa's noisy night 9781406392388
Brownlow, Michael Ten little monkeys 9781408355893
Burgis, Stephanie A most improper magick 9781848129245
Bushby, Aisha Voyage of the lost and found 9781405293211
Charman, Katrina The whales on the bus 9781526603449
Ciraolo, Simona Shy ones 9781912497355
Clover, Andrew The den of danger 9780008265984
Cobb, Amelia The helpful hedgehog 9781788009324
Cobb, Rebecca Hello, friend! 9781447250524
Coelho, Joseph The girl who became a tree: a story told in poems 9781913074784
Courtenay, Lucy Ready, steady, swim! 9781783449385
Dahl, Michael Go to bed goat 9781398201231
Davidson, Zanna Hullabaloo at the zoo 9781474958721
Davies, Nicola Ride the wind 9781406379556
Davis, Ben The soup movement 9780192749239
Dolan, Penny Vixen 9781445171838
Donaldson, Julia Conjuror cow 9781509838561
Donaldson, Julia The teeny weeny genie 9781509843602
Edwards, Nicola ABC nature 9781838910242
Elson, Jane Moon dog 9781444955705
Fenske, Jonathan A not-so-scary monster! 9781338360820
Fletcher, Tom The dinosaur that pooped a pirate 9781782955443
Gray, Kes Daisy and the trouble with coconuts 9781782959687
Gray, Kes Daisy and the trouble with piggy banks 9781782959724
Green, John InvestiGators 9781529054361
Green, Sally The burning kingdoms 9780141375434
Gregg, Stacy Angel and the flying stallions 9780007299300
Gregg, Stacy Blaze and the dark rider 9780007245178
Gregg, Stacy Comet and the champion's cup 9780007270309
Gregg, Stacy Destiny and the wild horses 9780007245185
Gregg, Stacy Flame and the rebel riders 9780007299294
Gregg, Stacy Fortune and the golden trophy 9780007270323
Gregg, Stacy Liberty and the dream ride 9780007299317
Gregg, Stacy Mystic and Destiny 9780008390471
Gregg, Stacy Mystic and the midnight ride 9780007245192
Gregg, Stacy Nightstorm and the grand slam 9780007299324
Gregg, Stacy Stardust and the daredevil ponies 9780007245161
Gregg, Stacy Storm and the silver bridle 9780007270316
Gregg, Stacy Victory and the All-Stars Academy 9780007270330
Hart, Caryl How to drive a Roman chariot 9781471181757
Harvey, Damian Grandpa's garden 9781445171814
Hegarty, Patricia Now you see me, now you don't 9781788816878
Hill, Eric Spot's treasure hunt surprise 9780241426142
Huq, Konnie Cookie! ... and the most annoying girl in the world 9781848128934
Kinney, Jeff Rowley Jefferson's awesome friendly adventure 9780241458815
Kitamura, Satoshi The smile shop 9781912650217
Landman, Tanya Emily Bronte's Wuthering heights: a retelling 9781781129371
Landman, Tanya Horse boy 9781406377583
Lewis, Gill Willow Wildthing and the dragon's egg 9780192771766
Matharu, Taran The challenger 9781444938999
McCall Smith, Alexander Noah Wild and the floating zoo 9781526605542
McLachlan, Jenny Return to Roar 9781405295024
McLaughlin, Eoin While we can't hug 9780571365593
Meadows, Daisy Deena the Diwali fairy 9781408362341
Meadows, Daisy Hana the Hanukkah fairy 9781408362389
Meadows, Daisy Queen Aurora's birthday surprise 9781408357125
Meadows, Daisy The carer fairies 9781408364079
Meredith, Samantha On the farm: a push-and-pull adventure 9780241416723
Meredith, Samantha Shopping trip: a push-and-pull adventure 9780241416747
Merritt, Richard I want to be...a firefighter 9781912756629
Merritt, Richard I want to astronaut 9781912756612
Meyer, Stephenie Midnight sun 9780349003627
Milbourne, Anna The elves and the shoemaker 9781474968799
Newson, Karl I can roar like a dinosaur 9781529008531
Nicoll, Tom Last one standing 9781788952125
Nix, Garth Lirael 9781471409653
Palmer, Tom After the war 9781781129487
Palmer, Tom Over the line 9781781129562
Percival, Tom A case of the jitters 9781529029178
Peters, Helen A deer called Dotty 9781788008327
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti I'm sticking with you 9781471182815
Punter, Russell Fox on a box 9781474970150
Punter, Russell Macbeth 9781474948128
Rayner, Catherine Arlo: the lion who couldn't sleep 9781509804207
Rayner, Catherine Smelly Louie 9781529021257
Rix, Megan The lost war dog 9780241455555
Robinson, Michelle She Rex 9781408876107
Rose, Matilda Pugicorn 9781444956986
Sachar, Louis Beneath the cloud of doom 9781526622006
Scheffler, Axel Farmyard Friends: Higgly Hen 9781839941399
Scheffler, Axel Farmyard Friends: Portly Pig 9781839941382
Scheffler, Axel Gobbly Goat 9781788006958
Sharratt, Nick Moo-Cow, Kung-Fu-Cow 9780702300974
Simmons, Jo I stole my genius sister's brain 9781526618566
Stansbie, Stephanie My friends and me 9781912756889
Stevens, Robin Death sets sail 9780241419809
Stewart, Paul Own goal! 9781781129302
Stutzman, Jonathan Don't feed the coos 9780241401552
Vulliamy, Clara Marshmallow Pie, the cat superstar 9780008355852
Vulliamy, Clara Marshmallow Pie, the cat superstar on TV 9780008355890
Webb, Holly The secret kitten and other tales 9781788951999
Woodfine, Katherine Villains in Venice 9781405293266
Woolf, Julia Duck & Penguin do not like sleepovers 9781783449170
Woollard, Elli Aesop's fables 9781509886685
Accatino, Marzia Gods, goddesses and heroes: mythology from around the world 9781838690601
Amin, Anita Naht What would it take to build a hoverboard? 9781474793490
Atherton, David My first cook book: bake, make and learn to cook 9781406397239
Baker, Kate Animal championships 9781788689281
Baker, Kate Lift-the-flap atlas 9781788689267
Biesty, Stephen Stephen Biesty's incredible body cross-sections 9780241403457
Brandreth, Gyles Daub What's black and white and red all over? 9780241427293
Butterfield, Moira The secret life of trees 9780711250017
Chapman, Amy Greta Thunberg and the climate crisis 9781445172897
Claybourne, Anna Can you hear sounds in space?: and other questions about sound 9781526312570
Claybourne, Anna Why is ice slippery?: and other questions about materials 9781526311641
Davies, Becky Cities of the world 9781788817189
Ganeri, Anita Insects and invertebrates 9781526309976
Harvey, Derek Ocean! 9780241412886
Hasson, Gill Say hi when you're shy 9781445166131
Jackson, Tom Ocean atlas: a journey across the waves and into the deep 9780711251847
Kellogg, Kathryn Zero waste kids: 30 challenges to cut down waste 9781445171111
Lacey, Jane You and your body 9781445170183
Lapierre, Yvette What would it take to build a time machine? 9781474793476
Lyon, Drew Surfing and other extreme water sports 9781474793636
MacAulay, David Mammoth science: (with a little help from some elephant shrews) 9780241381045
McCardie, Amanda Making friends: a book about first friendships 9781406387568
Nash, Eryl Killer creatures 9780702304958
O'Neal, Ciara The truth about life as a pro gamer 9781474795593
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti Say hello to baby 9781526361943
Scheffler, Axel Mother Goose's nursery rhymes 9781529031935
Smith, Elliott Freeskiing and other extreme snow sports 9781474793629
Spilsbury, Louise Talking about bullying 9781445171265
Spilsbury, Louise Talking about death 9781445170428
Stanford, Sara I am not an old sock: awesome things to make with socks! 9781783124206
Swank, Samantha Witches, wizards, creatures, and more! updated character handbook 9780702300424
Trukhan, Ekaterina Wise before five: amazing things to know before you start school 9780241415160
Ventura, Marne Building boats that float 9781474795036
Ventura, Marne Building strong bridges 9781474795067
  Space: a children's encyclopedia 9780241426364

New titles for July 2020


AuthorNew titleISBN
Abulhawa, Susan      Against the loveless world: a novel 9781526618795
Acton, Helly      The shelf 9781838770877
Adams, Ted        H.G. Wells' The island of Doctor Moreau 9781684056514
Allison, John       Giant days. Vol. 13 9781684155422
Andrews, Lyn        Angels of mercy 9781472267405
Andrews, Lyn        From this day forth 9781472267429
Andrews, Lyn        Liverpool lamplight 9781472267412
Andrews, Lyn        When tomorrow dawns 9781472256744
Andrews, V.C.       Shadows of Foxworth 9781982114459
Archer, Rosie      Victory for the Bluebird Girls 9781529405316
Arnott, Robbie     The rain heron 9781838951269
Ashby, Madeline   ReV 9780857665386
Ashley, Trisha     The garden of forgotten wishes 9781787632332
Atkins, Ace        The revelators 9781472155023
Baggot, Mandy      My Greek island summer 9781838933432
Baldacci, David      King and Maxwell 9781529019209
Beaulieu, Bradley P. When jackals storm the walls 9781473223639
Beckett, Chris      Two tribes 9781786499325
Billingham, Mark       Cry baby 9781408712412
Billingham, Mark       Rush of blood 9780751544039
Booth, Owen       The all true adventures (and rare education) of the daredevil Daniel Bones 9780008282554
Boyne, John       A traveller at the gates of wisdom 9780857526199
Broom, Isabelle   Hello, again 9781529325072
Bryant,Steve  Athena Voltaire and the terror on the Orient Express 9781632294579
Bussi, Michel     Never forget 9781474601825
Butcher, Jim        Peace talks 9780356500911
Callaghan, Helen      Night falls, still missing 9781405945851
Candlish, Louise     The day you saved my life 9780751543551
Carter, Chris      Written in blood 9781471179570
Cates, Donny      Faithless 9781846533778
Chambers, Clare      Small pleasures 9781474613880
Chiang, Ted        Exhalation 9781529014495
Chiang, Ted        Stories of your life and others 9781529039436
Clarke, Annie      Wedding bells on the home front 9781787462595
Cohen, Julie      Spirited: captured by circumstance, haunted by grief, freed by love 9781409179870
Conner, Amanda     Come back to me 9781401294687
Cooper-Burnett, Christy    No way home 9781684335022
Craig, Amanda     The golden rule 9781408711521
Crewes, Eleanor    The times I knew I was gay: a graphic memoir 9780349013213
Croft, Elle       Like mother, like daughter 9781409187233
Davis, Hank       Cosmic corsairs 9781982124786
Dawson, Delilah S. Black spire 9781787462410
Delaney, Kathleen   Dressed to kill 9780727892621
Dickey, Susannah   Tennis lessons 9780857526861
Doherty, P.C.       Hymn to murder 9781472259189
Donoghue, Emma       The pull of the stars 9781529046151
Douglas, Ian        Alien secrets 9780008288884
Duggan, Gerry      Marauders. Vol. 1 9781302919948
Durrant, Sabine     Finders, keepers 9781473681644
Ellis, Lindsay    Axiom's end 9781789095319
Ellis, T.W.       A knock at the door 9780751575934
Evaristo, Bernardine The Emperor's babe: a novel 9780241989845
Fallon, Jane       Queen Bee 9781405943345
Feist, Raymond E. Queen of storms 9780007541331
Fforde, Jasper     The constant rabbit 9781444763621
Flint, Eric       1636. The Atlantic encounter 9781982124755
Fowler, Christophe Oranges and lemons 9780857525703
Frances, Michelle   Sisters 9781509877171
Frear, Caz        Shed no tears 9781785765698
Freeman, Brian      Robert Ludlum's The Bourne evolution 9781789546491
Gannon, Emma       Olive 9780008382728
Gayle, Mike       All the lonely people 9781473687387
Gilman, David      The Englishman 9781838931391
Goss, Theodora   The sinister mystery of the mesmerizing girl 9781534427884
Granger, Ann        A matter of murder 9781472270597
Green, Hank       A beautifully foolish endeavor 9781473224230
Green, Hank       A beautifully foolish endeavor: a novel 9781473224223
Green,Abby The maid's best kept secret 9780263278262
Halliday, G.R.       Dark waters 9781787301436
Harding, Robyn      The swap 9781982141769
Haun, Jeremy     The red mother. Volume 1 9781684155668
Haynes, Natalie    A thousand ships 9781509836215
Hickman, Jonathan   Dawn of X. Vol. 6 9781302921613
Howard, Tini       Excalibur. Vol. 1 9781302919917
Innes, Kirstin    Scabby queen 9780008342296
James, P.D.       The part-time job 9780571361786
James, Peter      Find them dead 9781529004304
Jefferies, Dinah      The Tuscan contessa 9780241987315
Jennings, Amanda     The storm 9780008287061
Johnson, Les        Stellaris: people of the stars 9781982124892
Johnson, Mat        The Daily Bugle 9781302924577
Jones, Stephen Gr The only good Indians: a novel 9781789095296
Joyce, Rachel     Miss Benson's beetle 9780857521989
Justiss,Julia The enticing of Miss Standish 9780263277128
Kamal, Soniah     An isolated incident 9780749025144
Kaufman, Charlie    Antkind: a novel 9780008319533
Kelk, Lindsey    In case you missed it 9780008236892
Kellerman, Jonathan   Lost souls 9781780899077
Kemp, Laura      Under a starry sky 9781409189183
Kendrick,Sharon The sheikh's royal announcement 9780263278255
Kenyon, Sherrilyn  Born of trouble 9780349412108
Kerr, Philip     A philosophical investigation 9781529404203
Kiernan, Olivia     If looks could kill 9781529401059
King, Stephen    The Institute 9781529355413
Koomson, Dorothy    All my lies are true 9781472260406
Kratman, Tom        Days of burning, days of wrath 9781982124762
Lansdale, Joe R.     More better deals 9781473678125
Lapena, Shari      The end of her 9781787632998
Leather, Stephen    Slow burn 9781473671973
Levin, Charlotte  If I can't have you 9781529032390
Lobdell, Scott      Flash forward 9781779502230
Lovesey, Peter      The finisher 9780751580846
Lyons, Jenn       The name of all things 9781509879557
MacLean, Shona      The house of lamentations 9781787473621
Malerman, Josh       Malorie 9781409193128
Marinelli,Carol Italy's most scandalous virgin 9780263278279
Martin,Madeline How to start a scandal 9780263277159
Mason, Maggie     A Blackpool Christmas 9780751577921
McAllister, Gillian    How to disappear 9781405942423
McCall Smith, Alexander  The geometry of holding hands 9781408712795
McCarthy, Wil        The wellstone 9781982124779
McDermott, Andy       Operative 66 9781472263773
McGurl, Kathleen   The secret of the chateau 9780008380489
McNamara, Ali        Kate and Clara's curious Cornish craft shop 9780751574333
McPartlin, Anna       Below the big blue sky 9781838770785
Medawar, Tony       Bodies from the library. 3 9780008380939
Meier,Susan Hired by the unexpected billionaire 9780263278910
Miller, Rowenna    Rule 9780316478694
Miranda, Megan      Girl from Widow Hills 9781838950743
Miranda, Megan      The girl from Widow Hills 9781838951085
Mitchell, David      Utopia Avenue 9781444799422
Moggach, Lottie     Brixton Hill 9781472155405
Montefiore, Santa      Here and now 9781471169663
Moore, Stuart     The Dark Phoenix saga 9781789090642
Muir, Tamsyn     Gideon the Ninth 9781250313188
Myers, Alex       The story of silence 9780008352684
Nadel, Barbara    A time to die 9780749024611
Nix, Garth      Angel mage 9781473227736
North, Alex       The shadow friend 9781405939287
O'Flanagan, Sheila     The women who ran away 9781472254788
O'Porter, Dawn       So lucky 9780008126100
O'Reilly, Jane       Blue planet 9780349423821
Pak, Greg       Atlantis attacks 9781302924560
Pak, Greg       John Wick 9781524115142
Parris, S.J.       Execution 9780007481293
Patterson, James      1st case 9781780899381
Patterson, James      Cajun justice 9781787465404
Pembroke,Sophie Italian escape with her fake fiance 9780263278903
Philby, Charlotte  A double life 9780008365172
Philby, Charlotte  A double life 9780008365189
Porter,Jane The price of a dangerous passion 9780263278286
Posey, Jay        Every sky a grave 9780008327125
Rees, Celia      Miss Graham's Cold War cookbook 9780008347116
Reizin, P.Z.       Ask me anything 9780751566734
Riley, Lucinda    The sun sister: Electra's story 9781509840151
Riviere, Benoit     Retina 9781643377148
Roberts, Caroline   Summer at Rachel's Pudding Pantry 9780008401948
Robotham, Michael    When she was good 9780751573466
Roper, Richard    Something to live for 9781409185611
Russell, Leigh      Deadly revenge 9780857303059
Russell, Michael    The city under siege 9781472130372
Sands, Lynsay     Love is blind 9780062019752
Schwab, Victoria   The rebel army 9781787731158
Shafak, Elif       Honour 9780241989241
Shakespeare, Nicholas   The sandpit 9781787301764
Shaw, William    Grave's end 9781529401806
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Singh,Nina Spanish tycoon's convenient bride 9780263278934
Sittenfeld, Curtis     Rodham: a novel 9780857526120
Slott, Dan        The Ultron agenda 9781302920883
Smith, Eve        The waiting rooms 9781913193263
Smith, Theresa-Ma Scarlett Penrose 9781839751226
Smith, Zadie      On beauty 9780241989166
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Stone, Lisa       Taken 9780008378820
Straub, Emma       All adults here 9780718181499
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Thompson, Zac        My two Yondus 9781302921095
Toro, Guillermo  Hollow Ones 9781529125603
Townend,Carol The warrior's princess prize 9780263277135
Tremayne, Peter      The shapeshifter's lair 9781472265371
Tremblay, Paul       Survivor song 9781785657863
Truss, Lynne      Murder by milk bottle 9781526609793
Wallace,Barbara A year with the millionaire next door 9780263278927
Ward, J.R.       Where winter finds you 9780349425405
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Willingham,Michelle The Highlander and the Wallflower 9780263277104
Wood, Valerie    The long walk home 9780552176262
  Gallows Rock 9781473693395
  The definitive Morbius: the living vampire 9781846533754


Adonis, Andrew     Ernest Bevin: Labour's Churchill 9781785905988
Akeroyd, Simon      Perfect compost: a practical guide 9781911358947
Applebaum, Anne       Friends and autocrats: a reflection on the twilight of democracy 9780241419717
Barter, Guy        RHS how do worms work?: a gardener's collection of curious questions and astonishing answers 9781784726539
Behrens, Julia      Healing herbs 9780241426289
Bhogal, Ravinder   Jikoni: proudly inauthentic recipes from an immigrant kitchen 9781526601445
Biles, Mary       The CBD book: the essential guide to CBD oil 9780008403065
Black, Don        The sanest guy in the room: a memoir 9781472132932
Blauw, Sanne      The number bias: how numbers lead and mislead us 9781529342734
Bluemel, James      Once upon a time in Iraq 9781785944567
Bryson, Bill       The body: a guide for occupants 9780552779906
Calidas, Tamsin     I am an island 9780857526656
Charles, Ashley Dot Outraged 9781526605030
Cooper, Lorna      Feed your family for 20 a week 9781841884493
Crawford, Matthew B. Why we drive: on freedom, risk and taking back control 9781847925114
Crystal, David      Let's talk: how English conversation works 9780198850694
Dawson, Mick       Never leave a man behind: around the Falklands and rowing across the Pacific 9781472144027
Depalma, Anthony    The Cubans: ordinary lives in extraordinary times 9781847925152
Drew, Keith      The rough guide to Japan 9781789195637
Eclair, Jenny      Older and wider: a survivor's guide to the menopause 9781529403541
Eden, Paul E.    The official illustrated history of RAF Search and Rescue 9781472960900
Farrow, Ronan      Catch and kill: lies, spies and a conspiracy to protect predators 9780708899281
Flynn, David      The Happy Pear: essential tips and techniques for delicious plant-based cooking 9781844884872
Gessen, Masha      Surviving Autocracy 9781783786763
Glaude, Eddie S.J. Begin Again: James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own 9780525575320
Grant, Thomas     Court Number One, the Old Bailey: the trials and scandals that shocked modern Britain 9781473651630
Hamilton, Duncan     One long and beautiful summer: a short elegy for red-ball cricket 9781529408379
Hansen, James E.   Sophie's planet: a search for truth about our remarkable home planet and its future 9781632868947
Heawood, Sophie     The hungover games 9781787330511
Holloway, Richard    Stories we tell ourselves: making meaning in a meaningless universe 9781786899934
Hoyland, Graham     Merlin: the power behind the Spitfire, Mosquito and Lancaster 9780008359263
Kay, Adam       Dear NHS: 100 stories to say thank you 9781398701182
Kleeman, Jenny      Sex robots & vegan meat: adventures at the frontier of birth, food, sex & death 9781509894888
Krznaric, Roman      The good ancestor: how to think long term in a short-term world 9780753554494
Land, Stephanie  Maid: hard work, low pay, and a mother's will to survive 9781409187394
Larman, Alexander  The crown in crisis: countdown to the abdication 9781474612579
Mauceri, John       For the love of music: a conductor's guide to the art of listening 9781474618298
Maxtone Graham, Ysenda     British summer time begins: the school summer holidays 1930-1980 9781408710555
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McKeever, William    Emperors of the deep: the ocean's most mysterious, misunderstood and important guardians 9780008359164
McSwiggan, Calum      Eat, gay, love: a memoir 9781529384482
Mills, Ella       Deliciously Ella quick & easy: plant-based deliciousness 9781473639249
Mills, Sam        The fragments of my father: a memoir of madness, love and being a carer 9780008300586
Morgan, Eleanor    Hormonal: a conversation about women's bodies, mental health and why we need to be heard 9780349011400
Murray, Jenni      Fat cow, fat chance: the science and psychology of size 9780857525840
Newton, Ian        Uplands and birds 9780008298524
O'Mara, S.M.       In praise of walking 9781784707576
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Pettigrew, Nick       Anti-social 9781529124774
Sissay, Lemn       My name is why 9781786892362
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Soan, Hazel      Learn watercolour landscapes quickly 9781849945936
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Trethewey, Natasha D. Memorial drive: a daughter's memoir 9781408840016
Trump, Mary L.    Too much and never enough: how my family created the world's most dangerous man 9781471190131
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Walsh, David      The Russian affair: the true story of the couple who discovered the greatest sporting scandal 9781471158155
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Wilson, David      Signs of murder: a small town in Scotland, a miscarriage of justice and the search for the truth 9780751578744
Woollett, Lisa       Rag and bone: a family history of what we've thrown away 9781473663961
  OK boomer: 'what time is that on Netflix?' and other daily struggles 9780008409081


AuthorNew titleISBN
Bashardoust, Melissa    Girl, serpent, thorn 9781529379075
Bently, Peter      Octopus shocktopus! 9781788002677
Caldecott, Elen       The short knife 9781783449798
Campbell, Rod        Where's teddy? 9781529012019
Carey Nevin, Judy       All kinds of kindness 9781534432062
Carle, Eric       The Very Hungry Caterpillar's hide-and-seek 9780241425657
Casey, Dawn       Spin a scarf of sunshine 9781782506584
Cassidy, Cathy      Forever Phoenix 9780241447963
Chapman, Jane       Together 9781788816793
Coelho, Joseph     Luna loves art 9781783448661
Collins, Ross       What does an anteater eat? 9781788007313
Cousins, Lucy       Maisy gets a pet 9781406389746
Dahl, Roald      Shapes 9780241439999
Dahl, Roald      Words 9780241440001
Davenport, Andrew     Onions! 9780702302510
Davies, Benji      Grandma Bird 9781471186080
Donaldson, Julia      The Gruffalo touch and feel book 9781529031379
Ellis, Kat        Harrow Lake 9780241397046
Fargher, Anna       Umbrella mouse to the rescue 9781529003994
Fletcher, Tom        There's a superhero in your book 9780241357781
Forbeck, Matt       The rise of the Arch-Illager 9781780897868
Fraillon, Zana       The lost soul atlas 9781510106826
Gowar, Mick       The fox and the goose 9781445171791
Grabenstein, Chris      Super puzzletastic mysteries: short stories for young sleuths from mystery writers of America 9780062884206
Graham, Bob        Ellie's dragon 9781406387629
Gray, Kes        Daisy and the trouble with school trips 9781782959717
Gray, Kes        Daisy and the trouble with sports day 9781782959700
Gray, Kes        Oi puppies! 9781444937367
Hart, Caryl      Bears love squares 9781408891223
Hart, Caryl      Let's go swimming! 9781406361872
Hart, Caryl      When a dragon goes to school 9781788007702
Harvey, Damian     Freya the Brave 9781445171753
Heapy, Teresa     The wonder tree 9781405292887
Hegarty, Patricia   Superhero Baby! 9781788815925
Hood, Morag      Spaghetti hunters 9781509889846
Horowitz, Anthony    Point Blanc 9781406399233
Jamieson, Victoria   When stars are scattered 9780571363858
Kirtley, Sophie     The wild way home 9781526616289
Layton, Neal       The Sunday blues 9781444955620
Maas, Sarah J.   A court of thorns and roses 9781526605399
MacDonald, Alan       Totally epic! 9781788951982
Milbourne, Anna       On a pirate ship 9781474971539
Muncaster, Harriet    Mirabelle gets up to mischief 9780192776495
Munro, Fiona      We are firefighters 9781526382634
Pallant, Katrina    Thomas goes on safari 9781405296793
Patterson, James      Hawk 9781529120004
Patterson, James      The final warning 9781529120257
Patterson, James      The plunder down under 9781529119503
Percival, Tom        Meesha makes friends 9781526612960
Philip, Simon      I have to start at school today 9781471164644
Pilkey, Dav        For whom the ball rolls 9780702303678
Robinson, Michelle   Do not disturb the dragons 9781408894880
Rosoff, Meg        The great Godden 9781526618511
Smale, Holly      Far from perfect 9780008254179
Smallman, Steve      The great poo mystery 9781788816762
Stickley, Frances    The mouse's apples 9781783448630
Taplin, Sam        Poppy and Sam's noisy tractor 9781474974912
Teckentrup, Britta     Blue 9781408355961
Walliams, David      The world's worst parents 9780008305796
Webb, Holly      The saddest kitten 9781788952217
Woollvin, Bethan     I can catch a monster 9781509889808
  Baby shark: doo doo doo doo doo doo 9780702301513


Adams, Simon      Politics is... 9780241412855
Barker, Chris      Super dinosaur 9780241412862
Bridgman, Roger Fran 1000 inventions and discoveries 9780241412800
Bunting, Phil       How did I get here? 9781526362773
Burnell, Cerrie     I am not a label 9780711247444
Butterfield, Moira      A trip to the future 9781787415751
Castaldo, Nancy F.   The farm that feeds us 9780711242524
Davies, James      Meet the ... pirates 9781787417632
Durkin, Megan Ray  What would it take to make a flying car? 9781474793483
Graham, Ian        How super cool tech works 9780241426388
Heuchan, Claire     What is race? Who are racists? Why does skin colour matter? And other big questions 9781526303998
Hibbs, Emily      Hilda's Sparrow Scout badge guide 9781911171546
Jenner, Caryn      What is an election? 9780241439920
Long, David      When Darwin sailed the sea 9780711249660
Lyon, Drew       Downhill skateboarding and other extreme skateboarding 9781474793605
Manolessou, Katherina  Look for Ladybird in Ocean City 9781786037756
Martin, Steve      How many spots has a cheetah got? 9781780556932
Menzies, Jean       Greek myths 9780241397459
Omoth, Tyler      The World Cup 9781474792974
Potter, William    A tech-head guide to computers 9781526309891
Regan, Lisa       Seashore 9781526311023
Regan, Lisa       Woodland 9781526310675
Smith, Elliott    Freeriding and other extreme motocross sports 9781474793612
Smith-Llera, Danielle   You are eating plastic every day: what's in our food? 9781474788991
Williams, Marcia     The vikings: raiders, traders and adventurers! 9781406392173
Wilson, Katherine  Coronavirus: a book for children about Covid-19 9781839942518
  I can't believe it! 9780241440582