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Health and safety for large events

There are lots of health and safety issues to think about when you are organising an event. Especially if your event will be held outside or in a marquee instead of a permanent building. 

We strongly recommend that organisers of large events take advice from a health and safety professional.

As part of your overall event management plan, you will need to have a written event safety plan and policy.  You may need to provide a draft of your plan as part of an event licensing application.  You will also need to have a copy to show enforcement officers during the event.

Your event safety plan and policy needs to include:

  • Organiser details
  • Description of event
  • Public liability insurance
  • A full timetable of your event
  • Layout and facilities
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Health, safety and welfare arrangements
  • Risk assessments including risk assessments for activity providers and risk assessments for equipment providers
  • Traffic, crowd, waste and environmental management arrangements
  • Emergency procedures

If you organise a public event, you are responsible for the:

  • health, safety and welfare of the people that attend
  • employees and volunteers running the event
  • anyone else who might be affected

You will have the same responsibilities for both volunteers and employees under The Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974 and related regulations.

There’s lots of guidance on how to organise events safely.  These are some of the most common guides.  Please use the links below:

Please use the link below to access some further information regarding the health and safety for particular event activities.

Please select the relevant link from the menu to find out more about your health and safety responsibilities.