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Amusements, attractions and fairgrounds at events

Attractions are usually supplied by specialist contractors such as

  • fairground rides
  • inflatable bouncy castles
  • bungee jumping
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You will need to be satisfied that the contractors:

  • are competent
  • comply with any safety requirements for their attractions
  • have the appropriate insurance, licences and certification

You may also want to check whether the operator is a member of a relevant trade organisation.

You will need to think about these things if your event will include attractions:

  • They should not block access routes or cause congestion.
  • They need to be located away from overhead obstructions, such as power cables.
  • There should be fencing to prevent unauthorised access to any hazardous areas.
  • There will need to be space for queuing and spectators.
  • The attractions need to be safely anchored in case of high winds.

If you are going to have a fairground or individual rides at your event, you need to make sure that you follow the Health and Safety Executive’s Guidance on safe practice for fairgrounds and amusement parks: