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Event budget, sponsorship and grants

Large events can be expensive to run, so it's important to have a budget.  You may also want to consider whether sponsorship or grant funding could be used to cover some of the event costs.


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All events have costs, so you need to set a budget early on.

Some of the things you may need to budget for include:

There will be other costs specific to your event, so make sure you include all of them.

Get quotes for everything, so you have a clear idea of your costs.  You need to be able to afford the basics before you go for extras like fireworks.  Budget for some unexpected costs in case prices rise or you find you have to pay for things that weren’t on your original list.

It may be possible to get sponsorship for your event from local businesses or national companies.  Some companies may be prepared to sponsor your event in kind by providing free or discounted equipment instead of a cash donation.

If you need to seek sponsorship, allow plenty of time and provide clear information about your event, the amount or type of sponsorship you are looking for and what it will be used for.  You will also need to say what you can offer the sponsor in return.  This might be using their company logo on your advertising material, mentioning them in press releases or a stand in a prominent position at the event.

If your event takes place annually, keep copies of any press cuttings to show future sponsors.

If your event is being run by a community group, you can use our free online funding search, the Cornwall Funding Portal, to see if there are any grants you can apply for to help fund your event.  

You may be eligible for help with planning and developing your event as well as advice on submitting your funding applications.

To find out more, contact our Community Regeneration Team with details of who’s applying, what you hope to fund, where the event will take place and how much funding you need.