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Event barriers and fencing

You may need to use various barriers at your event, such as:

  • perimeter fencing
  • laned queuing and
  • A frame barriers around staging
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Perimeter fencing can be used to stop unauthorised access to the event site. Or keep people from climbing on lighting or sound towers.

A laned queuing system can help with crowd control.  It eases pressure on entrances, exits, and sales concessions.  It also breaks the crowd up into groups to minimise the effect of crowd surge.

Specialised A frame barriers are typically used at music events to stop pressure building up immediately in front of the stage.  They are positioned to provide a pit area in front of the stage. Stewards and medical crew can then remove anyone in distress and provide immediate help if needed.

You will need to make sure that any barriers you use as part of your event are properly designed and constructed.  They must also not have sharp edges or trapping points.