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Cornish Language Office

Cornwall Council leads the Cornish language programme.  It has also established the Cornish Language Office. The Cornish Language Lead is responsible for:

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  • increasing the use of Cornish in the work of the Council
  • giving advice to organisations who want to use Cornish
  • coordinating projects in the community

The Cornish Language Team

  • Mark Trevethan, Cornish Language Lead
  • Sam Rogerson, Support Officer

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Archived copies of old newsletters dating back to 2005 are available in PDF format on request.

This will be chaired by the Grand Bard as an independent chairman.  It is open to all organisations with an interest in the promotion of Cornish. There will be meetings twice yearly.

The date of the next forum meeting is Saturday 7 November 2020 -  Zoom meeting. It will take place from 10.30am until 12.30pm.

See the agendas and minutes for Language Forum meetings.

The Cornish Language Strategy sets out the broad direction for the development of the language in the next ten years.  The operational plan sets out the work of the Office for the current year.

See the current strategy and programme of the Cornish Language Office.

The status of the Cornish language has been strengthened by recognition under the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.  As well as the Framework Convention for National Minorities.

See the international agreements which give official status to Cornish.

Here is a list of our Current and previous projects. If you are planning a project, event or activity in Cornwall, please read our project advice guide.