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How can I obtain a Parking Dispensation?

A parking dispensation lets you park at a specific site where there are parking restrictions.  It lasts for up to two weeks and can only be issued for:

  • Building, maintenance or repair works where parking near the site is essential
  • Vehicles essential to filming operations
  • Special events
  • Other circumstances where we agree short term parking near the site is essential
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We won’t grant parking dispensations if they:

  • Affect disabled parking spaces, doctors’ spaces, taxi ranks, bus stops or residential bays
  • Double Yellow Lines
  • Are within a loading restricted area during the restricted times
  • Are within 50m of a signal controlled junction
  • Involve parking on a footway
  • May cause danger to pedestrians or other road users
  • Would cause traffic problems

To apply you will need to complete the parking dispensation application form and forward it to us via post or email.  

We need at least one working day’s notice to issue a parking dispensation.  If you apply after 3pm, we’ll look at your application on the next working day.

A parking dispensation costs £13.00 for the first day and £10.00 for each extra day.  We grant parking dispensations for up to two weeks.  You can ask for another parking dispensation after this, but we might not grant it.

Cheques need to be made payable to Cornwall Council

Check the signs and lines at the site. In many places you can load and unload where there are parking restrictions as long as you move your vehicle as soon as you are done.