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Season ticket options

Car parks are free from Saturday 16 of January 2021 until the end of the current full lockdown period. Valid tickets are not needed
If you require parking after this time, you can buy these tickets in advance.
V5C (vehicle log book) information - Currently there may be delays in the arrival of valid V5C certificates. We need will need these for approval of various permits. Please still submit them if you have them. We will put in place temporary measures for approval of tickets without them. 
Please note; As soon as delivery is back to normal you will be required to submit a valid V5C for your tickets to remain valid. It is your responsibility to only apply for a permit you are eligible. If the application requires a valid V5C that cannot be provided when requested, we will cancel your permit without refund.

What is a season ticket?

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Season tickets are available for many of our long stay car parks. If you regularly use the same car park(s) in one town, a season ticket can provide savings on paying the standard daily fees. The majority of our tickets are now electronic. 

Season tickets are also available in our Pay on Exit car parks, details of which can be found on our Pay on Exit FAQ page.

We have a lot of ticket options available in many towns.  See the season ticket car parks and price list for more information. 

These offer great value and convenience for those who regularly park but might not park every single day. Sessions are priced using the reduced rate of a season ticket. Each session can be used to park for 24 hours on whatever day you need them. So you don't pay for any days when you wont be parking. All you have to do is load your JustPark account with a minimum amount of £25. Each time you book a session, the daily rate for it will be taken off your account.

NB: the sessions can only be used in the valid car parks shown against the Town/Ticket Name you have purchased. (This is shown on the price list above). For example, a session purchased for Truro Group One could not be used to park in any car park in Penzance. For more information go to JustPark Multi-Use sessions 

Season tickets offer reduced rate parking for those who park regularly in one car park/town. They can be purchased in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or annual options.

Seasonal tickets are valid for 1 April  - 31 October. Tickets are priced to reflect that a number of our car parks' charges apply only in those 7 months and are free for the rest of the year.  These are available in 1 month, 3 months and season (7 months) options. Please note: these cannot be purchased online, they have to be bought through JustPark or the Permit Team 

Season and Seasonal tickets can now also be purchased to start at any time of day you wish them to start

All our tickets are electronic.  You don’t have a ticket to display in your windscreen. As soon as your ticket becomes valid it is on our system and our parking officers can check it simply by using your vehicle registration.

JustPark Multi Use tickets - JustPark Multi Use tickets can only be purchased via JustPark on the JustPark website/app.  There are simple and quick instructions for registering and purchasing tickets, as well as terms and conditions. You cannot purchase standard season/seasonal tickets through JustPark, see below how to purchase those.  

Season/Seasonal Tickets

From the 1 December you will be able to buy season and seasonal tickets online using our new system ZatPermit.

The Terms and Conditions show how the process and fees are different if you choose to buy your ticket:

  • using the ZatPermit system
  • through our Parking Permit team

Please do read them before you buy your ticket. If you have bought a ticket before we strongly advise you to read them again as there have been changes. 

Some of the important differences in the way you can buy the tickets are shown below:


Parking Permit team

Tickets can start immediately after you purchase them  Tickets can only start after we have contacted you. It can take up to 10 days

Vehicle Changes: One vehicle change per ticket purchased can be completed by you for free through your ZatPermit account and will apply instantly it is done

Vehicle changes: One vehicle change per ticket purchased can be processed by the Permit Team. Changes can take up to 5 working days to be processed so you must advise us in advance. A  £10 admin fee will be charged

ZatPermit allows you to set your own SMS (a 10p fee applies) or email reminders so you dont forget to renew your ticket 

Reminders are sent a month in advance by post only 


Buy a ticket online

To purchase Season/Seasonal tickets quickly online you can use our new ZatPermit system.  If you haven't used it before you will need to create an account before you can start to select your ticket. This is very quick and easy to do.  

Purchase your season ticket online / login

Parking Services Data Protection information 

To buy another ticket or make changes to your account you will need to login to your ZatPermit account. Simply select the link above and login.

Through your account you can: 

  • View all your ticket details
  • Make one vehicle change
  • Amend your contact information

To make a request that we contact you to process a ticket or make changes for you, use our online permit enquiry form