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Zatpark terms and conditions

Parking Permit Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions document carefully as it gives a lot of information about how you can use your ticket 

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Vehicle changes

Season/Seasonal Season/Rover tickets

You can complete the vehicle changes allowed within the Terms and Conditions in your ZatPermit account.  

  • Go to the 'Vehicle' area on the menu and from there you can add another vehicle registration
  • Then go to 'My Bookings' and select the permit you wish to change the vehicle for
  • In the 'Action' area you will see 'Change Vehicle' if vehicle changes, have been allowed on that permit

If you have already completed a vehicle change you will not be able to complete any more. 

Disabled Parking Exemption Scheme

Vehicle changes for these have to be approved and so must be completed by the Parking Permit team. Please read the Terms and Conditions for further details.