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Disabled Parking - Non UK Blue Badges

If you want to use a disabled parking badge issued outside of the European Union when you visit Cornwall, you need to contact us before your visit. This will help ensure you don't receive a penalty charge notice.

Can I use a European Union disabled parking badge in Cornwall?

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We accept European Union disabled parking badges.  You don’t have to make any special arrangements to use them in Cornwall.

If you want to use a disabled parking badge from a country outside the European Union, we need some information from you before you arrive in Cornwall.  This will help ensure you don’t receive a penalty charge notice.

Please email at least a week before your visit:

  • A copy of the disabled parking badge you will be using
  • Your vehicle registration number (we understand you might not be able to tell us this if you’re hiring a car)
  • Dates of your stay in Cornwall
  • A general idea of where you’ll be in Cornwall (for example, Padstow or Truro) – you don’t have to provide exact locations or a daily travel plan

When you visit Cornwall, you’ll have the same rights and responsibilities as people with UK disabled parking badges. You can find out more about these in the blue badge scheme rights and responsibilities leaflet. You also need to follow the disabled parking rules for parking on street and in Council car parks.

In the UK there are times when you have to display a clock card with your disabled parking badge to show when you started parking.  If you don’t have a clock card, you should write your arrival time on a piece of paper and display that with your badge instead.  If you don’t, you may receive a penalty charge notice.