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What do I do if I get a parking fine?

If you find a Council penalty charge notice on your vehicle, you need to either pay it promptly or challenge it if you think you shouldn’t have to pay.

Please don’t be tempted to ignore it.  We will take further action if it’s not paid.

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Our civil parking enforcement procedures explain when our staff issue penalty charge notices, how appeals are handled and more.

The registered keeper of the vehicle is responsible for paying the penalty charge notice, even if they weren’t the driver when it was issued.

The cost of a penalty charge notice goes up the longer you delay paying it: 

  • If you pay within 14 days, penalty charge is reduced by 50%. 
  • If you pay after 14 days but within 28 days, you pay the full amount. 
  • If you don’t pay within 28 days, we’ll send the registered keeper of the vehicle a notice to owner form.  If they don’t pay within 28 days of getting the form, we’ll increase the penalty charge by 50%.

If you want to appeal a penalty charge notice, you shouldn’t pay your penalty charge notice.  Challenges can’t be accepted if you’ve already paid.

If you make your challenge within 14 days of the date on the penalty charge notice, you will normally have another chance to pay at the 50% reduced rate if your challenge is rejected. 

Submit a Penalty Charge Notice Appeal

We can discuss the penalty charge notice with the driver of the vehicle until the notice to owner has been issued.  After that we can only discuss the penalty charge notice with the registered keeper of the vehicle.