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How does Cornwall Council support the Transport Network?

Local Transport Authority Covid Bus Service Support Grant (LTA CBSSG)

Because of Covid-19, the use of Public Transport has declined. The Government have asked Cornwall Council to continue to pay the
bus operators to help support them. The Department for Transport has awarded Cornwall Council some funding to help meet the payments, we were awarded £528,275 which has been paid to the operators. This money is to cover the period between 17 March 2020 to 8 June 2020.

To help get passengers back onto our supported bus services, the Department for Transport has given Cornwall Council some extra money. We were given £518,000 which was given to operators to help them run more services as we come out of lockdown. This money covers the period between 9 June 2020 to 3 August 2020.

Cornwall Council also supports the network by:

  • Subsidising some parts of our bus network. In some areas services are not operated on a commercial basis and so are not satisfied by the free market. Cornwall Council tenders services to these areas. These are commonly known as ‘subsidised services’. In rural areas there is likely to be low passenger numbers. It's here that these services are critical to the overall public transport network. These services help to reduce social isolation. They also increase the use of public transport within the County. Around £6m is spent by Cornwall Council on Supported Bus Services.  This is part financed by devolved funding from the Department for Transport (since 1 January 2014). This replaced the ‘Bus Service Operators Grant’ for tendered services. Up until this time, this had been paid directly to the bus operators. It has been used to maintain service levels on routes across the county.  
  • Supporting Community Transport services where they plug the gaps in conventional transport provision.
  • Actively working on local Transport issues. Working with local Town or Parish Councils or at Community Network Meetings.
  • Enabling Town or Parish Councils to install bus stop infrastructure.
  • Encouraging Active Travel and Sustainable Travel.
  • Providing information about services and answering queries regarding rural passenger transport.

Cornwall Council currently spend around £5.2m per annum on English National Concessionary Fare reimbursement. We also spend £17m per annum on School and Social Services Transport provision.