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PlusBus and Ride Cornwall Tickets

If you are travelling on both buses and trains to complete your journey it may be more cost effective to use one of the following products, each with their own benefits:

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This is an add-on ticket to a rail ticket that gives unlimited travel on most buses (and tram travel) at either or both ends of the UK rail journey. There are no peak period restrictions so you  These are purchased in advance and prices start from £2. Season tickets to match your rail season validity are available of various lengths of time. However you can get further discounts on this price if you fit into one of the following categories:

Half Adult Day Ticket Price

  • Under 16 years old (half adult day ticket price)

Third off normal day ticket price (Railcard peak-time purchase restrictions apply)

PlusBus tickets are also accepted on the Park for Truro Park and Ride service that operates via Truro Railway station. View more information about PLUSBUS tickets including where PlusBus tickets are not available.

Cornwall PlusBus Train Stations

The following area maps show where your PlusBus ticket can be used when purchased for journeys either from or to these Cornwall (and Plymouth) railway stations.

These tickets are valid on the day of purchase on:

  • First Great Western trains
  • Cross Country trains
  • First Kernow bus service
  • Plymouth Citybus (Go Cornwall) bus service

Tickets may be used in Cornwall and into Plymouth, after 9am (Monday to Friday) and at any time at the weekend or on Bank Holidays.

You can purchase these from railway booking offices, train managers, train conductors or bus drivers. This is a commercial product offered by these companies.

Adult £18.00
Child £9.00
Family (up to 2 Adults and 3 Children) £36.00