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Adoption of Private Streets

If you live on a private road and would like the Council to take over responsibility for maintaining it, you may be able to apply to get your road adopted.

When considering roads for adoption we will look at whether the road meets the criteria set in our adoption policy. This requires the road to provide either;

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  • Sufficient benefit to the wider public by the provision of a through access, or
  • Future potential for the highway to be used as a through route for the public to access any subsequent adjacent development.

If the road does not meet either of these criteria then we are unlikely to consider the adoption of the road.

In addition to the adoption criteria we will also consider the following;

  • The layout of the street, including the provision of footpaths and turning areas
  • The width of the road, bends, slopes, visibility and junctions
  • How the road has been built and to what standards
  • Whether adequate surface water drainage systems are in place
  • The needs of service companies. For example, there may be pipes or cables that have to be moved or laid
  • Whether street lighting is needed
  • The needs of disabled people
  • Any changes required to property boundaries and driveways, for example to accommodate visibility splays, footpaths.

If the road does not meet the required standards then the residents will need to arrange for the road to be brought up to an adoptable standard prior to us adopting it.  You will also be responsible for bearing the full cost of the construction works including the costs of the council for approving and inspecting the works. 

If you believe that your road may be eligible for adoption then we would advise that you get the agreement of your neighbours prior to making an application to the Council.  You should then write to us at the address shown on this page enclosing a plan of the area that you wish to put forward for adoption for our consideration. We will then confirm to you whether the road is eligible for adoption.

Once the Council has confirmed that they are willing to adopt the road you will need to arrange for a competent engineer to draw up the necessary plans for approval.  You will also be required to consult with the utility companies who may require additional works to be undertaken to protect or relocate their pipes and cables within the road.  Plans should be submitted to us and approved prior to any construction work being carried out on site.

For further information on the adoptions process please contact