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Fences and barriers

Fences forming a boundary with property adjacent to the highway will generally be the responsibility of the landowner.

Fences and barriers within the highway may take many forms:

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  • Pedestrian guardrails or ‘railings’ may be used to encourage pedestrians to cross the road at a particular point of safety, for example at a zebra or puffin crossing.  They may also be used to guard against falls.
  • Safety fencing, otherwise known as vehicle restraint systems are often used, particularly on higher speed roads, to help prevent errant vehicles from colliding with roadside obstructions such as large sign posts, bridge piers, walls etc.  They can also be used to protect vehicles from large drops or watercourses.
  • Staggered barriers are short lengths of pedestrian guardrail, often erected at the end of paths/cycleways to form a ‘chicane’ that helps to prevent pedestrians or cyclists coming straight out into a busy road.  They can also be used to prevent access onto paths by motorcycles and cars.
  • Temporary fencing or barriers will often be used to protect the public from exposed work areas or temporary hazards.

If you wish to report a damaged fence or barrier, please follow this link:

Report a damaged fence or barrier online

To report a fence or barrier in a dangerous condition, causing an immediate safety hazard, please telephone 0300 1234 222 (24 hour service) giving details of the location.