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Gritting and Winter Maintenance

We are responsible for over 7,250 kilometres (4,530 miles) of road. From major principal roads to narrow country lanes. Highways England manage the trunk roads A38 and the A30 east of Penzance.

Winter service is an important part of our maintenance work. We spend approximately £1.5m each year on roads affected by winter weather.

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This involves salting (known as “gritting”) major roads when we know there is a risk of ice. We also clear snow and react to floods and fallen trees.

We will, within our available resources, aim to keep roads as safe as possible and keep delays to a minimum.

We aim to help road users travel safely during bad winter weather. 

Some of the things we do include:

  • Salting the busiest roads when freezing conditions are forecast
  • Clearing the major routes of snow
  • Providing travel advice
  • Directing most effort to the worst affected areas using quality weather data
  • Reacting to flooding and other emergencies

You can view the areas we will salt over the next 24 hours by following  @CornwallCouncil or by using our online mapping system.

The Winter Service Plan sets out our Winter Service Policy. It defines our operational procedures. It also maps the roads that we salt when freezing weather is forecast. The Winter Service Plan is divided into multiple documents. You can view these by following the links below.

The Winter Service Policy is signed off by Cabinet. You can see the results of their decsision within our Councillors and Democracy web pages.