Find out about future planned maintenance to our roads in Cornwall using the map below. You can Download Guide for using the map.

For more information on upcoming maintenance in your area which has been scheduled for completion by Cormac please visit the Cormac website.

We budget approximately £40 million per year for ongoing road maintenance. We are responsible for over 7,250 kilometres of roads.

Approximately £30 million per year covers:

  • Planned repairs to the road surface
  • Renewing lines
  • Drainage issues
  • Improvements to road safety

The rest of the budget is for maintenance including:

  • Emptying gullies
  • Grass cutting
  • Salting the network in winter
  • Other vital maintenance tasks

We apply for extra funding from the Department of Transport.

Over recent years we have bid for funds to deliver road improvement schemes across Cornwall.

The limited resource allocated to maintain our roads is carefully distributed following the guidance described in the Highway Maintenance Manual.