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Road markings and signage

Road markings and signage convey important information and requirements to road users regarding road characteristics and/or conditions that may affect them on their journey.

Where road signs or posts are damaged, leaning or missing they may present a road safety concern. Similarly, badly worn road markings may fail to convey important information to the road user.

Please use the link below to report a defective or missing sign or road marking:

Report a defective or missing road sign

Both road markings and signage when used appropriately make a vital contribution to safety and traffic management. However, a balance often has to be made between the provision of essential signing and that which could be considered to be adding to ‘clutter’ in an environmentally sensitive area.

Too much, or unnecessary, signing could also create confusion or result in road users missing essential information.

Road markings and traffic signs are prescribed by ‘The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016’.