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A39 Falmouth Gateway - Treluswell Roundabout


The Treluswell roundabout is the meeting point for roads from Penryn, Falmouth, Truro and Redruth. It struggled to cope in its previous capacity as Falmouth docks and the university expand. By changing the double mini roundabout layout into one larger one, more investment in employment and jobs can be made in Falmouth and Penryn.

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The A39 Falmouth Gateway - Treluswell Roundabout scheme was part of the first round of Growth Deal funding announced in July 2014. 

The package was made up of two elements; 

  • Treluswell development from two roundabouts to one
  • Penvale Villas access improvements

The total budget for the works was £2.9m and was funded by:

  • Department for Transport (DFT) Pinchpoint funding
  • Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) Growth Deal
  • Section 106 funding.

Construction was completed in January 2018.

The original entrance to Penvale Villas was poorly located and entry or exit had been hazardous for both residents and passing drivers. The quality of life for the residents at Penvale Villas had been dramatically restricted for residents by both the A39 and the lack of access to their homes. The Royal Mail had ceased deliveries on safety grounds and residents were unable to park near their homes. The first part of the programme built an access road to ensure safer access to the road network for residents, removing a hazard for passing motorists and to grant access for important services.