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How is the scheme being funded?

Almost £3m of the scheme is being provided by outside funding including section 106, DFT Pinchpoint, SEP Growth Deal and LTP safety schemes

What are the long term benefits?

Treluswell junction is at a key location where roads from Falmouth, Penryn, Helston, Truro and Redruth meet and provides a principal point of access into Falmouth Combined University of Cornwall (CUC) and the docks. The double roundabout junction is becoming increasingly congested, this will act as a constraint to the economic development of the towns that it connects. Single roundabouts are more easily negotiated by motorists and so more efficient, especially when traffic volumes are high as is the case here. Hence, the improvement will remove one of the constraints to economic development in the area.

Why has the work on Penvale Villas being carried out first?

Currently the residents of Penvale Villas have little access to their own homes and have been cut off from services such as postal deliveries due to the dangerous location of the properties. Once the works on the villas are completed residents will see a significant increase in their quality of life. The access also presents a hazard to passing motorists who have little notice of vehicles using the entrance. The works have been carried out in advance of those on the Treluswell roundabout to compliment safety works towards Truro and to take advantage of programmed maintenance closures that allowed the original entrance to be closed safely

What other benefits will the new roundabout layout bring?

The roundabout will make a notoriously dangerous road safer as well building on the success of other schemes such as the maritime branch line improvements (which has seen a subsequent increase in use), Kernick roundabout and Union Corner as well as enhancing current walking and cycling routeways