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Carluddon A391 road improvement and technology park

The Carluddon A391 road improvement and technology park was a proposal to build a new section of the A391 road at Carluddon, and create a new Technology Park next to it. The technology park included constructing the first employment building, and creation of a masterplan to guide development for the remaining employment land.

Construction on the road improvement commenced in March 2014 and the road was opened in early 2016.  The improvements consisted of a 1.6km section of new road, a new roundabout, alterations to the Scredda roundabout, two new bridges to provide safe walking and cycling links across the A391 to the Clay Trails, and improvements to the bus infrastructure. 

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The pre-planning consultation period for the A391 road improvement and technology park proposals ended with the following initial results:-


% in support

Do you support the proposed Carluddon A391 road improvement proposals?


There are a number of proposed new bridleways, paths and bus stops.  Do you support those proposals?


Landscaping, planting and hedges will be important to the overall look of the proposed scheme.  Do you support the proposals?


We are hoping to provide a cycle bridge to cross the southern end of the A391 Carluddon road.  Please select which colour you think the exterior of the bridge should be.

39.5% Dark Green (majority)

Do you support the principle of land being made available for a technology park?


The technology park is designed to provide high quality employment workspace, new businesses and jobs to the area.  Do you support this?


Do you think the design of the employment building is appropriate for the local area?