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Launceston pedestrian bridges

Building safer routes for people to walk and cycle

We have submitted planning applications to build two bridges in Launceston:

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  • St Thomas' bridge. New footbridge upstream of St Thomas' bridge. The Planning application number is PA20/08088.
  • Ridgegrove path and parkland. New shared use foot and cycle bridge. This will connect Ridgegrove with Newport Industrial Estate. The planning application number is PA20/08077.

You can find more details about the schemes by following the links in the text above. These also include some plans.

You can also view the full planning applications on our online planning register. Please enter the planning application numbers to find them.

These schemes will fulfil the long-held ambitions of Launceston Town Council and Cornwall Council to:

  • improve pedestrian safety and connectivity
  • improve air quality
  • ease the traffic congestion

The schemes are funded by the Local Transport Plan and the Economic Growth Fund.  Extra funding has been secured to create a new public open space along the Ridgegrove path.

If planning approval is given, construction will begin in late 2020. We aim to complete the schemes by summer 2021.