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Complementary Measures

Complementary traffic management measures in the surrounding villages and roads will be built to mitigate some of the effects of traffic transferring to the new road.

The Complementary Measures Comprise of four distinct parts:

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  • Additional Traffic calming on the B3274 through Ruddlemoor, Trethowel and Carthew (the White River Valley);
  • Traffic calming and ‘placemaking’ in Bugle and Roche;
  • Trekenning Junction Improvements.  Realignment of B3247 and approach to T-junction to improve visibility;
  • Increasing the height clearance at the rail bridge on the A390 Holmbush Road.

The project team has engaged with representatives from the communities along the B3274 in White River Valley. The residents have expressed their concerns and preferences for a variety of treatments. Measures are being developed about these over the coming months. We aim to have these measures agreed and implemented in a short timescale.

We have also met residents from Bugle and Roche. Feedback has given some idea of preferences from the two groups. The more complex situations within the Proposed Development in these two villages will take more time.  The processes to get strategies implemented have been set out to the representatives and we will meet with representatives of Roche and Bugle again in the New Year. 

The reasons for the measures, and the practicalities around their implementation, mean that they will be built around 2022. Several early wins are likely to be achieved before the road opens, however the bulk of the works will need the quieter traffic conditions that will come with the new link road.

Improvements at Trekenning Junction on the road between Roche and St Columb Major have also been identified and are at their initial stages. These works will realign the junction, widen the road in some places and improve drainage along this route. This will improve the connection with the new link road. Allowing for surveys, scheme development and planning requirements, means that it will be completed early in 2022.

Increasing the currently low height clearance to meet modern standards will provide a route for the tallest of heavy goods vehicles so they can avoid St Austell’s residential streets.  Surveys of the bridge’s foundations and the ground beneath them took place in November 2019. The findings of the investigations were positive and therefore design is to be progressed in the coming months. An Expression of Interest has been submitted for Local Pinch Point Funds to allow for the construction of the scheme, and we are currently awaiting feedback for this submission.

View the Local Pinch Point Fund Expression of Interest form