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National Wildflower Centre

The National Wildflower Centre at Eden has been appointed by Cornwall Council to create a planting scheme for the new A30 to St Austell link road. The National Wildflower Centre has specified six different wildflower mixes to plant along the whole corridor. This will also include a significant quantity of heather seeding. The wildflower species are chosen to reflect the local flora of Cornwall. This will also be a great benefit to pollinators.

The National Wildflower Centre plans to source seeds from wild populations growing in Cornwall. This involves liaising with local landowners to grow enough seed for the landscaping works. This will follow the construction phase in 2-3 years’ time. This summer, Eden have been working with volunteers to collect the Red Campion and Foxglove that are needed in large quantities. They will also collect some of the species which are more problematic to grow, such as Bird’s Foot Trefoil. Eden have also combine-harvested a significant quantity of cornfield annual seed from the wildflower fields at the Eden Project. These amazing landscapes attracted national press attention this year. They hope to provide a taste of what is to come with the new road planting.

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The seed collected this year is now in store, ready to be sown into fields in the Eden Project’s outer estate in spring 2020. During 2020 they will be working with volunteers and local botanists to collect the rest of the starter seed needed from wild populations and getting the seeds in the ground for a big harvest in 2021. The final result of all this effort will be a net gain for biodiversity for the whole project, a feat unheard of for a road construction project. Cornwall Council is proud to be leading the way in this with Eden and we cannot wait to see the results.