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April 2019 update

Planning permission approved

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We have been working on the planning application for the scheme for some time now and the very detailed application was submitted to Cornwall Council in mid-December 2018.  Since the submission there has been a lot of work and consultations undertaken to allow the scheme to be heard at the Strategic Planning meeting on 4 April 2019 at County Hall in Truro.

After initial presentations and speakers who supported the scheme, the planning committee debated the scheme at length before unanimously approving the application.

This is a significant milestone in the development of the scheme and allows the project team to move forward with all the other vital elements of the project with certainty.

View details of the application and committee meeting.

Contract procurement begins

Following the Contractor open day at Employment Space for Advanced Manufacture (ESAM) that we held in January, work has continued to put together the detailed documents required to allow us to advertise the contract for the scheme.  The advert to contractors was published at the beginning of April and there has already been interest shown from contractors wishing to tender for the detailed design and construction.

A further open day and questions from contractors will be held and we will be looking to appoint the winning company in the summer of 2019.   

Workshops to design the future 

Improvement to the roads and public spaces in the surrounding villages has always been a part of this project and we have been keen to progress how this will look with the support of local people.

In March we held our first workshops with residents of Roche, Bugle and Bodmin Road where together we looked at the issues facing the communities both now and when the new link road is built.  After looking at the issues we started to look at solutions together.  This is the start of a vital part of the scheme and we will continue to work with the communities with the support of The Eden Project to design solutions that will make a real difference in the future.

The planning application (PA18/11986) and associated documents can now be viewed on the Planning Portal.

Please see our Previous news page for more background information.

Cornwall Council Cabinet Approvals

As part of any large project delivered by local government, there is a need for certain procedures to be approved by the elected representatives of the Council.  The Cabinet of Cornwall Council have previously approved the preferred route and submission of the outline business case to Government and now there is a requirement for further approvals as part of the scheme preparation.

At the February meeting of the Cabinet, a paper was considered which will allow the final approvals for the scheme to be given. The papers are available to view via the link below:

Open Day

The Contractor open day at ESAM was well attended with over 27 companies represented at the event.  It allowed us to give Contractors an introduction to the project and the challenges that they will face and update them on the timetable for the design and build procurement.  It also gave people the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. 

We are now preparing the Contract Documents ready for reviews prior to issue, which is currently planned in early March 2019.

Since the public exhibitions which we held in October, we have been working to finalise the outline design of the scheme to allow the planning application to be completed.  In addition to the design itself, we have been conducting the last surveys we need to do as part for the Environmental Impact Assessment which is a mandatory part of a planning submission for this scheme.  

The planning application was submitted to the Cornwall Council Planning Department in December and is now going through initial checks to ensure all parts of the very large document have been submitted.  Once this is complete, the planning documents will be available for public viewing though the planning website or by visiting the Council offices at Bodmin; we will put a link to the planning website on this page as soon as it is available.

As well as working on the planning documents, we have also been pushing forward with other important aspects of the project.  Although construction is expected to start in Spring 2020, we are now starting the process of selecting a contractor who will finalise the detailed design and then construct the scheme.  It is important that we select the contractor based on fair competition and ensure that we are getting the correct quality at a fair price.  We will be holding an open day in January for contractors to learn about the scheme, which will be the start of the competitive process.

We are looking forward to working on the final elements of the design and planning in 2019 so we can keep to the commitment to start building the new road in 2020. 

During the first week of October, we held a number of public events which showed the latest plans for the new road and gave information about the planning application which will be submitted in December.

We met over 800 people over the week and received over 100 comments which we will be reviewing over the coming month.  Those people who attended the exhibition in Roche, Bugle, Carthew and Carluddon not only saw the plans for the new road but saw a computer generated flythrough of the scheme and were able to use virtual reality headsets to see what the road would look like from different locations.

We also met people at the St Austell Whitegold Festival on 29th September where we invited young people to design roundabout sculptures.

During the public events we also had a lot of discussions about the work we will need to do on the existing roads and through villages to help reduce speeds and encourage use of the new road, this feedback will be essential to developing the proposals over the coming months.

We are now finalising all the elements necessary for the planning application while working on other important aspects such as starting the process of selecting a company to build the new road. 

In October 2018 we held a number of public exhibitions, please click the link below to see the exhibition displays, plans of the scheme and the booklet which accompanied the exhibitions. 

The link to the exhibition material is found here.


Over the winter and spring we've been carrying out mapping of the land. We have investigated to understand ground conditions and the type of soil and rock we may encounter.  We have also been working with our environment experts and The Eden Project. We have been looking at what wildlife and plant life currently exists on the line of the route. This will determine how we can best protect and improve the environment. 

We have continued to improve the design. This is to ensure that we have enough detail to allow us to look at the land we need to purchase. It will help us understand where we may need to create new footpaths and bridleways.

We are now working closely with community representatives and our designers. This is to develop a scheme which we can submit to planning in mid December 2018.

Announced that the Council had secured £79m of Government funding towards the cost of a new proposed road link between St Austell and the A30.

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet approved the preferred Roche Option route. This was selected on cost, deliverability, impact on the environment and lowest engineering risk

Around 1,200 people attended four public events. 800 people gave their views at events held in Bugle, Roche and St Austell. These were held to invite people to feedback on two potential route options. One near Roche and one near Bugle