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June 2019

The main construction works to deliver the hub has finished and both car parks are open. There is a bus shuttle service from the southern car park to the station for less abled passengers who wish to avoid crossing over the railway lines using the existing stepped bridge. St Erth is now the focus for park and ride to St Ives as well as mainline destinations. A number of bus and coach services are now serving the hub with a stopping facility directly adjacent to the station building.

Whilst the car park at Lelant Saltings remains open the train service has been reduced to a single stop per day. However it is possible to park at Lelant Saltings and take a short walk to Lelant Village station. For further information on train or bus services please visit the Traveline SW website


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February 2019

Much of the road works were completed in the month, with Wills Bros Civil Engineering managing to minimise the daytime works on the A30.  There will still be some activity on the roads but at a lower level of intensity. Due to specialist equipment being unobtainable and alternative supplies being impossible to obtain immediately, the commissioning of the traffic signals cannot take place for a few weeks. 

The permanent entrance and exit from the north car park is in operation and works there will be completed in the coming weeks. This includes installation of the electric car charging points, capable of giving an 85% charge in 20 minutes. 

Work is going well on the forecourt area with the cycle shelter installed and the bus shelter installation started. Currently work is in the entry way to the station platforms and the station building. Because of these works the entry to the station for rail users is currently next to the east end station building.

In the south car park construction of the pedestrian ramp and stairs is underway.  The foundations are complete and the gabion baskets that form the structure are being prepared.

January 2019

This month has seen work on most aspects of the south car park. In particular drainage attenuation crates (see below) have been placed to control the flow of water into the Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) pond


 January saw a concentration on completing the north car park and the new road that will be the permanent access to it. A wide range of works such as drainage, kerbing, paving, earthworks and the road’s substructure have been done in a quite small area. When those works are finished, the temporary entrance to the car park will be closed, and the remaining kerbing, surfacing and signing works on the road junction can commence. That will then allow the signals to be commissioned in early March.

December 2018

There was a concentrated effort to complete as much of the tank works as possible before the Christmas break. Backfilling around the structure was completed before the shutdown, manholes installed and a first layer of protection laid on top of it (see photo below).  Further basecourse surfacing and car parking plots were laid in the south car park.

There were no traffic or safety incidents reported during the Christmas and New Year site closure.

November 2018

November has seen a lot of work done on the drainage system for the north car park and adjoining area. The tank to manage the outflow of water has almost been completed. Despite the inclement weather, sheet piles have been installed (see below, top left photo), the ground excavated and a reinforced concrete base laid (right), and almost all of the pre-cast tank units installed (bottom left). The final few units will be installed in early December. 

There has also been continued work on other areas around the north car park, the south car park and to entrances and footways along the A30.

A30 Completion delayed - Following extensive challenge and discussion it has been agreed between Cornwall Council, Highways England and Wills Brothers that it would not be safe to commission the new A30 signals until the permanent car park entrance has been constructed.  This has the impact of postponing the completion of A30 works until 3 March 2019. The Council instructed changes to the drainage (including the large tank) which will be beneath the access road leading to the level crossing and north car park entrance. The current temporary car park entrance would exit within the signalised junction area, adjacent the station access, and is not considered to be safe to operate in that situation as it could cause traffic to queue back onto the A30.

All site works are expected to be completed in the first week of April 2019 with the south car park opening, after safety audit and handover to GWR, to operate from mid May 2019 to coincide with the new two trains per hour main line train service and the completed St Ives Bay platform works. 



October 2018

Works on private driveways on the A30, and a range of kerbing, drainage and surfacing works on the highway are progressing; temporary lighting has been installed at the junction. In the north car park area station parking has been switched to the new north car park via a temporary access, not all spaces are in use yet; clearance of the old car park has commenced and excavation has started for the drainage tank. In the south car park the south west boundary Cornish hedge is built and other boundary works continue; kerbing, drainage and surfacing works are on-going; most lighting columns are installed.

Aerial view late October

September 2018

Work efforts have been concentrated on the A30 south car park. On the A30 works sectional phases have seen the kerbing substantially completed, ducting made ready for the traffic signals and much of the first phase of surfacing completed. The south car park has seen extensive work in our existing and first phase of surfacing over a large area of the site. Work on building the boundary alongside the road has started.

August 2018

Several phases have been worked on in parallel on the A30. The boundary fence between the A30 and north car park is in place. Pre-cast units for the attenuation of drainage have been cast off-site and will be delivered as the excavations are ready. Works on kerbing drainage and surfacing continue on the south car park.

July 2018

A30 works  are ongoing with drainage works and changes to kerblines. The Treloweth Lane drainage works are substantially complete. The north cark is close to handover and the swapping of car parking from the old spaces into the new car park. In the south car park the working hours have been extended and the car parking bays are under construction as the various other works move into other areas of the site.

June 2018

Work continues on all fronts. On the A30: utilities have completed their diversions; kerbing and surfacing works are being carried out mostly at night – the right turn ban from the eastbound A30 is even more important with the construction of the splitter island; the left turn filter lane is complete.  Upgrading the highway drainage along Treloweth Lane continues at night; overgrowth has been removed from much of the footway, meaning its original width is now restored next to the drainage works. Work of the north car park is well advanced with kerbs laid and the first layer of tarmac in place. Facing layers are being added to the retaining walls. Access to the site offices in now through the north car park.  In the south car park there are more drains being laid and the “Sustainable Drainage System” (SuDS) pond is being built, this will control the flow of water away from the completed car park. Kerbs are being laid and the first of the tarmac is down. The adit is being over filled to ensure the soils are compacted before it is built over.

May 2018

Water pipes and telecoms ducts are being diverted on the A30. Improving the drains is continues. Treloweth Lane drainage upgrade is underway. In the north car park the earthworks are mostly complete and drains and telecoms/ electricity ducts are being laid. Retaining walls are being built. In the south car park the poor soils are being removed with the final lengths of the adit being filled.

April 2018

Electrical and water diversions are underway on the A30, and drainage upgrade works continue. Upgrades to the drainage on Treloweth Lane has started with work being done at night. A taxi service has been made available to help people who need to walk through the site. The filling of the adit continues in the south car park, and plugging the old mine shafts is underway. Soil which may have Japanese knotweed in it is being treated, wrapped and buried at depth in the adit. In the north car park earthworks are very nearly complete and preparations are being made to build the remaining retaining walls.

March 2018

Poor weather has caused some difficulties, that said there has been progress.  Gas main diversion on the A30 has taken place and diversions of SWW pipelines have started.  Investigations have been made to allow the upgrade of the drainage pipes in Treloweth Lane, this will improve the drainage for this road, the A30 and the north car park. Earthworks on the south car park continue and the filling of the adit proceeds; the drainage there is partly laid. The earthworks are well underway in the north car park and a sewer through it has been diverted. 

February 2018

Traffic Management has been re-established on the A30 and utilities diversions are ongoing along and across the road. Earthworks progress on the north car park and utility diversions continue. Backfilling of the adit in the south car park has started and drainage works are progressing well around it.

January 2018

There is no traffic management on the A30 following the Christmas close-down. Back filing of the trench that contained contaminated material is mostly complete. Laying of drainage pipes in the south car park has commenced and the second phase of mine adit excavation is complete.

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