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Licence to work within Highway limits

A licence is required to work within the highway when not carrying out any excavation works.

Licences to work within Highway limits can be issued for the following works:

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  • Deposit of materials
  • Deposit of site facilities
  • Deposit of equipment
  • Works as part of a 278 agreement
  • Scissor lift
  • Cherry picker
  • Tree works
  • Traffic management (Stop & go boards, Traffic lights and Road closures)

N.B. This list is not definitive, if you are going to be working on the Highway you will probably need a licence to do so. If you are unsure and would like some guidance please contact the Street works office on 0300 1234 222 to check. 

A licence to work within Highway limits application form needs to be submitted to the street works department along with a copy of the contractors public liability insurance which must have a minimum cover of £5m.  

You can include payment for the licence with the application in the form of a cheque made payable to Cornwall Council or a card payment can be made once the licence has been approved.

If you are going to need a road closure to complete your works, an additional application form will be required.  Traffic management must be set up and controlled by suitably qualified personnel. It may be neccessary to contact a registered traffic management company to do this on your behalf.

Please click on the following links to obtain the relevant application form:

A licence to work within highway limits takes a minimum of 4 weeks notice to process, this will rise to 3 months notice if you require a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order such as a road closure.

A licence to work within highway limits costs £83 for each calendar month period.  

Please note that our licence fees are subject to review every April and licences submitted after April 1st will be subject to any new fees.

Once you have a completed application form, you can submit the application by 

Email to: 

Post to:

Western Group Centre
Radnor Road
TR16 5EH