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Section 50 Applications - New Roads and Street Works Act 1991

If you wish to place or carry out repairs to existing apparatus in the highway, and you are not a statutory undertaker, then you need to hold a current licence. Cornwall Council issues licences under Section 50 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA)

Your contractor: who should you choose?

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A competent contractor will be able to assist you to complete the forms. You will need to ensure that they have the relevant experience and knowledge of the NRSWA. It is your legal responsibility to ensure that all persons working on the Highway on your works do have the appropriate accreditation.

Your Accredited Contractor must be covered by Public Liability Insurance which must have a minimum of £5 million cover and will need to have Street works Qualifications for both a Supervisor and Operative. These must be different people you cannot have the same person supervising and carrying out the works.

Contractors without street works accreditation or public liability insurance will not be allowed to work on the Highway.

The guarantee period will begin from the date the Street Authority is notified of the permanent reinstatement, this is the R1 form. This will last for 2 years for excavations up to 1.5m deep and 3 years for deeper ones.

As the licence is such an important document it is strongly recommended that it be kept with the title deeds to your property. This will ensure that your conveyancing solicitor passes your liability on to any new owner.

Please click on the appropriate link below to obtain a blank copy of our Section 50 application form and also a list of our accredited contractors.  The accredited contractors list is not a recommendation from Cornwall Council but merely a list of companies that we know hold the relevant qualifications and insurance. 

Please complete all sections fully and request that your accredited contractor completes their section.  Your contractor cannot sign on your behalf nor can you sign on behalf of your contractor.

A section 50 licence takes a minimum of 4 weeks notice to process, this will rise to 3 months notice if you require a Temporary Traffic Restriction Order such as a road closure or if the works are longer than 10 days in duration.

Where to send your complete form

Once you have a completed application form, you can either send a copy by

Email to:

Post to:

Western Group Centre
Radnor Road

The cost of a section 50 licence

  • For installation of new apparatus - £427
  • For repairs to existing apparatus - £243
  • Pre site meeting - £50
  • Works over 200m in length - an additional £150 fee applies for each 200m section.

Please note that our licence fees are subject to review every April and licences submitted after April 1st will be subject to any new fees.

Once Streetworks receive the completed application pack we will assess the application form and check that the information supplied is correct. Should we require any further information then we will either contact the applicant or the accredited contractor depending on the nature of the query.

Once the application is approved, a letter and signed copy of the licence will be sent to the applicant and a copy forwarded to the nominated accredited contractor.