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Bike Week

Bike Week is an annual opportunity to promote cycling. It shows how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’

You can use the selection of tools available on this page to promote cycling at your school or workplace. Cycling is a habit that may last a lifetime and the benefits are huge:

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  • keep fit - moderate activity for half an hour each day will help you lose weight with all the associated benefits this brings.
  • save money - once you have bought a bike there is no fuel, tax or parking charges.
  • save time - a large proportion of journeys are between 1 and 2 miles. Cycling this distance in town is often much quicker than driving.
  • help the environment - cycling has no carbon footprint nor does it produce harmful emissions.
  • feel happier – exercise improves mental health and wellbeing as well as being a wonderful stress reliever.
  • live longer - by incorporating physical activity into your life you will reduce your risk of:
    • heart disease
    • cancer
    • obesity
    • respiratory disease and
    • diabetes.

Do you have a keen interest in cycling? Do you want to encourage more people to cycle to your workplace? If so, please download a copy of our Employer Bike Week toolkit.

A toolkit for Schools has been produced with lots of ideas to encourage pupils, parents and staff to pedal their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Peg your Pledge

Here are the pledge templates to accompany the Peg your Pledge activity shown in the toolkits:

Cycle Journey Counter

Use a Cycle Journey Counter to record your journeys made by bicycle. A counter can work out

  • how many calories you've burned
  • how many ice-creams you've earned and
  • how many grams of CO2 you've saved compared to travelling by car. 

Here are a selection of useful links related to cycling. These cover:

  • journey planning
  • general information and advice and
  • a guide to getting more active on two wheels