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Car Clubs

What is a car club?

A car club provides its members with the convenience of a car without the hassles and costs of car ownership. Members pay for a car only when they want to use one. Car clubs are aimed at occasional drivers, short trippers and families who don’t want or can’t afford the second vehicle and want to hire one for an hour or two. If you’re a local business or employer you can also benefit.

The car club,  supported by Cornwall Council, in Cornwall has cars in Truro and Falmouth. It is also funded by the Department for Transport, Co cars and Great Western Railways. The scheme is operated by the car club provider, Co cars.

Whilst car clubs are a new concept to Cornwall, the Council are supporting this initiative as they are running successfully in other areas of the country including Devon and Dorset. Car club schemes like Co cars go some way to supporting more sustainable, low carbon, forms of transport.  Research suggests that on average one car club car results in 10-20 private cars being taken off the road. As well as helping to purchase the cars Cornwall Council has provided marked parking bays for two cars at no cost. 

Car sharing with Co cars is as easy as Click,Swipe and Drive.

  • Join online by visiting to the Co cars website
  • Once you’re a member you can  book a car 24/7 on the Co cars website or via a smartphone using the Co cars mobile booking app.
  • At the car, hold your smart card over the centre of the card reader (square blue/yellow panel on the front windscreen) for 5 – 10 seconds. The lights will flash and you will hear the car unlock.
  • Get into the car and input your PIN code into the in-car panel keypad, located at the top of the windscreen.
  • Remove the key or fob and the Co car user guide from the glove compartment.
  • It is a ‘return to base’ system. You pick-up and return the car to the specially-reserved parking bays so don’t need to find a parking space when you finish your trip.
  • 5 seater Toyota Yaris (hybrid) based at Truro Station and at Falmouth Town station
  • Co cars operate in Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire as well as now Cornwall.  Members can use any of the Co cars vehicles. With cars now located at many railway stations people can connect their train journey with a station-based ‘hire by the hour’ car.
  • Co cars also operates the new Co bikes the UK’s first on-street electric bike hire network in Exeter. See Co bikes website

Individual and household membership costs £25 per year. There are two pricing options for businesses.

Each residential hire costs from £4 per hour, plus 18p per mile. There are discounts for daily hire and overnight rates.

Fuel, insurance, tax, maintenance and emergency cover are all included so there are no hidden costs.

For the full table of rates, to find out more, or to apply for membership, please refer to the Co cars website, call 01392 961385 or email