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Local Transport Plan Connecting Cornwall 2030

Connecting Cornwall: 2030 Strategy

The Connecting Cornwall: 2030 Strategy sets out the vision, goals, objectives and policies for transport.  It shows the approach that we will be taking to create an excellent transport system in Cornwall over the next 20 years. You can access the strategy in various formats by following the links below:

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The 20 year strategy is supported by Implementation Plans that cover three or four year periods throughout the life of the strategy. The Implementation Plans set out which schemes we intend to deliver and how the schemes will be funded. 

We have prepared various supporting documents setting out more evidence that has guided the approach that we have taken in Connecting Cornwall: 2030.  Please follow the link below to access these documents:

We have a range of supporting strategies that give more detail of many aspects of Connecting Cornwall: 2030.  You can access the list of supporting strategies by following the link below:

Please follow the link below to access the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Equality Impact Assessment of Connecting Cornwall: