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Roadside bus stops

Bus stops can provide safe, convenient and accessible waiting facilities for buses and passengers..

We use a range of bus stop features to ensure waiting facilities are attractive, comfortable, well-lit and overlooked.  We use mandatory bus stop road markings to manage traffic at identified facilities.

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Most bus stop measures are made up of several features that work in conjunction with each other. All sites are unique, requiring varying levels of treatment and costs. 

When we design and lay out bus stop schemes we aim to minimise the disruption to bus routes.

It is often easy to gain support for bus stop facilities in an area. It is more difficult to establish the types of measure that will be accepted locally. You will be in a much stronger position to promote your scheme if you can gain support through local discussions.

If you reach a consensus you should discuss your proposals with your Community Link Officer and your Local Councillor. This will ensure that your eventual proposal is practical, legal and above all safe.

We receive many requests and funding is very limited. We cannot guarantee swift implementation, but we will keep you informed of the prospects for your scheme.

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